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 Daikatana Cheats


Cheat Codes:
You can only enable the console by having "console 1" in your
"AUTOEXEC.CFG", "CURRENT.CFG" or user config file. You can also
enable it by passing "+set console 1" as a command-line parameter
to Daikatana.exe.

Here's a short list of some useful console commands:

Start the game with:\Daikatana\daikatana.exe +set console 1
Now open the console with [~] and type in:

Code               Result
CHEATS 1/0         - Cheats ON/OFF
SCREENSHOT         - Screenshot
GOD                - Gode mode
HEALTH x           - Health x  (x=>100)
WEAPON_GIVE_1-0    - Gives Weapon 1-10
MASSACRE           - Kill all monsters in the level
NOTARGET           - Invisibility
NOCLIP             - No clipping mode
CAM_TOGGLE         - Choose came view
CAM_NEXTMON        - Can on next monster
TIMESCALE x        - Choose speed of the game  (x = 1.0 standard)
MAP x              - Go to level x
BIND x             - Binding
CONNECT [Server]   - Choose an active server
DEVELOPER x        - 1 = shows all messages from engine
FLUSHMAP x         - 1 = completely clean map load; no caching
R_SPEEDS x         - 1 = show rendering speeds
R_DRAWFLAT x       - 1 = draw flat-shaded polys only
R_FULLBRIGHT x     - 1 = no lightmaps on surfaces
GL_POLYLINES x     - 1 = display line drawing only (not on Voodoo)
TIMESCALE x        - 1 = normal time, 0.5 = half the speed, etc.
CAM_TOGGLE         - Toggles 3 different camera modes
CAM_NEXTMON        - Cycles through all characters on level
CAM_NEXTSIDEKICK   - Cycles through sidekicks
Increase power     - boost power
Increase attack    - boost attack
Increase speed     - boost speed
Increase acro      - boost acro
Increase vitality  - boost vita
Increase all stats - boost all

alias g1 "bind f4 g2;r_speeds 1"
alias g2 "bind f4 g1;r_speeds 0"
bind f4 g1


Level names:

Location                    Level name 
Marsch 1                    E1M1A 
Marsch 2                    E1M1B 
Marsch 3                    E1M1C 
Sewer System 1              E1M2A  
Sewer System 2              E1M2B  
Solitary 1                  E1M3A 
Solitary 2                  E1M3B 
Crematorium 1               E1M4A  
Crematorium 2               E1M4B  
Crematorium 3               E1M4C  
Processing 1                E1M5A  
Processing 2                E1M5B  
Icelab 1                    E1M6A 
Icelab 2                    E1M6B 
Icelab 3                    E1M6C 
Vault 1                     E1M7A 
Vault 2                     E1M7B 
Lemnos Isle 1               E2M1A  
Lemnos Isle 2               E2M1B  
Lemnos Isle 3               E2M1C  
Catacomb 1                  E2M2A 
Catacomb 2                  E2M2B 
Catacomb 3                  E2M2C 
Athens 1                    E2M3A 
Athens 2                    E2M3B 
Athens 3                    E2M3C 
Acropolis 1                 E2M4A 
Acropolis 2                 E2M4B 
Acropolis 3                 E2M4C 
Acropolis 4                 E2M4D 
Acropolis 5                 E2M4E 
Lair of Medusa 1            E2M5A  
Lair of Medusa 2            E2M5B  
Lair of Medusa 3            E2M5C  
Lair of Medusa 4            E2M5D  
Lair of Medusa 5            E2M5E  
Plague Village 1            E3M1A  
Plague Village 2            E3M1B  
Plague Village 3            E3M1C  
Passage 1                   E3M2A 
Dungeon 1                   E3M3A 
Dungeon 2                   E3M3B 
Dungeon 3                   E3M3C 
Wyndrax Tower 1             E3M4A  
Wyndrax Tower 2             E3M4B  
Crypt of Nharre 1           E3M5A  
Gharroth's Throne 1         E3M6A  
Alcatraz 1                  E4M1A 
Alcatraz 2                  E4M1B 
Alcatraz 3                  E4M1C 
Beneath the Rock 1          E4M2A  
Beneath the Rock 2          E4M2B  
Tower of Crime 1            E4M3A  
Tower of Crime 2            E4M3B  
Tower of Crime 3            E4M3C  
Mishima Labs 1              E4M4A  
Mishima Labs 2              E4M4B  
Mishima Labs 3              E4M4C  
Mishima's Hideout 1         E4M5A  
S.E.A.L. Training Center 1  E4M6A  
S.E.A.L. Training Center 2  E4M6B  
S.E.A.L. Training Center 3  E4M6C  

* Find safe places to put your sidekicks while you clear areas ahead
  of you and then summon them to your side. 

* "Soften" a target up with regular weapons and then make the kill with
  the Daikatana. You'll get the same experience for the kill with much 
  less work.

* The only skills you really need to buy are Power and Attack. 

* Take the time to explore every nook and cranny of each level. Valuable
  items are hidden throughout every one. 

* Keep your ears open; if you hear the sound of a heartbeat, the Goldensoul
  power-up (+100 health) is somewhere nearby.

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