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  Hints and Tips for: Debris 
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 Debris Cheats


Cheat Codes:
These cheats work on version 1.2

During the game press the backspace key to open up the command prompt window.
Type in one of the following cheats and press Ok.

These work on both shareware and registered versions:
GIMME GUNS              - three-way forward guns
GIMME SHIPS             - extra lives

These work only on the registered version:
GIMME GOD               - invulnerability
GIMME SPRAY             - maximum width spray gun
GIMME RAINBOW           - lots of colorful guns
GIMME DAMAGE            - increase damage
GIMME ETICKET           - ensure trip to bonus wave
GIMME GREASE            - reduce friction
GIMME ARMOR             - increase armor
GIMME GILLIGAN          - outrigger
GIMME BOMBS             - grenades
GIMME TURBO             - turbo engines
GIMME AMMO#             - replace # with 1..9
GIMME ENERGY            - full energy
GIMME RANGE             - more speed and range for weapons
GIMME DEATH BLOSSOM     - lots of weapons powerups
GIMME DEFAULTS          - restore defaults
GIMME OUTAHERE          - warp to next wave
GIMME A BREAK           - rocks slow down
SHOW ROCKSET            - shows filename
LOAD ROCKSET            - loads random new rocks
LOAD BACKDROP           - loads random new backdrop image
ADD ROCK                - adds a rock
KILL ROCK               - removes a rock
EXPLODE ROCK            - breaks a rock just like you had shot it
ADD MINE                - adds a mine
KILL MINE               - removes a mine
EXPLODE MINE            - breaks a mine just like you had shot it
ADD BONUS               - adds a powerup
ADD JUNK                - adds a big "junk" rock
ADD FRAGFEST            - adds an explosion effect
DISCO INFERNO           - adds a fire pattern, funny!
ADD ALIEN               - adds an alien
KILL ALIEN              - removes an alien

Other stuff:
The game will accept a command line parameter to specify screen resolution, 

debris32 -r800          (run at 800x600)
debris32 -r1024         (run at 1024x768)
debris32 -r1280         (run at 1280x1024)

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