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  Hints and Tips for: Cubefield 
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 Cubefield Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Update by: brano

Once you can hold the "RIGHT" key without crashing into any box, you'll never
lose. Just keep holding "RIGHT" while you pass through every levels.

Move through walls:
Repeatedly tap [Space] while turning left or right.

Grey floor , yellow/red blocks, white sky
Black floor, matrix-y blocks, matrix star sky
White floor, black clocks, white sky
White floor, pink blocks, weird stuff in the sky

When you are going through the wavy path, there is a gap that you can fit through
and then just drive around without anyblocks for a while.

Submitted by: Joel marxhausen

If you hit the space bar right before going through a yellow block the level will
begin again (your points will stay the same) and your ship will be inviable.

Easy levels:
* Hold [Right] without crashing into any boxes while you pass through a level.
* When going through the wavy path, there is a gap that you can fit through.
  Then you can just move around without any blocks for awhile.
* Press [Space] just before going through a yellow block. The level will 
  restart with your points intact, and your ship will be invisible.

Major Help:
Submitted by: cheepo

If you constentley press the space bar at the very beginning of the game it
will start to open up a very wide area where tou can "fly " around ang gain
tones of points.

Restarting with the same score:
Submitted by: chris978

Mot just yellow but all the squares if you press the space bar before the new 
game option comes up you will restart with your score intact and your ship will
be invisible try it here

Large Score:
Submitted by: Zombie

Start a new game. When you're going down the straight path at the beginning, 
constantly press space and you won't hit a block.

Fly through blocks:
Submitted by: Stef

As you have seen the colored blocks 5 time you can fly through blocks and get 
many points.

Corridor Glitch:
Submitted by: Sean

Well u first start off repeated press the space bar, while press the left and right 
key alternatly, then keep on doing the for a while but make sure this is done on a 
slow computer it works the best well anyway keep on doing the button pressing for 
awhile stop and you will find urself going through a never ending corridor

Submitted by: crazycreep

When you get to the diamonds part at the start there is a gap that you can go through. 
After that you don't have to worry about blocks for awhile. But it gets hard to do 
after the techno (black and green) level.

Getting through all the levels:
Submitted by: HappyKitty214

At the very end of the beginning straight part, you can turn right and keep your finger 
on the right arrow key as your plane keeps going through levels and levels without any 
blocks to worry about!

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