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  Hints and Tips for: Darkest Dungeon 
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 Darkest Dungeon Cheats

Darkest Dungeon

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Backer Heroes from the Stage Coach:
There are 300 heroes you can summon as you access the Stage Coach ahead of your 
next adventure. Start by visiting the Stage Coach, and press ENTER to initiate 
a search. Enter a specific hero name and you can choose a corresponding class. 
To recruit heroes, you'll need to know the information that summons them. 
You can find that information within the game's directory that installs on 
Steam (by default, the file path is ...

Open the file with a program such as Notepad and you'll see a lot of 
gobbledygook. Among that, look for grouped occurrences of three key 
phrases: hero_class, hero_name, and backer_name. You can enter the text
that appears immediately before hero_name to summon a particular hero.
Unfortunately, the class of the hero you summon may not be useful to 
you, so you'll want to pay attention to additional information. Look 
between hero_class and backer_name to see apparently random letters 
and symbols that actually will let you know which class you are choosing.
Below, for your reference, you'll find a list of the available 
combinations and the corresponding hero class.

ćvba - Abomination
ô_ba - Arbalest
|Oba - Bounty Hunter 
gFba - Crusader 
ôba - Grave Robber 
ž»ba - Hellion 
Ű­|ba - Highwayman 
<ôba - Hound Master 
˝‚ba - Jester 
µ3ba - Leper 
|^ - Man-at-Arms 
ęŐba - Occultist 
Ýba - Plague Doctor 
Ű­ba - Vestal

Infinite Gold (Glitch):
You can earn infinite gold by taking advantage of a game glitch that is possible 
thanks to the free items your party members give you as you are about to begin 
a quest. Just follow the process below.

* Place 2-4 characters in your party who award you the same provision menu item.
  This is most easily accomplished by creating multiples of a particular class 
  in the Stage Coach. 
* Access the Provision menu. Just select any random quest, which you won't 
  actually have to initiate and complete.
* Sell any of the items your characters provided you once the quest was
  selected. You can sell any duplicate items, until only one unit of the item 
  in question remains in your inventory. For example, you might have three 
  Medicinal Herb items if your party includes two Jesters and a Leper, since 
  those characters all produce that particular item. You can sell two of them. 
* Return to the quest menu without initiating the quest. You get to keep the 
  money you gained from the sale of the duplicate items.
* Repeat as often as desired.

Unlock Backer Heroes:
In the Hamlet, select the Stagecoach and press enter, from here you can 
enter the names of backe heroes to summon free of charge.

Password                 Effect
Unlock backer trinkets - Open your trinket menu, press Enter, then type 
                         the name of the trinket you wish to summon.

New Game +:
Complete all of the Darkest Dungeon quests and defeat the final boss. New 
game plus features locked 'strict' options and harder monsters. It also 
requires you to complete the Darkest Dungeon quests in under 91 weeks, 
with less than 13 hero deaths.

Submitted by: Email :

In Darkest Dungeon, take a Vestal and three Lepers, select a dungeon, press 
provision and then press esc or back icon. You automatically rewarded with 600 
gold ! Do this again any times you want. Note that this in-game cheat maybe not
activate with all versions of the game. Also, this cheat works with anothe pary
(a Vestal, a Crusader, two Lepers) but the award is 400 gold and with some 
parties 300 gold.

Follow these simple steps:

* Go to the following folder:
  C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DarkestDungeon\inventory
* Use Notepad or Wordpad to open "inventory.darkest"
* You will find statistics for .base_stack_limit for a variety of inventory 
  items, like gold, gems, etc.
* Simply increase the stack limits for gold and gems to whatever you like- 
  e.g. 10,000 for gold, 20 for gems.
* The effect of this is to greatly increase the profitability of any mission 
  you play, as you can carry more and throw out less. This is especially helpful
  in long dungeons, where you normally have to pick and choose what you keep or 
  discard. Take it all with you!

How to Cheat (Changing Hero Stats):
Written by Lukasblade2

Hello and welcome everyone to this (hopefully) short and semi-informative guide. 
In this guide I'll be showing you how to edit hero stats (i.e. change the crusader's 
damage from 5 to 500 or something crazy like that and make your game less unbearable.
Let's get right into it.

-=Finding the Game Files to Edit=-
* Here you'll be looking for the game file. 
* So first off you're going to want to go into the game's folder, so go into the 
  main game file, 
* C:->Program Files (x86)->Steam->steamapps->common->DarkestDungeon. 
  Now select the "heroes" folder.
* Here you can see all of the hero files. For this guide we will be changing up the 
  crusader a little bit.

You'll also be glad to know that this method works for ALL of the hero files.

-=Editing the Game Files=-
* Now that we've found the files lets dive right into it! 
* Select the "" file, from here you'll need notepad++ to edit the file.
* But first make sure to copy the original file somewhere on your computer! 
* Copy and paste the original "" file somewhere, anywhere on your PC.

I recommend creating another folder on your desktop, and copypasting the original file 
into it. This is so that should you want to make the game normal again, you can simply 
move and replace the original over the edited one.

Now that you've copied the original file, it's time to get into changing the game! 
Here's where you need Notepad++. Right-click on the .info.darkest file and select the 
"edit with Notepad++ " option.

Once you're in you'll be met with this beautiful T H I C C chunk of text, but don't be 
The reason why there are a lot of repeats is because of leveling. The first lines of each 
section represent the hero at, say, level 0. 
And then it scales upwards (i.e. lvl 2, lvl 3, lvl4, lvl5, etc.). 

I've gone and highlighted the different sections in red for you in hopes that things might 
be easier. Anyway, moving on:

So if you want to change up the damage your character deals, simply go to the first section 
highlighted, and change the ".dmg 6 12" to ".dmg x x" 

x being any number you want. The reason there are two numbers is so that the damage varies 
(e.g. your character hits stuff with a damage of 6-12.). If you don't want to vary damage, 
simply double the digits, for example: ".dmg 500 500".

WARNING: Spacing is SUPER important, so make sure all of your spaces are correct!

For attack and defense percentages, they essentially act as mulitpliers for stats. 
Play around with them, the higher the percentage (you can go over 100% if you want) the 
stronger the damage!

The .dmg -50% means that the damage your character ability deals will be reduced by 50%, 
so if you don't want a reduction put it to 0%. Or possibly increase it... Although I 
would not recommend that as I personally have not tried it.

If you want to change where the heroes can hit, simply edit the ".launch" and ".target" 
numbers to "4321" and "1234" or whatever you want it to be.

The numbers represent the position the characters can be in in order to use their abilities. 
So by changing combat skill smite's ".launch" to 4321, it will allow the crusader to be in 
any position to use that ability.

For .targets, the "~" sign is the multiple strike capability. So by adding "~1234" to an 
ability, you're allowing the hero to be able to strike all 4 enemies with the ability.

WARNING: Once again, ORDER IS IMPORTANT. Do NOT change .launch and .target's ordering around
(Keep .launch's "4321" like that, and .target's "1234" just like that) otherwise you will 
jack your game up.

Now that you've edited your files, save it (file > save) and you're set! Exit the editor 
and play the game! It should work instantly so there's no need to start a new game.

How to Get the Musketeer:
Written by i am god
Judging by some of the reviews for the DLC, some people appear to be confused by the 
installation process. Hopefully this guide will clear it up.

-=Who is the Musketeer?=-
The Musketeer is a reskin of the “Arbalest” hero. She is virtually identical to her; the 
only differences being how she looks, the icons for her skills and the appearances of 
her trinkets. They all function the same and give the same bonuses (with the exception 
of the “Color of Madness” DLC’s personal trinket, which has different stats from the 
Arbalest’s). She also has entirely different lines for critical hits and lines relating 
to afflictions/virtue.

She used to be exclusive to backers of the kickstarter that had pledged a certain amount 
of money but was made available to everyone last june.

-=How to add the Musketeer to the game=-
Just go to the DLC’s store page and click on the download button. For some odd reason, 
instead of installing new content like you’d expect it to do, it will attempt to boot 
the game. That’s normal; let it open Darkest Dungeon. Then close the game.

If you have none of the expansions you should see a new “Downloadable content” square 
that wasn’t there before on your Darkest Dungeon’s library page. Uncheck the Musketeer 
DLC and re-check it; your steam client should now download a small update for the game 
and the DLC should brighten up.
-=That’s it!=-
You should now be able to find and recruit the Musketeer in the stage coach.

Guide to Stuff Courtyard Plus, Darkest Plus and Farmstead Plus:
Written by Hunting Slime

A guide for those who need help with stuff from Courtyard Plus, Darkest Plus, and 
Farmstead Plus.

-=Courtyard Plus Overview=-
The Courtyard starts at week 8 instead of week 3.
The Courtyard area will hide itself if it has no quests like the hamlet.
The Courtyard has only one apprentice level boss: as the intro mission with the croc 
acts as the other.

-=Courtyard Plus Enemies=0
* Ticks replace carrion eaters in the courtyard.
* Tick's munch attack deals high damage to mark targets, but AI is set up so they won't 
  use it unless there is a marked target.
* Tick's Drain skill inflicts minor bleed and has a chance to give the target the crimson 
* If there is a corpse left at the end of the round, the tick will kill itself and 
  resurrect that enemy.

Mawmites replace large carrion eaters in the courtyard. They act very similar.
Mawmites will nibble a target, marking them.
Mawmites will devour marked targets for massive damage, doing some self healing if the 
attack lands, but will always debuff themselves with -speed.

-=Blood Fountain
Blood Fountains are champion only enemies.
They will get a free action and do high damage with a stun if you attack another bloodsucker 
in there presence.
There standard attack is a low damage (1 to 3 damage) move.
They also have a chance to heal other bloodsuckers for their standard action.

-=Farmstead Plus Overview
About the change from stress to horror.

Farmstead Plus does not add horror on top of the stress of the farmstead enemies. It 
REPLACES the stress of the farmstead enemies with horror, as close as I can get to a 
1:1 ratio. So an enemy that gives 15 stress, now gives a 3 over 5 horror. It's still 
the same amount of stress, just done differently.

The horror also has an 87% chance to apply. This means your heroes have a 13% chance 
to resist the horror effect, while base game farm stress is set to 100%. 
Meaning overall you'll be getting less stressed in the long run form the farmstead.

-=About the loot
The loot in Farmstead Plus scales with difficulty. As in you won't be getting many 
heirlooms or shards for doing apprentice content. This is due to shard trinkets being 
extremely powerful, as well as the ability to change shards into any other heirloom.

Once you get into champion dungeons, you'll be getting a ton of shards from the 

-=Farmstead Plus Enemies

-=Blighted Vine
A weak enemy that has two actions.
Weak to blight, resistant to bleed.
Only does one attack that has a scaling chance to blight.

-=Thorny Vine
A weak enemy that has two actions.
Weak to blight, resistant to bleed.
Only does one attack that has a scaling chance to bleed.

-=Crystal Vine
A standard enemy.
Weak to blight, resistant to bleed
Only has one attack in which it stuns.

-=Sky-tainted Hen
A weaker enemy, but high dodge.
Weak to bleed, resistant to blight.
Will peck, a weak attack that moves it forward one.
Will peck if in position one for high damage.
Will lay eggs if there are only three enemies.

-=Monsterous Eggs
* A weaker enemy, but high prot.
* Weak to bleed, resistant to blight.
* If in position 1 or 2, will scraw and push it back 2. This skill will go on cooldown 
  for 3 rounds.
* If in position 3 or 4, will scraw and push it forward 2. This skill will go on cooldown 
  for 3 rounds.
* Has a random chance to hatch instead into a new chicken. Will hatch after 3 rounds when 
  all other skills are on cooldown.

-=Crystal Mirror
A very strong enemy from vet or higher dungeons.
Bleed immune, blight resistant.
Use debuffing moves on it, as it only has 30% debuff resistance.
Works in a clockwork, using 2 moves from other areas. These moves will go on cooldown 
for 5 rounds.

-=Time-warped Wife
A support enemy that shows up in champion dungeons only.
Weak to bleed, resistant to blight
Will buff allies
Can use a horror on you.
Will do a super attack if in position 1.

-=Farmstead Plus Curios
-=Locked Cabinet
50% chance of loot, 50% chance at nothing.
Skeleton key: Always gives loot.
Shovel: Gives loot, but a lesser amount.
Torch: Gives a stress resist buff.

-=Old Fireplace
33% chance for nothing, 33% chance to get hurt, 33% chance for negative quirk.
Shovel: gives a lot of loot.
Laudanum: Gives a tiny amount of loot.
Torch: gives a stress resist buff.

-=Rotten Harvest
Will always blight.
Shovel: Stress relief.
Anti-blight: small amount of food.

-=Crystalline Wheat
50% chance for small amount of food, 50% chance for blight.
Shovel: Gives 3 Crystal Dust supply item.
Anti-blight: gives small amount of food.

-=Scythe against hay
90% chance to gain a buff for one battle vs Husks, 10% chance for Scythemaster quirk.

-=Crystal Churner
50% chance to get a horror applied to the hero, 50% chance for crystals.
Antivenom: small amount of food.
laudanum: Scaling amount of crystals based on difficulty.

10% chance for scaling amount of crystals based on difficulty, 20% chance for horror, 
70% chance to summon 3 chickens and a scarecrow.
Shovel: Light stress relief.
Laudanum: Scaling amount of crystals based on difficulty.
Torch: Stress resist buff.

-=Corrupted Harvest
50% chance for food, 50% chance to blight the hero.
Shovel: great stress relief.
Antivenom: a decent amount of food.

-=Makeshift Shrine
50% chance to horror the hero, 50% chance for scaling amount of crystals based on difficulty.
Torch: Stress resist buff.
Laudanum: purge negative quirk.
Key: treasure loot table.

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