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  Hints and Tips for: Cultivation Tales 
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 Cultivation Tales Cheats

Cultivation Tales

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Basic Gameplay Tips for Beginners:
Written by Bean

This guide is basically all I have learnt so far within this game, I will 
be updating it with more information as I go, but as of right now it will 
cover progression and tips all the way up till the start of the Virtuoso realm.

-=Handy tips and information:=- 
Pick up every herb and vegetable you can find, it is tedious but from the end 
of the formation realm to the start of the virtuoso realm you will need to make 
your own XP bolusís
Almost every buildable you can put down has an anima rating, which influences 
your effectiveness in the cauldron and when breaking through realms, make sure 
your cauldron is in an area where the anima is above sparse/deficient, you can 
tell by the little icon below the minimap on the right side.
The gourd is one of the most useful items in the game,after you make your 
pickaxe and get given the minotaur and rhino forms, once those are depleted you 
use the gourd to get essences from mobs to do that you must damage the mob to 
15-20% of their hp (Not 100% confirmed on this just rough guess based on my 
experience), then pull out the gourd and keep using it until you capture its 
essence, you need 5 of these to make a form.
Along side having your main melee weapon also have a bow, as of right now every 
open world miniboss is easily killed with the bow as long as you keep running 
them in a circle, especially helpful for ones that inflict poison/DoT.
Mellenia wood can be found in the Rifts from killing the bosses at the end
Every few hours your base will get invaded by monsters, they are incredibly 
weak but the ones with the hats on can drop items you will need
When using a melee weapon to attack, hold left click and after that hold right 
click, this will make it so if you take any damage you will automatically block
Your character doesnít die if you fail a tribulation, as for what happens I am 
not sure as of yet I will update it in an hour or two when I attempt
There is 1 gold location in the east of the desert near a cliff, this is the 
only one I have found.
If you use an Xp bolus your sectmates can also leech xp off of it by pressing 
F on you when youíre in the animation, so save up lots of pills and allow 
everyone to benefit if you have friends (I do not)
The flower needed to make the 2nd tribulation pill is in the lake in the east 
side of the desert
You can automatically do the monster invasions by putting siege barricades/spikes 
infront of the bridge next to the 4 blue floating texts, theyíll only come from 
the stone circles just past them, you will have to repair/replace them eventually tho
Your pickaxe and hatchet are secondary gathering tools, the main will be your forms.
You can find scale dragonhides in the top left of the desert 
(needed to make the 3rd tier of weapons)
Make food out of your apples, they are so much better than just eating the apples
And probably the most important, the silkworms arenít the main ingredient in 
XP bolus, they are used to make the success rate to 100%, once your anima density 
is at max, I personally use the fire breathing form (weird name one) to follow 
this recipe, iím still tweaking it right now, but I want one that doesnít use 
iron as itís too expensive

-=First stage=-
Put in 3 silkworms and 15 copper, repeat that until u have 3 xp bolusís of 
either blue or cyan quality (5k or 9k)
Then put those 3 xp bolusís in the cauldron, with 5 silkworms, 10 copper, 15 gold, 
30 meteorite and 15 diamonds, this will get you to green quality if youíre lucky.
Then 100 gold, 100 copper, 100 meteorite, 100 diamonds the green bolus and 5 
This will get it to either the 2nd last stage, just before it or if youíre very 
lucky to max.
Sorry if this is long, I wanted to make an English guide as I canít speak Chinese, 
but if you guys have any tips/see I have made errors please tell me in the comments 
so I can update

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