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  Hints and Tips for: Delivery From The Pain 
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 Delivery From The Pain Cheats

Delivery From The Pain

Cheat Codes:
Submitted  by: David K.

How to Get the Car:
Written by Kennoxxy

A short guide on how to obtain your Car in Deilivery of the pain. 
This will require completing Chapter 1 of the story, so spoilers be warned.

-=Step #1: Meeting the Doctor=-
Getting Started

The following Places must be discovered/ventured to complete this objective: 
Smith Hosptial, Centeral Town Park, and Engine Shop.

Delivery of the pain shuffles locations randomly for every playthrough. 
I've marked these areas in color, Red and Blue.

Red Zone (Tier 1) - House (2), Corner Store, and Smith Hosptial. 

Blue Zone - Convenient Hosptial, Reisdent (Has Trader for Food), Small Condo,
New Zealand Mart, and Engine Shop.

-=Smith Hosptial=-
On a fresh playthrough, early on, you'll likely have already if not found Smith 
Hosptial. Explore to the right side of the map to begin the first part of Chapter 
1 where you meet the doctor - Dr. Duke.

He'll then task you to killing the zombies in the hosptial. 
You only need to clear out the zombies on Floor 1.

During your clearing of floor 1, you'll stumble upon Lab equipment. 
Take those, you will need them to get through the next agenda the doctor has for you.

After clearing Floor 1 of zombies, return to the doctor with news of the deed. 
He will then ask of you for lab equipment. Finish the conversation, turn in the 
lab equipment. Trading will now be available (You can trade in items for medical
 supplies or other base materials, such as wood and rubber).

Upon finishing his quest, you will now have access for the next dialogue prompt 
in Centeral Town Park.

-=Step #2: Finding the Car and Parts=-
After finding Central Park, you will find Dr. Duke. Here he will tell you about a 
broken car here in the park. You will be task on finding a maintence kit and engine 
part to get this car running (Refer to Step 1 of my guide if you do not get this 
prompt. His first quest must be completed to get this).

-=Finding the Parts=-
Vehicle Maintence Kit
This item can be found back at Smith Hosptial, Floor 2.

-=Engine Part=-
Can be found in the Engine Shop. I found mine in a lock container. Make sure to 
bring a bobby pin just in case. Unless you're lucky enough to have it in a random 
container instead.

Now that you have both parts. Its time to return to Dr. Duke.

Spoiler!!! Before returning to the Dr. Duke. Arm yourself for your first boss 

-=Step #3: Final=-
After collecting all the needed parts to finish up the car. Its time for prepation. 
You will encounter your first Boss battle.

If you haven't been hunting and capturing animals, this boss will be easy. 
He will focus on eating the animals first before attacking you. 

This boss has 4x Health bars. It will take you roughly 30 to 35 shots to kill him 
from Max. I only ended up using around 15 to 20 rounds and smacked him while he was 

-=Recommended Equipment=-
Talk to Dr. Duke and he will complete your car. This will make traveling around the 
game time saving. When you do get the car, i recommend making the upgraded engine. 
It can be learned from studying, this will improve the speed of your car.

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