Defend Your Castle Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Defend Your Castle 
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 Defend Your Castle Cheats

Defend Your Castle

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Ryan Buhler

On The Game, Right Click On The Mouse. Press Forward. They Will Freeze. Put Them
In The Sky. Right Click Again. Press Play And They'll All Die.

Type "splattery" at the title screen for money. Repeat this for a lot of money.

Easy experience:
Enable the splattery code repeatedly to get into high  levels. For example, 2 
million gp is level 431.

A Good Trick:
Submitted by: Aaron(Defender of level 10389473)

What you do is go to "New Game" when it says "Stage 1" quickly "Right Click" and
select "Back" it will go to the shop place and then you press "OK" it will take 
back to the menu repeat that and you will go up in stages! It works trust me!

Fast Money/Levels:
Submitted by: Keaka070

Go to Defend your castle, press TAB twice until the "Load Game" button has a 
yellow square around it, then type "splattery" and once you type "splattery" 
it will load a game and you will have 40,000 GP and you'll be on stage 11 keep
typing in "splattery" and you will keep gaining 40,000 GP and will keep going 
up 11 stages:)

Pause on the menu?:
Submitted by: yo mama

First, click new game. when it says stage one right click press back it should go
to the "help" menu press ok then press new game. you will be playing stage 2, 
complete stage and then while at the shop press P. the screen will turn black 
and will act as if it was paused!

Freeze people:
Submitted by: Austin

The makers of defend your castle fixed the cheat for freezing people which was right
click ur mouse and select forward to freeze people once the people are off the screen
right click and press play. if u do this it will go to a different screen that says 
u cheated. what you actually do is right click press forward get people off the 
screen and then right click and press back.
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