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  Hints and Tips for: Diggles: The Myth of Fenris 
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 Diggles: The Myth of Fenris Cheats

Diggles: The Myth of Fenris
Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips and Tricks:
Written by moorih

* Main direction down.
* You come across existing side paths and caves that should be explored.
* If you want space for new caves, for a settlement, you can use a little trick: 
  Always mark and dig only 2 fields, this prevents the level generator from 
  generating anything in the way. But don't overdo it, otherwise you might not 
  have any more space for the nice side quests and quests
* I always dig with a couple, as a precaution they have a weapon, a shield, 
  healing drink, food (if available) in their inventory.

-=Working Time=-
* Giving couples the same work and leisure time.
* 6 wiggle hours of work and 6 wiggle hours of free time.
* 1st pair of 6-12 work, 2nd pair of 12-6, 3rd pair of 3-9, 4th pair of 9-3 etc.
* Combine pairs with Ctrl + Number to form a group.
* Let couples work together 
  (e.g. one couple to dig and one to cook on another shift as well).
* Due to this division you only need 1 tent at the beginning, max. 2 
  (in one sleep 2 wiggles and they do other things in their free time besides 
  sleeping all the time).

* For division of working time / free time, see working time.
* Give more free time if necessary.
* Make sure that they are together in their free time, so if necessary send 
  them to the bar together.

* Production not to infinity, but only a maximum of 8.
* Distribute to different production sites 
  (3 are actually enough for me, have a kitchen and two fireplaces).
* Do not produce different things at the same time.
* Wiggles love variety, so always offer something different.
* Build 2 farms (mushroom farm, hamster farm) very close to the fireplace or 
  kitchen (no shaft in between).
* Kitchen needs energy.
* Do not stop production (red cross).
* Wiggles only feed themselves if they still have a free space in their inventory.

* Not too much at once (depending on the number of wiggles you should have a 
  maximum of 2-3 productions or researches at the same time and dig a shaft or 
  passage in addition to the food, which is practically always set but not 
  infinitely (see food).
* As little allocation as possible (I play almost completely without).
* Build the delivery building and production building close to one another, if 
  possible without a shaft in between and on one level (bar needs beer brewery 
  needs mushroom farm ---> bar - brewery - mushroom farm).
* Note that some production facilities require energy.
* See also Techtree.

-=Buildings and Settlement=-
* Build and produce carefully (you don't need 10 farms, 2 carpenters, ...).
* Build all production facilities close together.
* Build the leisure facilities close together.

-=Moving to New Location=-
* Before you go into another world, you just build lots of stores and store 
  everything you have.
* Assign 2-3 wiggles to each warehouse.
* Set what you want in it and they'll do it.
* When the stores are full, just pack up and take them with you.
* When you reassemble them in the new world, the resources are still there 
  and you only need to haul a camp.

How to Use Ingame Nude Elf:
Written by Henry

You can use the Mod Manager to patch the game and it also includes many qualitiy 
of life features.Or simply change one line in the texture initiating script 
(see manual installation)

-=Manual Installation=-
Backup the file SteamLibrary 
\...\common\Diggles The Myth of Fenris\data\Scripts\init\txtinit.tcl

Then overwrite line 37 with this line:

def_texture Elfen_Koerper Elfen_Koerper_variante_5.tga Elfen_Koerper_variante_5.tga 
Elfen_Koerper_variante_5.tga Elfen_Koerper_variante_5.tga Elfen_Koerper_variante_5.tga 

It will replace all occurences of Elfen_Koerper....tga with Elfen_Koerper_variante_5.tga.

On next game start, the elf will be nude in all chapters.

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