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  Hints and Tips for: Dying Light: The Following 
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 Dying Light: The Following Cheats

Dying Light: The Following

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Secret Ending:
You can activate a secret ending by following the process outlined below.

* Make your way to a series of small islands, located east from the mainland.
* Once you arrive at the islands, check rock outcroppings. You're looking for
  a supply crate, which is really just a reference point. When you find it, 
  dive underwater and you should find a less obvious crate resting on the sea
  floor. It contains a Nuclear Codes item that you should take. 
* Look for an area with two open warehouses, in the middle of a facility 
  with grain silos. Nearby, you'll see an intersection of train tracks, and 
  the Behemoth monster. In a warehouse, you can grab the Military Transport 
  Key. It's in a container positioned against one of the walls. 
* Find the lake that has formed near an enormous dam. A body is floating 
  near its center. Check the corpse to find and obtain the Military Activation
* Along the eastern side of the map, look for a two-lane road that runs from 
  north to south, a short distance northwest from a town built along the 
  shore. Head along that road and you'll find a military caravan. 
* Enter the convoy, which requires the items you have gathered: the Military
  Transport Key opens the entry door (use it on the card reader). 
  The Military Activation Key gives you access to the computer. And the
   codes can finally be used on the bomb.

Now sit back and watch the ending.

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