Crystal Caves 1 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Crystal Caves 1 
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 Crystal Caves 1 Cheats

Crystal Caves 1

Cheat keys :
All keys need to be pressed at the same time:

 [X] [T] [R] [A] - Max ammo
 [N] [E] [X] [T] - Warp to any level
 [Z] [E] [U] [S] - God Mode + Debug mode
             [G] - Reverse gravity
                   (Only in debug mode)

Running Game on Steam Deck / Linux:
Written by Paarma

Getting Dosbox to run on Steam Deck can be a bit of a chore, but I jumped 
through the hoops so you don’t have to. Follow this step-by-step guide to get 
your Apogee games running on your Steam Deck.

Getting Dosbox to run on Steam Deck can be a bit of a chore, but I jumped 
through the hoops so you don’t have to.

If your Crystal Caves opens up into a basic Dosbox screen, it means it couldn’t 
find your game’s "config file". To fix this there are few steps you need to take. 
It helps if you have a keyboard to go with this, but it is doable with the Deck’s 
own keyboard too.

This guide should work with the other games in the pack too with small modifications.

-=Boot to Steam Desktop=-
* In deck, keep power betten pressed for a few seconds, release and press Switch 
  to desktop.
* Find Steam from the bottom right of the and open the steam library 
  (click on the steam icon at the bottom-right tray with left trackpad)
* Go to Crystal Caves, and make sure it’s installed.
* Right click Crystal Caves on the games list and select properties.
* Change Launch Options
* In general tab click on launch options
* Write the following (including quotes, conf name might not need to be all caps):
  -conf “steamapps\common\crystal caves\crystal caves\CRYSTAL.conf”
* Close the dialogue
* Modify the "CRYSTAL.conf" File
* right-click on the Crystal Caves again go to Manage -> Browse local files
* In the file browser go to the Crystal Caves folder. 
  (you can delete the .bat and Crystal if you wish, they are not used)
* Find CRYSTAL.conf and open it with text editor of your choice. 
  (you might need to install one via Discover if you don’t like VIM, notepadQQ 
  is nice)
* On row 28 find output=opengl under [sdl] change this to output=overlay to 
  prevent Dosbox from crashing (at least in my case).
* Next go to row 247 with the mount c command and change the path from .. 
  into “.\steamapps\common\Crystal Caves\Crystal Caves”
* The End
* Go back to steam and do a test run. 
  It should display the episode selection screen now once it runs.
* Once you’re happy with the results boot back to game mode from desktop.

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