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  Hints and Tips for: CyberStrike 2 
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 CyberStrike 2 Cheats

CyberStrike 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: j.k.van.veen

cheats, multiplayer and singleplayer:
Annie turn's on annie mode from wich you can put on many other codes this by 
default gives you unlimited ammo.

Turn on Annie Mode, press ` then type /annie. 
Then target a cyberpod and press `, then type /tview. 
It's like Observe Mode, but you can see their mods.

Turn on /annie Mode, then type /remember roswell, a UFO will appear above you. 
Shoot it to the ground and aliens will fall to the ground, the aliens are wearing 
Simutronics shirts.

/setsky 1-18 changes the sky. Each number is a different sky.

/easter egg, bunny, island. Easter island turns on easter egg mode.

Skins, with /annie mode turned on type:
/blood - Blood Skin
/alien - Alien Skin
/satan - Satan Skin
/shark - Shark Skin
/skelepod - Skelepod Skin
/spyder - Spyder Skin
/normal - Default Skin

All the codes below can only be used if /annie mode is on

/flare Removes the flares (dunno what it means though...)
/davis Message
/deploy Message
/slew Locks all you'r movement
/shield Shows shield warning also works for other HUD elements
/nuke one word: BOOOOM!!!
/sound Wierd message when targeting something
/texture Old school CSC ??
/thing Removes all objects (ravens towers etc etc)
/wire Pen and paper mode
/lighting Removes lighting effects from towers n stuff
/circles Tells the closest circle (???)
/rays Lines around objects
/destroy  Destroy a target on command (  )
/mk1 (2) (3) Change pods ingame (pretty cool!)
/gopos X,X,X Warp to any position on the map (use /pos to)
/victory You win!
/loss You lose!!
/easter Message

NOTE: The above cheats are for single player only!

Multiplayer commands:
Press c and type /greg . Then press Shift + : , the map 
mod bay and and everything else on the screen will go away 
leaving you only to see the arena, verry usefull for taking 

Type /pos to get the possition where you are in the arena at that time.

Type /tanj to get the message "David Metzener was here" in the game.

Type /insanity is a bliss to get the message "Have you seen Trent
Tobler?" in the game.

Try to find your support aircraft in the skies and move under it before
requesting new modules for your pod. This cuts down delivery time 
When fighting outside your own energy tower web, try to have at least
one jump-jet module onboard. This will help you escape in a hurry when
your energy runs out. 

Fighting defensively is a good source of online kills when you are just
starting. Stay within your own energy grid and try to pick off enemy 
pods as they enter your own territory, because they'll be low on power
and therefore less equipped to fight.

Cheat Console:
Start by turning on Annie Mode, which you do by pressing ` (TILDE, THE KEY ABOVE TAB) 
and typing /annie when the prompt appears. Once you have activated Annie Mode, 
you can enter the codes indicated below for the corresponding effects.

/victory - Instant win 
/loss - Instant loss 
/flare - Eliminate flares 
/slew - Locks movement 
/shield - Generates shield status report 
/nuke - Huge explosion 
/sound - Message when targeting 
/texture - Old school 
/thing - Removes objects 
/wire - Pen and Paper mode activated 
/lighting - Eliminate lighting effects 
/circles - Identifies closest circle 
/rays - Lines surround objects 
/destroy - Destroy a target 
/mk1 (2) (3) - Change pods in-game 
/gopos X,X,X - Teleport to any map position 
/davis - Prompt a message 
/deploy - Prompt a message 
/easter - Prompt a message

Additional Cheats List:
Once Annie Mode is enabled, you can type /aliensue to unlock the additional cheat
codes and corresponding effects indicated below:

/cyberpod1    - Spawns a CyberPod MK1
/cyberpod2    - Spawns a CyberPod MK2
/cyberpod3    - Spawns a CyberPod MK#
/ambient      - Ground becomes dark
/inventory    - All weapons
/team 0/1/2/3 - Switch teams

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