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  Hints and Tips for: Elite: Dangerous 
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 Elite: Dangerous Cheats

Elite: Dangerous

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy money:
* Take note of the economy of every space station you encounter. Each 
  colony specializes in a particular commodity, and will buy specific 
  cargo at higher prices. 
  Purchase extra cargo at stations where the commodity is cheaper, 
  then travel to stations where that product is in higher demand.

* Enter a Low-Intensity Combat Zone and scan it for NPCs that are wanted 
  or from an enemy faction, all while avoiding other players. 
  Destroy lone ships to earn money.

* Search for discarded containers, especially those that contain gold 
  that can be sold on the Blackmarket.

Bounty Hunter's Guide:
Written by Juice

If you want to be a bounty hunter, but are either completely oblivious of 
your objective, or simply wanting to know more, this guide is for you.

Obviously, before you go out and start bounty hunting, you'll need to know what 
you need for preparation. Luckily, it won't require as much things as other 
roles, but there is still a sizeable amount of things that you will need in 
order to be a bounty hunter.

There is a large variety of ships that are suitable for bounty hunting. 
You can literally use whatever ship you'd like, as long as it is at least 
remotely related to combat, and preferably over 100,000 credits in price.

Asp Explorer
Asp Scout
Cobra MKIV
Diamondback Explorer
Diamondback Scout
Federal Assault Ship
Federal Corvette
Federal Dropship
Federal Gunship
Imperial Clipper
Imperial Courier
Imperial Cutter
Imperial Eagle
Viper MKIV

Beluga Liner
Type-6 Transporter
Type-7 Transporter
Type-9 Heavy


I highly recommend choosing a ship from the first section. 
The others are lightly armored and/or have few hardpoints.

For people who are new to the game, or people who suck at aiming(like me :P),
 I recommend using gimballed weapons. They automatically aim for you, as long 
as you are at least remotely fixed on your target's location. However, they 
are more expensive and deal less damage than fixed weapons.

Fixed weapons deal slightly more damage than gimballed ones, and are reasonably 
cheaper. However, they require immense aiming skills to land properly.

I, myself, like to use Multi-Cannons and Beam Lasers.

Multi-Cannons are basically miniguns. They fire rapidly and deal kinetic damage, 
little by little. Their trajectory is a bit ahead of the target ship, as it takes 
a moment for the bullets to reach the enemy ship.

A Beam Laser could easily be compared to Zarya(from Overwatch)'s weapon. If you
don't know what her weapon does, it's pretty much a continuously firing deathray.
However, in Overwatch, she uses ammo, like the Multi-Cannons in Elite do. The 
Beam Laser in Elite, though, can fire forever until the ship hits a "thermal 
overload". Firing too long, or being near a heat source, can induce this. 
But, while the Beam Laser can fire, it can deal loads of damage to enemy hulls 
and shields alike. So, hook up two of these on a small or medium gimballed 
mount, and you've got yourself a damned killing machine.

Modules are a big part of every role, and every one has some modules that are 

Shield Generator

Kill Warrant Scanner
Hull Reinforcement Package
Frame Shift Wake Scanner
Shield Booster
Shield Cell Bank
Fighter Hangar

Frame Shift Drive Interdictor
Auto-Field Maintenance Unit

I also recommend upgrading your core modules, especially your bulkheads. But, 
there's no specific core modules you need, since you need all of them in order to 
run your ship, and you can't even replace them. So, upgrading your modules is 
always a good idea no matter what your career is. 
I suggest upgrading your bulkheads to Military-Grade Composite.

That's pretty much all you need for preparation as a bounty hunter. 
Now, let's talk about the premice of bounty hunting.

-=The Objective=-
Your objective as a bounty hunter is to find wanted ships and kill them for 
their bounties. But, there's more to it than that.

-=Finding wanted ships=-
You will find the most wanted ships near nav beacons and resource extraction sites. 
For beginner bounty hunters, I recommend looking in nav beacons, as there are far 
more security ships.

-=The Do's=-
* Fully scan ships before opening fire
* Stay fairly far away, as wanted ships will become hostile if you open fire, 
  or if they are pirates and want to steal from you
* Stay near as many security ships as possible. They will assist you in combat 
  against the criminal.
* Look for strong ships, as they provide greater bounties. If you are in, say, 
  an Eagle and start firing at an Anaconda, start running away immediately. 
  Keep running away until it focuses its fire on a security ship.
* You can also attack "enemy" ships if you have pledged to one of the powers.

-=The Don'ts=-
* Don't start firing until you have fully scanned a ship. You may assume it's 
  wanted if you see other ships firing at it, but scan the ship first or you'll 
  gain a fine and guard ships will become hostile.
* If you kill-warrant scan a ship and find they have bounties in another system, 
  only fire at them in that system. If you fire at them in another system, you'll 
  gain a fine and guard ships will become hostile.
* Especially don't do any of these in multi-crew. If the pilot's ship is destroyed, 
  you'll be kicked out and the owner will be very mad.

After you have a good amount of bounties, return to a station and cash in the 
bounties to actually earn the money. This will also increase your reputation 
with the station's controlling faction and its affiliated superpower. 
Then just rinse and repeat from then on to earn your money.

How to Get Easy Money (Beyond - Chapter Three):
Written by Majaxx

In this guide I'm going to teach you how to make easy money as of Beyond Chapter 3.

-=Passenger Missions=-
First of all you need patience, a decent passenger transport ship and more time. 
You'll get about 5-30 million each run. 

* You need to head over to Kamuy, Okels Terminal it is about 50ly away from Sol. 
* Go to the passenger lounge and accept transport missions that request you to go to 
  Medb, Vela Dock. (If you don't find missions switch between Open and Solo play. 
* Head over to Medb which is 10ly away from Kamuy. 
* Start travelling to Vela Dock, the trip should take about 30-40 minutes because 
  the station is 1.6 million ls away. 
* Once you're there see if you can accept passenger missions that go to Kamuy. 

Remember that the more missions you do the better they get cause of your reputation 
with the stations.

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