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  Hints and Tips for: Crush Crush 
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 Crush Crush Cheats

Crush Crush

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Hidden Beach Ball Locations:
Event window             - 20% off
Credits                  - second page
FAQ                      - on hobby ball
Offline earnings         - on qpiddy’s crown
Avatar items             - last one
Hard reset window    
Cassy’s intro            - You need to soft reset
Cassy’s movie date  
Iro’s beach date    
Paralegal job       
Nutaku plushy gift  
Poke bearverly pre-lover - reset if you’re at lover level
Poke alpha               - lover
Hidden behind dialogue   - click the eye above the text box 
                           (Might work for all girls, confirmed for sutra, 
                           alpha pre-lover, and elle)

Successfully complete the listed task to unlock the corresponding achievement. 
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile",
"View all my games", then the game and view stats.
Achievement            How to unlock
Amor Vincit Omnia    - Reach Lover level with Fumi.	
An Album Cover       - Reach Lover level with Alpha.	
Cat Scratch Fever    - Reach Lover level with Quill.
Date-able            - Go on a total of 100 Dates.
Digital Love         - Reach Lover level with Mio.
Edible Underwear     - Reach Lover level with Bonnibel.
Fierce Love          - Reach Lover level with Iro.
Forever And Ever     - Reach Lover level with Ayano.
Heart of Darkness    - Reach Lover level with Dark One.
In The Bank!         - Have $1,000,000 in the bank.
Job-a-holic!         - Reach max level in all jobs.
Panda Paws           - Reach Lover level with Elle.
Sexy Inner Peace     - Reach Lover level with Karma.
The Final Choice     - Reach Lover level with QPernikiss.
Tsundere Tamer       - Reach Lover level with Cassie.

Parallel Events Basics and Tips:
Written by GoldGame

This Guide will explain the Basics of Parralel events. While also giving Tips 
to both P2W and F2P players.

-=Basic Information=-
Parallel Events are recent events intruduced to the Steam version of Crush Crush 
Giving players not only a chance to unluck DX outfits which were previus locked 
as a Reward for people that bough diamonds It even Lets you get New charecters 
unique to them

Are there any Game mechanics that are unique to the Parallel events?

-=The Only Unique Mechanics are=-
* The Goals which when complete give rewards
* A Time Limit to complete the goals

-=How Do Parallel Events Work?=
Parallel Events work the same as The Base game with the exception that there is no
Reset Boosting and that it gives you only a limited time to complete it

Each Event has a Set of Goals you need to complete which give you either rewards 
for the event itself or Rewards for the Main Game the Final Reward Being a New 
Girl for the Main Game

-=Goals that you will see are=-
* Job Progress
* Hobby Progress
* Money Earned
* Relationship Progress
* Gilding Jobs or Hobbies
* Will the Events / Charecters Ever Return?
* All Parallel events will have reruns and you will have another chance to get them

-=What is Gilding Jobs/Hobbies?=-
Gilding is using the events Special Currency to increase the speed at which a Hobby is 
trained or Increase the Money you earn from a job

-=How do I Gild a Job/Hobby?=-
Next to a job/Hobby you will see a Grayed out Icon of the Event Currency if you 
click that the game gives you a Pop up where it asks you if you wish to spend the
Event Currency to Gild the Hobby / Job

-=Is Gilding Present in the main game?=-
Yes Gilding Hobbys and Jobs is A mechanic in the main game as well

-=What is a Speed Boost?=-
Speed Boosts are Boost that increase the rate of progress for:

* Hobbys
* Jobs
* Dates

-=How Do i get a speed Boost?=-
We Know 2 types of Speed Boosts in Parallel events:

* Speed Boost Bought in the Shop for Event Currency
* Speed Boost Earned from the Goal Rewards

-=Speed Boost from the Shop=-
This Speed Boost is obtained by Buying it in exchange Special Event Currency 
in the Shop.

So has so far Maxed out at x64 meaning that just with that you would progress 64 
times faster.

-=How Much Does It Cost?=
* You can buy 3 diffrent ones a x2, a x8 and a x64 boost
* The Cheapeast Option in terms of The Event Currency is x64 being Slightly Cheapest
* x2 you should just ignore its not worth it
* x8 and x64 are the ones that matter
* To max out the Speed Boost you need to either buy x8 twice or one x64 since they 
  multiply each other so x8 x x8 = x64
* The Cost (acording to previus events) being a x8 for 50 Event currency and x64 
  for 90 Event Currency

-=Which One Should I Buy=-
* Unless you have no other choice Dont Buy x2 its a waste
* Your Choice is between x8 and x64
* x64 Being More Cost Effective
* x8 Letting you get a Speed Boost Earlier at a minor cost
* Personally i would reccomend Getting x8 twice Since it saves a lot of time at 
  a small extra cost

-=Where Can I Find It?=-
You can find The Speed In the Shop Under the Boosts Tab Right Next To The Time Skips

-=Speed Boost From Event Goal Rewards=-
As you Progress trough the event the event there will be a speed boost you can earn 
from the goals

This Speed Boost IS NOT the same as the one you buy from the shop so you can get both 
which is highly reccomend

-=How do they stack if at all?=-

They Stack by multiplying each other so if you have the Shop Boost maxed out at x64 
and the the Goal Boost Maxed out at x16(based on the last event) it will give you a 
total boost of x1024 meaning 1 day of progress will be the same as about 2.8 years 
without a boost

-=Can I Complete The Event without Spending Money or Diamonds?=-
Yes Parallel events are 100% Possible to Complete without spending any Money or Diamonds

-=How do i do that?=-
Well First things first you will have to put time into the event you will rougly need 
to spend 2/3 of the event time playing IF you make the right choices

* For example the first event lasted 3 days you could complete it in 2
* The 2nd one lasted for 5 days and could be complete in 3 and a half
* The Dos and Don’ts of Parallel Events

* Prioritize The Speed boost in the shop over everything else
* Max Out your Speed Boost in the Shop
* Plan Ahead if possible
* Do Pay Attention to the event

* Waste Event Currency on Time Blocks
* Gild Hobbies Unless You need to for a Goal
* Gild Jobs Unless You need the Extra Money AFTER you maxed speed boost or you 
  need to for a goal
* Buy Time Skips unless you are running out of time to complete the event
* Play the event like normal Crush Crush, time is limited so don`t waste it
* I Spend Diamonds and Still Failed to Complete The Event

If you spend diamonds on the event and still failed the event The only explanation 
i can think of is.

You wasted the Event currency you got with the diamonds on Early Time Skips, Time 
Blocks and Gilding Things that you didnt need to.

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