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 Deadpool Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Infinite DP/all weapons and upgrades:
At the beginning of the game there will be a tutorial on how to use your weapons.
Once you are finished with the tutorial, you will be given some enemies to fight.
Try to get a high combo while fighting these enemies to get extra DP. Once you 
have killed all the enemies, wait until you see a circle in the bottom left corner
of the screen, indicating the game is saving. Once the circle disappears, pause 
the game, and select the "Restart Chapter" option. Then, fight the enemies in the
tutorial again to get more DP. Repeat this process five times to get approximately
200,000 DP. Note: Make sure the first upgrade you buy is "Greedy Perks" so you get
more DP from killing enemies. Then, go down the sewer pipe, and stealth kill the 
indicated enemy. Next, collect all the DP tokens in the area, then buy a cheap 
upgrade. When you buy an upgrade, it will automatically save the game. Then, pause
the game, and select the "Restart From Last Checkpoint" option. Collect all the DP
tokens again, buy another upgrade that costs 50,000 DP or less, and restart the 
last checkpoint again. Repeat this process until the upgrades costs 75,000 DP or 
more. Then, pause the game, select the "Restart Chapter" option, and get more DP 
using the first method by fighting enemies. Once you have enough DP again, proceed,
and collect more DP tokens. Repeat this process until you have all upgrades and 
weapons to start the game.

Infinite Mode:
Earn a Gold medal in any given Challenge Map to unlock the Infinite Mode version of
it. In this bonus mode, you get to fight off endless enemies with no time limit.

Easy "I'm Expecting Company" achievement:
Use the oven in Deadpool's kitchen to get the "I'm Expecting Company" achievement.

Easy "Makin' A Game" achievement:
Interact with the following 14 objects in Deadpool's apartment to get the "Makin' 
A Game" achievement:

01. The brown chair (available as soon as you are in control of Deadpool) that can 
    be used to watch TV.
02. The phone next to Deadpool's recliner.
03. The dog behind the recliner.
04. The radio in the left corner next to the neon sign.
05. The old softa to the right of the chair.
06. The bookcase behind the sofa.
07. The toilet in the bathroom to the left of the kitchen door.
08. The sink in the bathroom.
09. The refrigerator in the kitchen.
10. The open pizza box in the lit corner to the right of the door.
11. The oven to the right of the pizza box.
12. The pump to the left of the bedroom door.
13. The computer to the right of the pump.
14. The arsenal on the right wall.

Infinite mode costumes:
Earn a "Gold" medal in the indicated Challenge map to unlock the corresponding costume,
as well as Infinite mode for that particular map. 

Ballerina Deadpool       - Great White News HQ.
Chef Deadpool            - Citadel Courtyard.
Classic Deadpool         - The Watching Sentinel.
Classic X-Men Deadpool   - Beneath the Streets.
D-Pooly Deadpool         - GRT Plaza.
French Maid Deadpool     - Magneto's Prison.
Ultimate Deadpool        - Catacombs of Genosha.
Uncanny X-Force Deadpool - Inside the Tower.
X-Men Deadpool           - Office Spaces.

Control Dice:
You can control which number appears on the dice by connecting a nunchuck to the Wii remote.
When it is your turn select 'Roll' to make the dice appear and hold Z + C on the nunchuck. 
If you then hold one of the following combinations before hitting the dice to get the desired 

Roll a 1: Hold down on the analog stick.
Roll a 2: Hold up on the analog stick.
Roll a 3: Hold + on the remote.
Roll a 4: Hold any D-pad direction on the remote.
Roll a 5: Hold left or right on the analog stick.
Roll a 6: Hold - on the remote.

Ifinite Levels and Costumes:
Clear a challenge map with a gold award to access the option to play infinite levels on that
map. You'll also unlock a costume for use on that particular map.

Easy "Be like Joe" achievement or trophy:
Take the sai and use the highest difficulty setting. Start the first level. As soon the first 
enemies spawn, run further into the room and ignore the enemies that initially run towards you.
This will force more enemies to spawn. Run to the back of the large lobby room to fight enemies
that spawned earlier. There will still be a steady supply of enemies spawning. While building 
combos, go towards the section that connects the lobby you are in, to the other big room. When
your enemies start declining, there will be another two in on the way that help you reach a 

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