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  Hints and Tips for: Elite: Dangerous 
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 Elite: Dangerous Cheats

Elite: Dangerous

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy money:
* Take note of the economy of every space station you encounter. Each 
  colony specializes in a particular commodity, and will buy specific 
  cargo at higher prices. 
  Purchase extra cargo at stations where the commodity is cheaper, 
  then travel to stations where that product is in higher demand.

* Enter a Low-Intensity Combat Zone and scan it for NPCs that are wanted 
  or from an enemy faction, all while avoiding other players. 
  Destroy lone ships to earn money.

* Search for discarded containers, especially those that contain gold 
  that can be sold on the Blackmarket.

Bounty Hunter's Guide:
Written by Juice

If you want to be a bounty hunter, but are either completely oblivious of 
your objective, or simply wanting to know more, this guide is for you.

Obviously, before you go out and start bounty hunting, you'll need to know what 
you need for preparation. Luckily, it won't require as much things as other 
roles, but there is still a sizeable amount of things that you will need in 
order to be a bounty hunter.

There is a large variety of ships that are suitable for bounty hunting. 
You can literally use whatever ship you'd like, as long as it is at least 
remotely related to combat, and preferably over 100,000 credits in price.

Asp Explorer
Asp Scout
Cobra MKIV
Diamondback Explorer
Diamondback Scout
Federal Assault Ship
Federal Corvette
Federal Dropship
Federal Gunship
Imperial Clipper
Imperial Courier
Imperial Cutter
Imperial Eagle
Viper MKIV

Beluga Liner
Type-6 Transporter
Type-7 Transporter
Type-9 Heavy


I highly recommend choosing a ship from the first section. 
The others are lightly armored and/or have few hardpoints.

For people who are new to the game, or people who suck at aiming(like me :P),
 I recommend using gimballed weapons. They automatically aim for you, as long 
as you are at least remotely fixed on your target's location. However, they 
are more expensive and deal less damage than fixed weapons.

Fixed weapons deal slightly more damage than gimballed ones, and are reasonably 
cheaper. However, they require immense aiming skills to land properly.

I, myself, like to use Multi-Cannons and Beam Lasers.

Multi-Cannons are basically miniguns. They fire rapidly and deal kinetic damage, 
little by little. Their trajectory is a bit ahead of the target ship, as it takes 
a moment for the bullets to reach the enemy ship.

A Beam Laser could easily be compared to Zarya(from Overwatch)'s weapon. If you
don't know what her weapon does, it's pretty much a continuously firing deathray.
However, in Overwatch, she uses ammo, like the Multi-Cannons in Elite do. The 
Beam Laser in Elite, though, can fire forever until the ship hits a "thermal 
overload". Firing too long, or being near a heat source, can induce this. 
But, while the Beam Laser can fire, it can deal loads of damage to enemy hulls 
and shields alike. So, hook up two of these on a small or medium gimballed 
mount, and you've got yourself a damned killing machine.

Modules are a big part of every role, and every one has some modules that are 

Shield Generator

Kill Warrant Scanner
Hull Reinforcement Package
Frame Shift Wake Scanner
Shield Booster
Shield Cell Bank
Fighter Hangar

Frame Shift Drive Interdictor
Auto-Field Maintenance Unit

I also recommend upgrading your core modules, especially your bulkheads. But, 
there's no specific core modules you need, since you need all of them in order to 
run your ship, and you can't even replace them. So, upgrading your modules is 
always a good idea no matter what your career is. 
I suggest upgrading your bulkheads to Military-Grade Composite.

That's pretty much all you need for preparation as a bounty hunter. 
Now, let's talk about the premice of bounty hunting.

-=The Objective=-
Your objective as a bounty hunter is to find wanted ships and kill them for 
their bounties. But, there's more to it than that.

-=Finding wanted ships=-
You will find the most wanted ships near nav beacons and resource extraction sites. 
For beginner bounty hunters, I recommend looking in nav beacons, as there are far 
more security ships.

-=The Do's=-
* Fully scan ships before opening fire
* Stay fairly far away, as wanted ships will become hostile if you open fire, 
  or if they are pirates and want to steal from you
* Stay near as many security ships as possible. They will assist you in combat 
  against the criminal.
* Look for strong ships, as they provide greater bounties. If you are in, say, 
  an Eagle and start firing at an Anaconda, start running away immediately. 
  Keep running away until it focuses its fire on a security ship.
* You can also attack "enemy" ships if you have pledged to one of the powers.

-=The Don'ts=-
* Don't start firing until you have fully scanned a ship. You may assume it's 
  wanted if you see other ships firing at it, but scan the ship first or you'll 
  gain a fine and guard ships will become hostile.
* If you kill-warrant scan a ship and find they have bounties in another system, 
  only fire at them in that system. If you fire at them in another system, you'll 
  gain a fine and guard ships will become hostile.
* Especially don't do any of these in multi-crew. If the pilot's ship is destroyed, 
  you'll be kicked out and the owner will be very mad.

After you have a good amount of bounties, return to a station and cash in the 
bounties to actually earn the money. This will also increase your reputation 
with the station's controlling faction and its affiliated superpower. 
Then just rinse and repeat from then on to earn your money.

How to Get Easy Money (Beyond - Chapter Three):
Written by Majaxx

In this guide I'm going to teach you how to make easy money as of Beyond Chapter 3.

-=Passenger Missions=-
First of all you need patience, a decent passenger transport ship and more time. 
You'll get about 5-30 million each run. 

* You need to head over to Kamuy, Okels Terminal it is about 50ly away from Sol. 
* Go to the passenger lounge and accept transport missions that request you to go to 
  Medb, Vela Dock. (If you don't find missions switch between Open and Solo play. 
* Head over to Medb which is 10ly away from Kamuy. 
* Start travelling to Vela Dock, the trip should take about 30-40 minutes because 
  the station is 1.6 million ls away. 
* Once you're there see if you can accept passenger missions that go to Kamuy. 

Remember that the more missions you do the better they get cause of your reputation 
with the stations.

Material Farming in 3.3:
Written by gavinb80
How to farm materials efficiently with the new changes to HSS and BGS in 3.3.

With everyone focusing on Void Opals and credit farming, material farming has been 
ignored by the community thus far. Hopefully this little mini-guide can help folks 
get a full hold of G5 and other manufactured materials for engineers.

-=Material Gathering=-
Firstly, material collection from signal sources in Elite Dangerous 3.3 is seriously 
unbalanced and terribly nerfed at the same time. Using one to cancel the other out 
can give a consistent and repeatable material farm rate of 50 G5 per hour or more. 
Here is how I used the mechanism to get full material storage for all manufactured 
materials + my advice and experience.

First, there is a really good video by DTEA(here) which I recommend everyone to 
watch. It explains the new method of G5 material gathering from signal sources, but 
the crux is that all G5 sources behave in the same way as Dav’s hope, you can log 
and they will be there again while the timer is running.

This enables very fast collection of 100 G5 materials of a given type in the signal 
source. Very nice. If immersion breaking.

Not all materials have the same ease of acquisition. Some material types are now 
nerfed in their collection, mostly due to what I guess are BGS changes to make 
their acquisition close to impossible(compared to how it was before). On the other 
hand some materials can be farmed consistently at a rate of at least 300/hr.

-=Categories of Material=-
Ludicrously Easy to Acquire
Imperial Shielding
Core Dynamics Composites + Proprietary Composites
Military Grade Alloys

Proto Heat Radiators
Proto Radiolic Alloys
Military Supercapacitors

Pharmaceutial Isolators
Improvised Components

-=Mission Only=-
Exquisite Focus Crystals(+Combat)
Biotech Conductors

I spent a lot of time flying around to work this out. Pharmaceutical Isolators spawn 
so infrequently(3.3) and there is such a high spawn rate of Core Dynamics Composites 
to dilute the spawns that they are basically not obtainable, especially that BGS changes 
seem to have seriously limited Outbreak systems. Civil Unrest systems there was only 1 
I could find(3.3, early Jan). So Improvised Components are just a no-go right now. 
Dont even try and find them, you are just wasting your time.

What IS possible, however is that given the ludicrously easy method of finding the 
materials in the ‘Ludicrously Easy to Acquire’ list, 600 of them can be farmed easily
(in 2 hrs) and then swapped for 100 Improvised Components or Pharmaceutical Isolators.

I recommend the ‘Nariansan’ system to do this in, as High Grade spawns very frequently 
and there is a material trader in the system. The only material that spawns is Imperial 
Shielding, which is much better to farm than Core Dynamics Composites as there is no 
dilution with G4 materials, and they are slightly easier to find than Military Grade
Materials on the ‘Obtainable’ list CAN be found if one looks in the right place and has 
some patience, but if they just cant be found, it is best to cut losses and just use 
the Imperial Shielding farming/material trader route. It will save you a lot of sanity. 
An hour flying around searching could have netted 50 of what you are looking for.

It is far easier and faster to use Nav Beacons to scan a system rather than the new 
discovery scanner if jumping into a new system to look for HSS.

Best ship to do all this in is an AspX with collection limpits.

I really wish some design folks at Frontier sitting down and deciding how many G5 
materials an experienced, properly equipped CMDR looking in the right place aught to 
get in an hour. Then adjust the RNG and number of materials found to make sure that 
is what they get on average. Stop G5 HSS being repeatedly farmable and properly balance 
things. And make sure materials across all types do spawn and frequently, maybe by 
increasing the system type they spawn in. Right now it is just a total mess, with some 
materials being ludicrously easy to acquire and some being impossible.

Setting Up keyboard, Mouse, and Hotas Bindings, Setup Controls:
Written by Ronnie

This is a short guide on how to create control binding schemes in Elite Dangerous. You 
can go here to find mappings and then copy them into your setup. That way you do not 
have to program each and every setting. There are hundreds of setups you can choose 
from. Elite Dangerous does not make it obvious how you can get this done. So i explain
it step by step so that you do not have to waste your time figuring this out and can 
focus on picking and tweaking your control scheme.

-=Creating Guide=-
Creating New Bindings, Control Schemes, Mappings for Keyboard in Elite Dangerous

This is a quick guide to creating new control or binding profiles in Elite Dangerous.

Ok folks. This took me some serious time to figure out. It is not that hard but there 
are a few tricks to getting through this and creating as many custom profiles as you 

-=Find the Binds Files=-
The first thing is that the directory that contains your binding profiles is hidden. 
The way i navigate to it is to enter %appdata% in the file explorer bar and then 
navigate to local\frontier developments\elite dangerous\options\bindings. There you 
will find the binds files you can muck around with. Mine started with only 2 Binds 
files Custom.3.0.BINDS and ThrustmasterTflightHOTASX.BINDS. No matter what yours 
contains. The point is that you need a file type BINDS to start the work.

-=Creating a new binds file=-
Copy a binds file like the Custom.3.0 one to another file folder. copy do not move. 
Rename the file. Open it with a text editor like notepad. Change the preset name on 
the second line to the name that you renamed the file to. Save it. Important that 
you just save it and not "save as" because if you just save it you will retain the 
binds file type which is essential for this to work. Now just move the file back 
to the BINDS folder you took it from above. Go back into elite dangerous and open 
the Controls option. You should now see your newly named control scheme in the drop 
down. If you got this far you are on your way but not done yet since you just have 
a copy of your existing scheme.

Getting a new Control scheme into your new binds file

Now go to here where there are many different control schemes. Click on view list 
of published findings. Find one that you like. I was trying to set up a 
ThrustMasterTFlightHOTASX. There are a ton of those. I enter ctrl-F and type in 
HOTASX. It highlights all the ones that have that in the name. You can scroll down 
a long ways. Click on one you want and you will see the layout. At the bottom there 
is a link to download the binds. They download usually as XML files. For my 
Thrustmaster TFLIGHT HOTAS X stick i used one from rsvcow. . There is one from ofzzfd which has many more 
keybinds if you want to use your keyboard more. Your choice. There are tons of
 mappings. Save the file to a folder that you will remember. It is NOT going to show 
up as a BINDS file. No matter. Open the file with your editor. You are going to do 
a copy and paste move here. Copy everything in the file starting with the line 
below the Root Presetname =.......... Now open that file from step 2 and delete 
everything below line 2. Paste the stuff you just copied into that file below 
line 2. Save the file. You now have a new binds file with a new name that will 
show up in your controls drop down in ED.

My advice from here is to choose your new control scheme. 
Then test it out and tweak it using the training tutorials. 
I used the Docking one to start.
Make sure you back up your binds files to another folder.
Just copy them over. ED has a nasty habit sometimes of destroying your binds files.

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