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  Hints and Tips for: Crysis 3 
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 Crysis 3 Cheats

Crysis 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Dancing soldiers in Nanosuit Showroom:
At the "Extras" menu, choose the "Nanosuit Showroom" selection, then hold RB on an Xbox 360 
controller for a few seconds. Models of a deer, a frog, mobile turret, and Ceph will appear.
Scroll to the end to see two CELL soldiers dancing.

Easy "Arrow To The Knee!" achievement:
After automatically getting the Predator Bow in Mission 1: Post-Human, set the draw weight 
to low, and select the carbon arrows. This will ensure you do the least amount of damage per
shot. Then, find a human enemy, and shoot their knee. Tap [Fire] briefly; if you hold [Fire]
for too long, you may kill the Cell Operative in one shot. The Cell Operative must survive 
the shot to get the "Arrow To The Knee!" achievement.

Nanosuit upgrade kit locations:
Search the indicated locations to find all 25 Nanosuit upgrade kits. Note: Scan with your 
visor often to mark nearby Nanosuit upgrade kits.

-=Mission 2: Welcome To The Jungle=-
1-4. During a Nanosuit malfunction while on your way out of the facility, Psycho will point 
   out an upgrade kit. The first four Nanosuit upgrade kits cannot be missed. 
5. Proceed through the jungle until you get an optional objective to hack a CELL pod. Hack the 
   CELL pod past the crumbling highway to find an upgrade kit. 
6. While exploring the train station, an objective marker will appear over a zipline. Use the 
   zipline, then turn right, and explore the train car to find the upgrade kit. 

-=Mission 3: The Root Of All Evil=-
7. While go towards a large dam early in the mission, there will be a bunker on the left with 
   alarm lights. Go through the open doors, and hack the CELL pod to find an upgrade kit. 
8. An upgrade kit is inside the far northern tower of the dam, inside a generator room behind
   a series of terminals. 
9. After leaving the dam, you will get an optional waypoint leading to a crashed helicopter. 
   Go to the location to find an upgrade kit in the wreckage. 
10. Past the previous module, defeat the CELL squad, then look for an underwater cave path just 
    beyond. Inside the cave is a path leading to the right with more items, and an upgrade kit. 
11. Behind the huge dome-shaped facility is a pool of water with an upgrade kit below the surface. 
12. Search for a blue building on the catwalks around the very center of the CELL facility to find 
    an upgrade kit. 

-=Mission 4: Safeties Off=--
13. While going through the Chinese market at the beginning of the mission, you will pass a CELL 
    resupply cache on the second level of a destroyed building. Look inside to find an upgrade
    kit on a counter. 
14. After going up a flight of stairs to reach the zipline marked as your primary objective, 
    explore the open doorway to the left to find an upgrade kit on a table inside. 
15. Inside the CELL lab facility, look for a small blue supply shack attached to the center 
    ring of catwalks to find an upgrade kit. 
16. After going down the stairs to meet Psycho on the bottom floor of the lab, you will pass 
    by a room on your right with an upgrade kit hanging on a wall, just after exiting the stairwell. 

-=Mission 5: Red Star Rising=-
17. To the right of the large tube that acts as a bridge across the rooftops, jump up to the roof 
    on the right, and drop through the ceiling to find an upgrade kit. 
18. While in the open, search behind a building before reaching the Ceph objective to find an 
    upgrade kit in a small clearing. 
19. When you reach some destroyed vehicles (right after Claire's distress call), look near one of
    the destroyed APCs to find an upgrade kit. 
20. When you get the optional objective to destroy the Command Center defense system, look under 
    the catwalks at the base to find an upgrade kit. 

-=Mission 6: Only Human=-
21. An upgrade kit can be found at a CELL ammo cache just pass your first objective. 
22. On the way to destroy the second Ceph aerial defenses, scan often to find an upgrade kit and 
    ammo cache. 
23. Complete the first secondary objective to find an upgrade kit inside a nearby cave. 
24. An upgrade kit is inside a crashed VTOL, which is set as your second optional objective. 

-=Mission 7: Gods And Monsters=-
25. When entering the Ceph sections of the underground, you will pass through a narrow corridor 
    with a small alcove above and a CELL ammo box on the ledge. Scan and check the ledge to find 
    the final upgrade kit.

Thor's Hammer Easter Egg:
In Mission 4: Safeties Off, look for Thor's Hammer in the shallow water, near some mines and 
between two building south of the "Avoid the CELL Searchlights and Make your way to the Park" 
primary objective. The hammer is exactly 81 meters away from the primary objective when looking 
back at the waypoint. When you pick up the hammer, electricity will surge through your body. It 
can be carried like a piece of debris. Throwing the hammer at CELL soliders will instantly kill 

Ketchup Briefcase Easter Egg:
In Mission 3: The Root Of All Evil, once Psycho opens the elevator door, enter the shaft, and 
the elevator cables will break. Go back outside to encounter a CELL patrol. Kill the enemies, 
then move towards the dam. On your way to the dam, there will be an area with ruined buildings
to the left in the dark before entering a wide open section. Search those buildings to the left.
Climb on some rubble,and jump up to reach a difficult to see ledge. The ledge is approximately 
165 meters from the "Infiltrate the Dam Control Towers" primary objective. Pull yourself up to 
enter the ruins. Turn around, then keep jumping up from one level to the next until you reach 
the top. Notice the broken wall with the floor missing in the corner ahead. Jump into the 
alcove to the right of the hole to find a glowing suitcase on the ground. Open it to get a 
ketchup packet fountain.

Dumpster Kick Easter Egg:
In Mission 6: Only Human, at the first Ceph Anti-Air waypoint, crawl underneath using the underground
tunnels to reach an area below the battery, with Ceph enemies. Enter stealth mode so you do not alert
the Ceph. Watch for one of the Ceph leaving the enclosed area to stand near a cliff's ledge with a 
strategically placed dumpster nearby. Then, power kick the dumpster into the waiting Ceph. If done 
correctly, the Ceph will go flying far into the distance, and you will hear a roar of applause. 
Psycho's voice can then be heard saying, "That's how you do it!"

Dancing soldiers in Nanosuit Showroom:
Select "Nanosuit Showroom" at the "Extras" menu. hold down R1 PlayStation3 or RB Xbox 360 for a few 
seconds. Note: This can also be done on the PC version with a Xbox 360 controller. Models of a deer,
a frog, mobile turret, and Ceph will appear. Scroll to the end to see two CELL soldiers dancing.

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