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  Hints and Tips for: Duel - War of the Mages 
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 Duel - War of the Mages Cheats

Duel - War of the Mages

Tip 1
If you have a Power Point, settle about 7 Elves around it (they are cheap 
and in a big number the best weapon) and put a fountain of life next to 
the power point. Add a lightning-totem and you have a good defence. 

Tip 2
At the beginning: make a bat to see what's on the map and go with it fast 
on empty Power Points. 

Tip 3
If you have many Power Points and you want to destroy the other mage, seek 
him by placing creatures around the map. When found, use the FAST spell, 
go there and Fireball him or Lighning or summon the green stuff which keeps
him standing on his place and summon dozens of elves. 

Tip 4
When getting attacked by many creatures, take your elves targetting the most
dangerous one (all on one). 

Tip 5
Destroy enemy totems with lightning bolts (cheap and good).

Tip 6
After the first levels, don't waste time searching for food; time is an 
important key to win most battles. The healing spell is important in most
levels and quite cheap. 

Tip 7
In advanced levels, don´t waste time with collecting food; one manacloud 
and healing is much better. Being FAST is one of the keys to success in 
this game.

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