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  Hints and Tips for: Crystal Project 
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 Crystal Project Cheats

Crystal Project

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips on Killing Dry Kids:
Written by Cartography Dee

* The Preemptive passive from Weaver will allow your team to go first 
  and prevent bad rng from when they use Sleep Aura or Reverse Polarity
  (Alternatively Awake Rings can help by negating sleep).
* If you do not have the Weaver class, the most accessible option is 
  equipping a fast character with a Rondel Dagger from the Sequoia 
  Capital store, and starting the fight with Sleep Bomb (from the Rogue 
  class). This will allow your slower characters to move before the Dry 
* Dry Kids are very evasive, so a physical team composition should have 
  the Eagle Eye (Fencer) passive on everyone. Alternatively, most magic 
  skills will never miss.
* The optimal team to farm in the endgame is Preemptive (Weaver), Eagle 
  Eye (Fencer), and one of either Initial Oomph (Reaper), Attack Focus 
  (Nomad), or Duel Ready (Fencer). With good weapons and levels, this 
  will let you just mash the confirm button and guarantee a kill within
  4 actions before the enemy can move.
* Depending on your progress, you may have to adopt your own strategies, 
  and make use of other dps or disabling skills. Experiment and find out 
  what works best for you.
* There is a slightly longer version of the route where you start at the 
  Sky Arena save crystal and drop down to a pit containing two additional
  Dry Kids. Personally, I didnít find this route to be more time efficient 

How to skip Jidamba Tangle:
Written by marbeltoast

Just getting this out of the way now, spoilers ahead, if you donít want íem, 
nowís your final warning.
Cool? Alright, letís talk crazy stuff.
1.Get you a Quintar
First things first, you need a Quintar. If you donít have one, youíll need to 
beat the fancy Quintar in the second quintar cave at the top of the highest 
mushroom, past the crystal. From there, take itís eye to the crazy quintar guy 
and heíll give you a flute that lets you summon one whenever.

I put this in to illustrate how little of the gameís progression is fixed. 
You need a quintar, but really, once youíve got one, so much opens up.

2.Rent you a salmon
Once youíve got your quintar mount, ride it along the salmon river until you
 get to the salmon sprint shack at the end of the line. If you donít know 
where that is, go left out of the capital and ride your quintar across the 
broken bridge (You need the extra distance to clear this and a later gap) 
and enter the cave at the west of that area, travelling further west until 
youíre out in salmon town.
You can avoid all the enemies if youíre careful, but if you have to fight 
them they can be tricky, at least early game and on hard mode.
Once youíre at the shack, rent a salmon for 1 silver so you can participate 
in the salmon sprint race minigame.

3.Steal you a violin
Once youíre in the salmon sprint, completely ignore where the salmon are 
going and instead take a sharp right out of the wooden platform area. Youíll 
need to swim some distance along the shoreline going northeast before you go 
full east and deeper in the water. (z and x control up and down) The reason 
you need to go along the shoreline quite a distance is because the water is 
infested with strong sea beasts who will mess you up if they get a chance. 
Go far out enough and youíll just slip past them. It might take a couple of 
Once youíve cleared past them, you want to go due eastwhile scanning for 
a cave opening on the seabed which is surrounded by kelp. If youíve never
been before itíll take you a couple of tries to find the place, so make 
sure to save before you blow all your money on salmon rent.
Once youíve found the kelp hole swim straight down into it. Youíll find 
an underwater cave with a sign, a home point and a chest. Inside the chest
is the tool that lets you summon a salmon; the salmon violin.
Water, which was once your enemy, is now your greatest tool for travel.
You donít have the Ibex yet.

4.Win you a cello
When the two minute clock runs out, you get shot back to the salmon sprint 
sign in station. You want this, because now with your own salmon, you can 
race for free AND you actually have a chance of winning, which you very much
want to do, because the first place prize is a Salmon Cello that summons an 
even FASTER salmon mount. Youíll want this mount.
The race itself is pretty easy. You race for free so just keep trying to 
you win first place.
Either before this or after, swim out into the area near the salmon sprint 
shack and swim directly up the waterfall in the middle of the lake. Thereís 
a riddle inside the structure youíll enter; all the right answers are at 
the bottom of the list and you get a crystal for hopping across the riddle-
asker when you get it right.
Now, letís talk to the Quintar.

5.Loot you an artefact
With the aquatic mounts in tow, head back to the quintar caves (either, 
theyíre connected in the waterways so both are good) and enter the second 
cave, where you fought that boss from earlier in this guide.
Instead of going that way, go south-east until you find the water of the 
cave flowing down into a different area.
Congratulations; you just broke into a tomb.

Thereís a puzzle here, six switches that need to be pressed in order and 
on a time limit. Itís a hell of a lot easier to get to them in time with 
the faster fish. The order is top left, bottom left, bottom middle, bottom
right, top right, dead centre. There are a few enemies here; they will mess
you up if they find you, but itís easy enough to avoid them if you just stay
in the water where itís not required to leave it.
With the puzzle solved, you can enter the Quintarís holy site (disclaimer: 
may not actually be holy, speculations on Quintar religious beliefs are 
hypothetical) and steal some dohicky that lets you communicate with the 
You still do not have the Ibex.

-=What did we learn?=-
I write this to show you just how open this world is. You can crack it open 
like a walnut; skip HUGE sections if you know what to doÖ but even so, you 
can miss massive chunks. I mean, I STILL donít know whatís up with that huge 
funky cube by that one beach.
Iím looking forward to watching people speedrun this amazing game one day.
Itís going to be a thing of beauty.

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