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  Hints and Tips for: Devileader 
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 Devileader Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Gameplay Tips and Tricks:
Written by -Fish-

* Crystals are priority one. Always concentrate on mining as quickly as possible at 
level start. Only pause mining to dispatch special enemies.

* Furthermore, leave the basic red enemies alone as they are not worth your time. 
Time is precious in Devileader. Only spend time on basic reds if max devibombs have 
been crafted...or..if there are so many swarming they become a nuisance.

* When grey and green special enemies enter the play area they immediately become 
priority #1 or they will kill you. Stop mining to dispatch them as quickly as you 

* Purple mine layers are easy to kite and then destroy with quick 90-120 degree 
turns while firing. This is a double edged sword though as this kiting tactic may 
distract too much time from mining crystals.

* Always use rapid fire in bursts when large groups of special enemies are present.

* Always use rapid fire in bursts when mining crystals.

* Loose yourself in asteroids clusters (lines) when enemies become overwhelming. 
Do your fighting from within as you will also be gaining large amounts of crystals 

* Further into the game there are some different enemy types even deadlier than 
grey, green, and purple specials. These enemies also become #1 priority over mining 
as soon as they enter your play area.

* Always remember asteroid fields are your savior and can buy you some time as they 
also slow down the Devileader if he follows you into them.

* Always hunt and shoot the drop ship as soon as you get the audio alert (check map 
for location). The power ups you collect from him are invaluable.

* Special weapon choice at the beginning of play is very important. Personally I 
believe the laser beam and screen clearing bomb are the most useful. The beam gets 
you out of trouble quickly if swarmed by specials and has a large energy reserve when 
fully charged. Screen clearing bombs can be extremely useful in clearing a pathway to 
the Devileader and stunning him momentarily so you can easily attack.

* Always hit the Devileader with a few quick bombs as the first attack. T
his will knock him back and allow you to give chase maintaining a straight line 
of attack to target. Once in motion on the straight attack unleash all bombs as 
quickly as possible to finish him off.

* Clearing the immediate area of most enemies is advisable before deploying bombs 
to kill Devileader. If not cleared bombs may instead destruct on small enemies.

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