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  Hints and Tips for: CSI - Deadly Intent 
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 CSI - Deadly Intent Cheats

CSI - Deadly Intent

Submitted by: RM

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding award. 
To view your awards on your PDA, select "Case File", then "Statistics".

We Love CSI Fans!  - Viewed the opening to CSI: Deadly Intent.
Strong Reader      - Visited A Case file.
Cinephile          - Watched a movie from a case file.
Gearhead           - Viewed the Options screen.
Broken Hearted     - Completed Case 1: Broken Hearted.
Fingerprint Master - Identified the fingerprint for Dr. Langston in Case 1.
Heart Mender       - Reassembled heart-shaped ashtray in Case 1.
Chemistry Master   - Identify the chemical for Riley in Case 2.
Rub It In          - Interrogate Horace Willingham after he confesses.
DNA Master         - Identify the DNA for Juarice Briggs in Case 3.
Document Master    - Identify the document for Nick in Case 4.
Deadly Secret      - Identify the makeup worn by the victim.
Touch of the Irish - Collect all of the bottles of Classic Cork.
CSI: Deadly Intent - Complete all fives cases of CSI: Deadly Intent.
Observant          - Obtained at least a 65% thoroughness score in one case.
Fastidious         - Obtained at least a 90% thoroughness score in one case.
Meticulous         - Obtained a 100% thoroughness score in one case.
Good Cop           - Obtained at least a 65% cunning score in one case.
Master Inquisitor  - Obtained a 100% cunning score in one case.
Lab Rat            - Earned at least a 65% skill score in one case.
Master Technician  - Earned a 100% skill score in one case.

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