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  Hints and Tips for: Deus Ex - Human Revolution 
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 Deus Ex - Human Revolution Cheats

Deus Ex - Human Revolution

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Bonek

Steam Achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. 
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then
"My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement                             How to unlock
Cloak & Daggers (10 points)             Deal with the man in the shadows.
Smash the State (10 points)             Help Officer Nicholas take out the trash.
Acquaintances Forgotten (10 points)     Follow Pritchard's lead to uncover the truth.
Doctorate (50 points)                   Read all 29 unique XP books within a single 
Lesser Evil (10 points)                 Deal with Mr. Carella's indiscretion.
Motherly Ties (10 points)               Put a grieving mother's doubts to rest.
Corporate Warfare (10 points)           Protect a client's interests by performing a 
                                        less-than-hostile takeover.
Talion A.D. (10 points)                 Descend into the bowels of an urban jungle and 
                                        confront a warrior-priest.
Gun Nut (20 points)                     Fully upgrade one of your weapons.
Bar Tab (10 points)                     Help the Hive Bartender settle a tab.
Rotten Business (10 points)             Help a lady in the oldest of professions clean house.
Shanghai Justice (10 points)            It may take some sleuthing, but justice must be served.
Hax0r1! (15 points)                     Successfully hack 50 devices within the same playthrough.
Transhumanist (5 points)                Fully upgrade your first augmentation of choice.
Consciousness is Over-rated (15 points) Knock out 100 enemies in a single playthrough.
First Takedown (5 points)               Perform your first Takedown. Civilians don't count, 
                                        so be nice.
Opportunist (15 points)                 Perform 50 takedowns within the same playthrough. 
                                        (Civilians don't count).
First Hack (5 points)                   Perform your first Hack successfully.
Deus Ex Machina (50 points)             Experience all the different endings that Deus Ex Human 
                                        Revolution has to offer.
Pacifist (100 points)                   Complete Deus Ex Human Revolution without anyone dying by 
                                        your hand. (Boss fights don't count).
Foxiest of the Hounds (100 points)      Complete Deus Ex Human Revolution without setting off 
                                        any alarms.
Up the Ante! (15 points)                Upgrade your first weapon of choice.
Trooper (50 points)                     Complete Deus Ex Human Revolution.
Legend (100 points)                     Complete Deus Ex Human Revolution at its hardest setting 
                                        without ever changing the difficulty.

Lots of XP in China:
Submitted by: MaziD

In Hengsha, every store has a back door. Open it and walk inside for a Traveler bonus of 100 XP.
For more e-mail me.

Infinite Ammo: The Turret Method:
Upgrade Hacking and Strength and you can pick up turrets, which have infinite ammo. 
Set them down or, let them fire while you move, to clear out a room easily! you still get XP 
points, and even headshots. you can also do this with robots.

Infinite XP Hacking Exploit:
Submitted by: MaziD

Best find a terminal that has a lot of XP awards (Adam Jensen's laptop in Sarif Industries is 
a good candidate, as revealed by the dude in the video).

Save the game before attempting to hack a terminal or device.
You will be reloading the save file made in step 1 after each successful hacking attempt.
Successfully hack the device (preferably the security node, so you unlock all the data stores).
Use as many Nuke Viruses and Stop Worms as you need, since you will be reloading the game.
Once the device hacking is successful, you will be presented with the hacking results screen, 
and the prompt to continue.
Do not press the button to continue.
Load the save game made in step 1 instead.
Repeat steps 3 to 7. You will notice the totals on the hacking results screen increase & 
accrue from your previous attempts.
When you are ready to barf twice, accept the hacking results and the "Updates" notifications 
will show the results of all your prior attempts.

In game all References:
Submitted by: MaziD

-=Look Around During Dialog=-
* During 3rd person, non-cutscene dialog between Adam and another character, you can look
  around by holding down the AIM button and looking around with normal controls.

-=Fight Club Reference=-
* At the Hive's men's restroom, there is a pocket secretary that gives the door code for 
  the back room that also states that someone broke the first rule by talking about what 
  goes on in the basement. Its simply signed T. This is a reference to Fight Club.

-=Office Space Reference=-
* There is a computer in the Singapore secret facility that has an email that mentions 
  someone needing to return a stapler. This is a reference to the movie Office Space.

-=Star Wars Reference=-
* In the FEMA Detention Center, there is an email in one of the computers titled "Clean 
  up of parking area." After the body of text, there is a postscript: "P.S. Episode 9 
  tonight? If so, let's go early. I hate standing in lines."

-=QR Codes=-
* The QR codes on boxes and other things in the game are real. Scan them off your screen
  with a cellphone to read the hidden messages.

-=Final Fantasy 27 Reference=-
* When you enter Pritchard's office, look on his wall above his motorcycle to spot the 
  Final Fantasy game of the future.

Terminal Usernames and Passwords:
Submitted by: MaziD

-=Sarif HQ=-
Sarif Industries F2 | User: fpritchard | Pass: nuclearsnke
Sarif Industries F3 | User: tbruger    | Pass: eclipse
Sarif Industries F3 | User: ajenson    | Pass: mandrake
Sarif's Office      | User: amargoulis | Pass: gsspgirl
Factoring Lans F1   | User: doutchman  | Pass: windmill
Admin F2            | User: fmarchand  | Pass: factotum
Admin F2            | User: gthorpe    | Pass: hydro
Admin F2            | User: rmccauf    | Pass: hvywethr
Admin F2            | User: sgrimes    | Pass: ovid
Admin F2            | User: tcaldwell  | Pass: talon
Admin F2            | User: mross      | Pass: lions
Admin F2            | User: fbrooks    | Pass: tipple
Admin F2            | User: vclark     | Pass: tigers
Admin F2            | User: cparker    | Pass: zinc
Admin F2            | User: mlatona    | Pass: redwings
Admin F4            | User: jthorpe    | Pass: hydra
Factoring Labs F1   | User: doutchman  | Pass: windmill

Jenson's Apartment Lobby | User: sterhorst  | Pass: queenbee
Apartment 3 F2           | User: docta      | Pass: atcod
Apartment 3 F1           | User: omalley    | Pass: trojan
Police Department F1     | User: bsterling  | Pass: investor
Police Department F1     | User: pdick      | Pass: lectrolam
Police Department F1     | User: jballard   | Pass: solempire
Police Department F1     | User: jchampagne | Pass: grimster
Police Department F1     | User: wgibson    | Pass: baronnull
Police Department F1     | User: rdeckard   | Pass: unicorn
Police Department F1     | User: hellison   | Pass: cordwainer
Police Department F1     | User: bbethke    | Pass: maverick
Police Department F1     | User: pcadigan   | Pass: desprit
Police Department F1     | User: mfrezell   | Pass: liezerf
Police Department F1     | User: whass      | Pass: catharsis
Police Department F2     | User: fnicefield | Pass: patriotism
Police Department F2     | User: cleboeuf   | Pass: dasteer
Police Department F2     | User: rpenn      | Pass: apophenion
Police Department F3     | User: cwagner    | Pass: fuckface
Police Department F3     | User: fmccann    | Pass: solanum
Police Department F3     | User: jalexander | Pass: basileus
Police Department F3     | User: bgum       | Pass: justicar
Police Department F3     | User: guest      | Pass: password1
Police Department F3     | User: amurphy    | Pass: thighgun

-=Fema Camp=-
Fema Yard F1     | User: wks0012 | Pass: ntlec59
Fema Yard F1     | User: spaxxor | Pass: neuralhub
Fema Interior B1 | User: spaxxor | Pass: neuralhub
Fema Interior B1 | User: spaxxor | Pass: neuralhub
Fema Interior B1 | User: wks0010 | Pass: usprokt
Fema Interior B1 | User: lbarret | Pass: bullskull
Fema Interior B3 | User: spaxxor | Pass: neuralhub
Fema Interior B3 | User: spaxxor | Pass: neuralhub
Fema Interior B3 | User: wks2011 | Pass: crrctions
Fema Interior B3 | User: wks3021 | Pass: hmldsec1
Fema Interior B3 | User: wks4145 | Pass: hmldsec2

Hung Hua Hotel | User: msuen | Pass: oleander
Alice Gardens Pod 1 | User: asgarden | Pass: rbbthole
The Hive | User: bbao | Pass: vanguard
The Hive | User: wbees | Pass: paperfan

-=Tay Zong Medical=-
Pool | User: poolrm | Pass: pelagic
F1 | User: lgeng    | Pass: gehong
F3 | User: zarvlad  | Pass: muonrule
F3 | User: rkumar   | Pass: outback
F4 | User: nemuni   | Pass: ironfist
F4 | User: tymmf    | Pass: ebrain
F4 | User: gengl    | Pass: pangutym

F3 | User: mwells   | Pass: lavadome
F3 | User: jricard  | Pass: macro
F3 | User: atresman | Pass: skylark
F3 | User: sbernard | Pass: dumbass
F6 | User: jkenney  | Pass: montroyal
F6 | User: dgassner | Pass: oneida
Restricted Area F1  | User: pcorbo   | Pass: spitfire
Restricted Area F1  | User: bshupper | Pass: widget
Restricted Area F1  | User: jchapman | Pass: diode
Restricted Area F1  | User: jchapman | Pass: diode
Restricted Area F2  | User: emasse   | Pass: moufette
Restricted Area F2  | User: bnorthco | Pass: sterling
Restricted Area F3  | User: ltodd    | Pass: titom

-=Detroit Convention Center=-
F3 | User: wtaggart | Pass: marjorie

Territory B1 | User: zhengl | Pass: hirollr
Territory B2 | User: ttong  | Pass: mirrshds

-=Hengsha Seaport=-
Seaport F2 | User: prmtr01 | Pass: collosus
Seaport F3 | User: jwang   | Pass: mainman

-=Omega Ranch=-
F1 | User: dfalk    | Pass: topfrag
F1 | User: eblake   | Pass: hndstuth
F1 | User: dabblett | Pass: monastic
F1 | User: ogomez   | Pass: techsmex
F1 | User: lmorano  | Pass: morpheus
F2 | User: aoconnor | Pass: keppler
F2 | User: pwalts   | Pass: ruckus

Port of Entry | User: kathys  | Pass: mssinghme
Landing Pad   | User: amelie  | Pass: lstforever
Hyron Project | User: hualing | Pass: iwntlove
Hyron Project | User: daiyu   | Pass: frgottn
Hyron Project | User: marilyn | Pass: yyyyyy
Tower | User: isabella        | Pass: rhemmberme

ALL Panel Codes:
Submitted by: MaziD

Here is a full list of all of the numerical codes for Safe Panels, Bomb Panels, 
Security Panels and Laser Grid Panels in the game.

-=Sarif HQ=-
Helipad Storage                              - 8053(Security Panel)
Sarif Industries F3 (Denzel Mitchell Office) - 1364(Security Panel)
Sarif Industries F3 (Ted Bruger Office)      - 9642(Security Panel)
Sarif Industries F3                          - 0250(Security Panel)
Sarif Industries F2 (Frieda Malik Office)    - 5475(Security Panel)
Sarif Industries F2                          - 3716(Security Panel)
Sarif Industries F2 (Mike Pine Office)       - 4145 (Security Panel)

-=Sarif Manufacturing Plant=-
Assembly Line 1 F2 - 1505 (Bomb Panel)

-=Detroit City Streets=-
Detroit City Streets: (North)     - 0187(Security Panel)
Detroit City Streets: (Central)   - 2928(Security Panel)
Detroit City Streets: (Central)   - 1904(Security Panel)
Detroit City Streets: (Central)   - 6542(Laser Grid Panel)
Detroit City Streets: (Central)   - 0002(Security Panel)
Detroit City Streets: (East)      - 4891(Security Panel)
Detroit City Streets: (East)      - 1966(Security Panel)
Detroit City Streets: (Southwest) - 8982(Security Panel)
Detroit City Streets: (Southwest) - 4626(Security Panel)
Detroit City Streets: (Southeast) - 5551(Security Panel)
Detroit City Sewers               - 2599(Security Panel)
Detroit City Sewers               - 0000(Bomb Panel)
Detroit Sewers                    - 8218(Laser Grid Panel)
Detroit Sewers                    - 0110 (Security Panel)

-=Detroit Apartments=-
Jensen's Apartment - 5375(Safe Panel)
Apartment 2 F1     - 0739(Safe Panel)
Apartment 2 F2     - 3733(Security Panel)
Apartment 3 B1     - 8974(Security Panel)
Apartment 3 F1     - 1077(Security Panel)
Apartment 3 F1     - 1029(Security Panel)
Apartment 3 F1     - 1031(Safe Panel)
Apartment 3 F2     - 3663(Security Panel)
Apartment 3 F2     - 8221(Security Panel)
Apartment 3 F2     - 2356(Security Panel)
Apartment 4 F3     - 1948(Safe Panel)
Apartment 4 F3     - 7767 (Security Panel)

-=Detroit Derelict Row=-
Derelect Row F1 - 3290(Security Panel)
Derelect Row F1 - 5962(Security Panel)
Derelect Row F3 - 5463 (Safe Panel)

-=Detroit Police Department=-
B1 - 2599(Security Panel)
B1 - 7366(Laser Grid Panel)
B1 - 7366(Laser Grid Panel)
B1 - 9212(Security Panel)
F1 - 4816(Security Panel)
F1 - 1856(Security Panel)
F3 - 2231(Security Panel)
F3 - 6065(Security Panel)
F3 - 3727 (Security Panel)

-=Fema Camp=-
Fema Interior B1 - 7984(Security Panel)
Fema Interior B1 - 7984(Security Panel)
Fema Interior B1 - 7984(Security Panel)
Fema Yard F1     - 7984(Security Panel)
Fema Yard F1     - 7984(Laser Grid Panel)
Fema Yard F1     - 7984 (Laser Grid Panel)

-=Hengsha City Streets=-
Hengsha Streets (West)        - 3444(Safe Panel)
Hengsha Streets (East)        - 1381(Security Panel)
Hengsha Streets (East)        - 1339(Security Panel)
Hengsha Streets (East)        - 1379(Security Panel)
Hengsha Streets (East)        - 7845(Security Panel)
Lower Hengsha Streets (South) - 5377 (Security Panel)

-=Hengsha Buildings=-
Hung Hua Hotel       - 7657(Safe Panel)
Alice Garden Pods F1 - 3785(Security Panel)
Alice Garden Pods F1 - 3824(Security Panel)
The Hive             - 0415(Security Panel)
The Hive             - 8953 (Safe Panel)

-=Tai Yong Medical=-
Storage Area - 4865(Security Panel)
Storage Area - 5720(Security Panel)
Storage Area - 0821(Security Panel)
Pool         - 7934(Security Panel)
Pool         - 9409(Laser Grid Panel)
F1           - 4713(Security Panel)
F3           - 9762(Laser Grid Panel)
F3           - 9762(Laser Grid Panel)
F3           - 2459(Laser Grid Panel)
F3           - 5126(Laser Grid Panel)
F4           - 2967(Security Panel)
F4           - 3090(Security Panel)
F4           - 6906(Security Panel)
Penthouse    - 0117 (Safe Panel)

F1                 - 0068(Security Panel)
Restricted Area F1 - 0101(Security Panel)
Restricted Area F1 - 1006(Security Panel)
Restricted Area F3 - 1980 (Security Panel)

Harvester Territory B2 - 7920 (Safe Panel)

-=Hengsha Seaport=-
Seaport F1 - 7785(Security Panel)
Seaport F2 - 4589(Security Panel)
Seaport F3 - 3295 (Security Panel)

-=Omega Ranch=-
Omega F1 - 2410(Security Panel)
Omega F1 - 9992(Security Panel)
Omega F1 - 2535(Laser Grid Panel)
Omega F1 - 1385(Security Panel)
Omega F1 - 0111(Security Panel)
Omega F1 - 0111(Security Panel)
Omega F2 - 5377(Security Panel)
Omega F2 - 1504 (Security Panel)

Port of Entry - 7153(Security Panel)
Machinery     - 9823(Security Panel)
Machinery     - 9823(Security Panel)
Tower         - 8024 (Security Panel)

Website hint:
Complete the prologue and begin the first level. Enter the warehouse and search for 
cardboard boxes marked with "Sarif Industries" to find a QR barcode. Scan it on a QR
readable phone to view a fictional website from the storyline. 	

Robocop easter egg:
In the Detroit police station can be found one officer that may seem particularly familiar.
Robocop's human precursor was named 'Alex Murphy,' and the guy talking about 80s movies at 
the desk has the same name.

Infinite XP:
This glitch works anywhere, but the first and easiest place to do it is at Adam Jensen's 
computer, which is located in his office at Sarif HQ, after returning from the Sarif 
Manufacturing Plant hostage situation. Use the discovered Praxis Kit and an earned Praxis
point to upgrade to Hacking Security Level 3. Try to collect as many Nuke Programs as 
possible to help speed up the process. The Nuke Programs can be collected in the Sarif 
Manufacturing Plant, or while searching and hacking into the computers around Sarif HQ.
Before starting a hack, save the game. Hack all optional nodes, or the Network node to 
instantly complete the hack. Do not exit out of the hack or press a button to complete it;
you will also want to make sure you are getting an +XP bonus. While using Adam Jensen's 
computer, hacking the special reward nodes will get you a +500 XP bonus. When you have 
acquired the optional nodes or captured the network node, pause the game, and load the saved
game created before you hacked. Again, do not complete the hack. When the "Access Granted"
window appears, do not select "OK". Load the saved game you created before starting the hack.
Then, try the hack again. Repeat the previous steps, and capture every optional node or the 
network node. The game will keep your previous +500 XP bonus. For your second try, you will
get +1000 XP. For your third try, you will get +1500 XP, etc. Do the trick five times to get
+2500 XP. Make sure to keep loading and never select "OK" to complete the hack. 
Repeat this trick as many times as desired to get a lot of XP early in the game. You can 
always return to Adam Jensen's computer later in the game to repeat this trick, or try it 
on other hacking challenges throughout the game.

Easy hacking:
To keep attempting hacks without running out of hack attempts, when the system is alerted 
before you run out of time, press [Q] to cancel hacking, then press [H], and the failed 
attempt will not count against your limited number of chances.

Easy kills:
Upgrade Hacking and Strength to be able to pick up turrets, which have unlimited ammo. Set 
them down or let them fire while you move to easily clear out a room. You will still get 
XP and headshots. You can also do this with robots.

Easy stealth kills:
To easily take down enemies silently, find an indestructible object such as a barrel or 
container, and carry it with you. When you find a group of enemies, stand in a position 
where you want an enemy to approach. While holding the object, throw it next to yourself
or close to where you want the target to approach. The entire group of enemies will be 
alerted when they hear the object hit the ground or wall you threw it at, but only one 
should approach to investigate. The enemy will walk to the alerted area, stand where the
sound came from, and then begin to walk back after finding nothing. You can then knock 
them out or kill them undetected. Note: If you throw the object a long distance, the 
investigating enemy may track the object's flight path directly back to your position.
It is better to throw it nearby for repeated use.

1984 Reference:
After the introduction, when you are walking back into Sarif HQ (during a cutscene), note 
that the side of the security cameras references "Big Bro Surveillance." That's a nod to 
George Orwell's classic science fiction novel, 1984, wherein people's actions are monitored
by the menacing "Big Brother."

Easy Storage:
If you want to store an item instead of lugging it around, just throw it on the ground. 
The game always saves the location of items -- even if you leave the region.

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