EA Sports Cricket 2005 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: EA Sports Cricket 2005 
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 EA Sports Cricket 2005 Cheats

EA Sports Cricket 2005

Submitted by: shreyas d great

Go to 'credits' but do not click on it just place the cursor on it and type.

cheat          result
sbatsman     - u can easily hit the ball. 
fatfielders  - all the fielders will change to umpires.
superbat     - your bat will b huge.

Great match winning bowling tips:
Submitted by: Arjun Talwar

This tip always work,never matters if it a one day or test match.....All you 
have to do is bowl with a madium pacer like S.Ganguly on any pitch(prefferably
wet or damp pithes) and try bowling a bouncer (drag it nearest to the umpire) 
aiming at the stumps (just on the line of off stump) with the mimimum speed 
(the speed meter should be filled by only 1-2 lines).......You will see your 
opponent getting out LBW or bold very easily. Moreover they won't be able to 
score runs.

How to take wickets with a leg spin bowler:
Submitted by: Ishmam

Hi,guys.I will tell you how to take wickets with a spin bowler.This tip works in 
any match,whether it's a test match,or an ODI.To take wickets,this tip might only 
work in easy mode.Create a player and put all his bowling skills on 95,but put one 
of his bowling skills "Arm Ball" on 85.All of his Special Skills and his Bowling 
Strengths must be selected.
Now,bowl with the leg spin bowler you created.To a right handed batsman,bowl a medium 
length at the batsman's leg side and wide,but not too wide.Use'S' key to bowl a leg spin.
Then fully allow the leg spin on the ball.You will like this.The batsman will play a shot 
so place your fielders at the leg side but not too far.Place them a little straight.
The fielder will catch it.If you don't understand how I explained this tip to you,try it 
in the game.Enjoy!

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