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  Hints and Tips for: Deathloop 
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 Deathloop Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Written by K1llalalala

You’ll need to know where to find Deathloop codes and combinations to open doors 
and safes, as they’re all randomised and unique to your game. That’s right, there’s 
no list you can look up, the codes are generated for each game which means opening 
anything is impossible until you find or hear the clue you need.
To get the tunnel code right at the start you just have to play through the game 
until you reach the house. A few things will happen and shortly after you’ll have 
the tunnel code. However, enter the code 0451 to get a trophy for the classic door 
code Eater egg

-=Colt Safe code=-
You’ll find Colt’s safe right at the start of the game as part of the tutorial. Don’t 
bother looking for it there though, as you’ll find the combination in Fristad Rock in 
the AEON Security Office if you follow your objective. Hack the door to get in and look 
for a note behind the desk.
-=Updaam Smoking competition codes for the three lock door=-
You’ll find a door protected by three locks in Updaam, with a note talking about rigging 
a smoking competition. Near the smoking machine you’ll find a note on a table explaining 
‘The Pact of Smoke’ and one of the codes you’ll need from one of the competitors, 
Cassandra. To get the other codes you’ll need to interfere with the machine by pressing 
the smoking machine button so that different competitors make it home and survive after 
the competition takes place at Noon.
If you press the button once, Vanya will survive. To find her code head to Karl’s Bay 
after the Noon competition and go through the Gardens of Perception entrance. Head down 
the stairs to the right on the other side to Vanya’s Restaurant. Inside you’ll find 
Vanya’s code on a letter in the back room, on the counter by the shelves with boxes on.
If you press the button twice then Anatoly will survive. To find him after the 
competition follow the same route you did to Vanya’s Restaurant, but keep going past 
it and go around the back to reach his house. His code will be inside.
When you have all three numbers you can open the three code door and find… not a lot. 
All we’ve found in there is an occasional enemy and an audio diary for Harriet. 
Unless it contained something we collected elsewhere, it’s a lot of hassle for very 
little reward.
-=Deathloop delivery booth codes=-
You’ll find a Deathloop delivery booth in every level so you’ll probably wonder where 
the code is and how to use them. To get these vending machines up and running you’ll 
need to get inside Fia’s bunker. On the upper level path to reach Fia and the reactor 
room you’ll see a camera – this is watching over a door and inside you’ll find a 
delivery booth in a state of disrepair. On a whiteboard in this room is the code to 
get the booths up and running. When they’re working you’ll be able to order a crank, 
battery, nullifier or turret, and it’ll appear in the next time stage.

-=Updaam gate code=-
There is a locked gate right outside one of the Updaam tunnel entrances with a note 
saying that every time the phones dial out, the gate opens. Simply climb up to the 
level above the gate and to the right from where you can read the note, and you’ll see 
two yellow phone booths. Hack the nearest one and then head back down to the gate to 
get the number as it opens.

-=Wengie Depressurization control code=-
You’ll find the Wengie Depressurisation control when you first encounter her during 
the early part of the story to get Residium. There’s an audio diary to the left that 
will tell you the location of the code. For us it was on the noticeboard in the lower 
level of the Lab Annex, although it might be somewhere else for you. The code will 
change every loop, so if you want to use the console you’ll have to check this code 
every time. When you enter it, the Depressurisation control will switch to manual, 
and you’ll then be able to seal the central chamber of Wengie’s base using any of the 
buttons outside the doors leading in.

-=Library Safe=-
You’ll find a safe in the middle of the floor in Updaam library at noon. It’s actually 
a mission critical thing, so don’t worry about getting into it until you need to. When 
it’s time you can find the code to the Library safe in Aleksis’ room in his Updaam 
mansion (this is the room with the minicom computer terminal), on a note from Jullianna 
about his AEON interview.

-=Queen of Riddles Safe at The Yerhva=-
While you’re trying to answer her questions you’ll probably notice a Queen of Riddles 
Safe in The Yerhva. Again, like the Library safe this is eventually a mission critical 
goal, so there’s no point looking for a code until it’s time. When you have the 
objective to locate somewhere using a photograph, it will lead you to the place with 
the combination inside.

-=Otto’s Workshop container crate in Karl’s Bay=-
You find this locked container crate early on in Karl’s Bay. If you just want to get 
in and see what’s there, come back in the evening when it’ll be open and you can grab 
a Trinket that will let you hack and detonate mines. Later you’ll be able to get the 
actual door code as part of the story where you’ll visit Updaam and prevent Otto’s 
Workshop burning down, so you can read his terminal and get the details you need.

-=Maintenance Closet code in Karl’s Bay=-
In Hangar 1 in Karl’s Bay you can find a maintenance closet on the ground floor. The 
code to get in can be found in Hangar 2. If you go in through the main door, the code 
will be almost immediately opposite the hanging plane fuselage you can use to cross 
the hangar. This will open up the Maintenance Closet and provide a new way into 
Hangar 2, but you’ll need the gas immunity Trinket to use it.

-=Updaam door with microphone / RAK Facility=-
You’ll need a spoken password to open the microphone door in Updaam. To find that 
you’ll need to visit the Archive Office in the afternoon, when the door will be left 
open and you can get in. It’s the door just before you go down the stairs to reach 
the microphone door. Head to the second floor of the archive office and you’ll find 
a note sticking out of a bookshelf, with the code word you need to open the door.
-=Three RAK passwords=-
Inside the RAK Facility Updaam microphone door, you’ll find another microphone 
password door that requires three words this time. There’s no quick way to do this; 
you’ll have to read the ‘Where the Powers Lies’ note next to the lock, and then 
follow that quest to start the power generator at the Complex and open up all the 
Horizon Stations in each location. That will get you the three codes you need.
-=Fristad Rock dorbell bunker=-
This door is one of the hardest to open but also more than worth prioritising as 
you’ll unlock a load of really useful info that will give you a massive head start 
in the game. On the coast near where you come out of the Tunnels in Fristad Rock, 
you can find a door behind some breakable wood. There’s a doorbell there, but 
ringing it doesn’t do anything. To get inside, go there in the afternoon when the 
tide has gone out and you’ll be able to find a small opening in the new lower area, 
just by some wooden poles and part of the bunker structure jutting out.
Once inside you’ll find a door with three locks on it and the first combination 
on a note. If you listen to the audio diary you can also find you’ll discover that 
the commanding officer ‘hacked the radio’ in the morning to play the locations of 
the other codes. She means the hackable radios you can use for distractions so find 
one of those in the morning and hacking it to hear a variation on the following 
“M13. Nine. H 26. Nine. R33. 16”
Yours will be slightly different for reasons we shall now explain: you might 
recognise the R33 as it’s the grid reference for the Fristad Rock bunker, which 
you can see marked on the map inside. The other codes are references to the Karl’s 
Bay and Updaam map that will take you to a locked warehouse near the Treasure of 
the Ice exhibit with the giant mammoth animal, and a door inside the building next 
to Otto’s Firework shop. Both will have doorbells you can ring and the number that 
follows each respective coordinate is the number of times to ring the doorbell to 
open the door. So head to each of the other two coordinates, ring the doorbell the 
right about of times and you’ll be able to get inside where you’ll find a one of
 the codes you’ll need.
When you have all three codes you’ll be able to open the Fristad Rock bunker where 
you’ll find a lot of info about the Visionaries that will help you reach them 
(things like security codes). You’ll also find two guns that alternately tag and 
damage tagged enemies, and Dishonored Easter egg.
-=Complex Armory code=-
When you visit the Complex at noon and head into the underground base (under the 
leg of the Wheel shaped Stabilizer Core), you’ll be able to discover Eternalists 
have blown open the armory. Inside you’ll find a few things, but one is an armory 
with a code locked door. To open it you’ll need to find the door above, which is 
near a circular vent and needs a single battery to open. Inside you’ll find a note
 with the Armory Code.

-=Mask Maker Amador Door=-
While exploring Karl’s Bay, you’ll find a locked door in the Mask Shop (the one 
with the faces on). There’s a note saying that the owner, Amador, is due to be 
sacrificed at Harriet’s Morning ritual in Hangar 2. He’s the guy on the hook being 
lowered into the gas, and if he dies then he won’t be able to open the door later 
in the day. So, to get into the shop’s locked door, disrupt the ritual in any way 
before the hook moves. As long as you stop it proceeding and Amador is alive when 
you leave, he’ll be in his shop later in the day and his door will be open.

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