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  Hints and Tips for: DiRT Rally 
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 DiRT Rally Cheats

DiRT Rally

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Easy "Any Given Sunday", "Dependable", "Gotta Get Me One Of These" achievements:
Daily, Weekly, and Monthly events are done online. You must finish the event, and 
because you cannot restart online stages, this must be done with a single event. 
Repair your car every two if it takes damage.

Easy "I Am The 5%" achievement:
Choose any rally cross event. Set your opponents to the Easy difficulty and practice
a few laps in Headcam mode. During the rally stages, the headcam is more restrictive 
than during a rally cross. Finish the race in first place in Headcam mode to get the 
"I Am The 5%" achievement.

Easy "It's A Bold Strategy" achievement:
The Joker is an extra loop in a rally cross track. It is recommended to do this at 
the Holjes Motorstadion with easy opponents, where the Joker is not much slower than 
the actual lap.

Easy "Kick The Tyres" achievement:
You can complete a Shakedown before any stage at the "Stage Launching" menu, where 
you repair and tune your car.

Easy "Mr. Smooth" achievement:
Select single event Practice mode. You will drive alone and finish with no collisions.

Easy "Visceral...But In The Correct Meaning Of The Word" achievement:
Turn off Assists by entering the "Preferences" menu and changing the indicated settings.
Turn Automatic Launch Control to "Off". ABS can be set to any value. Set Traction Control
to "Off". Set Stability Control to "Off". Additionally, turn off the HUD. Select the 
headcam view manually or disable the exterior cameras from the "Preferences" menu. Then, 
win an event. It is recommended to choose a rally cross event, which is easier than the 
rally stages. You may want to try a few laps in a Practice mode first and set the 
opponents to an easy difficulty.

Easy "Spirit Of The Rally" achievement:
Setup a custom championship with three races. Race, crash often, and do not repair 
between races to get the "Spirit Of The Rally" achievement. Note: You may need to 
complete any other championships that were already in-progress in your career.

How to Obtain It's a Bold Strategy Achievement (Easy Cheat):
Written by angmarets

I found a way to easily get this achievement without actually winning the race.

This achievement requires you to win a Rallycross race while taking joker lap each lap. 
But there is an easy way to do it during heats races without actually winning.

-=Step 1=-
Go to custom championships, create a rallycross championship. One event, 2 laps for 
heats and easy oponents.

-=Step 2=-
Complete first three heats as usual, taking just one required joker lap. Do your best 
and win first three heats (or at least get as many points as you can. 
My standings were 2nd, 1st, 1st and that was enough).

-=Step 3=-
On 4th heats race take joker lap both laps. You will probably loose some time and 
will have bad results, but because you had good points from three previous runs - 
your total points should be enough to still get into top 12(I was 4th). Although you 
technically did not win the race itself, you will get this achievement, because 
game counts getting to semi finals as victory for some reason.

Take the Joker on every lap of a race and win.

When Jon Met Paul Achievement Guide (Easy Method):
Written by Mayank

-=Get the Car and the Livery=-
In this very obvious step, you'll need to purchase the Subaru Impreza 1995 and apply 
the Dirt 3 livery to it. This is what it looks like.

When you've done that, go practice with the car on your favourite tracks/locations 
until you upgrade it fully. Remember to tune the car to your liking and try to beat 
your own best times with it on your favourite tracks. Don't need to worry even if 
you can't beat the easiest "Open" difficulty just yet. As long as you get comfortable 
with the car and the track you should be fine.

-=Getting the Achievement=-
* Once you've gotten comfortable with this car on your favourite track, head over to 
  the very first main menu right after the game loads on starting up. Instead of going 
  to Career tab, select "Custom Events" on the right in upper row.
* Select your favourite location. For example, my favourite location is Baumholder, 
* Set the number of stages to 1. Remember, as long as it's an event, the number of 
  stages doesn't matter. In the "Results Type", select "Community Delta" and proceed.
* Now you can select your favourite track that you've practised on.
* The Community Delta timings are usually longer than even the easiest AI difficulty 
  of the game. Beat the Delta Time in this event with the singular stage and that's all! 
  Now you've earned yourself an achievement that only 1.6% of the game's players on 
  Steam have.

You have to put on the Dirt 3 livery. I totally forgot doing this on my first two tries 
and didn't even realise I was using the wrong livery!

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