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  Hints and Tips for: Escape Simulator 
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 Escape Simulator Cheats

Escape Simulator

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Complete Murder at Jefferson Estate Escape Room:
Written by Lucci

-=Murder at Jefferson Estate Walkthrough=-
If you are having trouble solving a particular puzzle, I advise you to 
please read each note carefully. If your still having trouble here are the 
solutions to each puzzle

-=Unlocking the office=-
The key to the main office is inside the record player, the clue on how to 
open it is on the small shelf next to the arm chair in the living room. If 
you look into the office through the window you will see a record on the top 
shelf to the right. If you go back to the living room you will find a stack 
of records, in which you will find the duplicate of the one you saw on the 
office shelf, use this record to open the record player and get the office key.

-=Getting the computer password=-
There is a clue about the computer password on top of the PC tower, when 
looking at the clue its shows a set of 4 colour coded digits in the form of 
(*)s. If you use this clue while looking at the portraits of Jefferson JR and 
Jefferson SR, you will notice that there is colour coded numbers on each. 
The answer to the puzzle is Jefferson SRs number subtracted by Jefferson JRs 
number (the difference) (2-6-4-9)

-=The Dining room picture puzzle=-
Each picture has a tag with a shape on it. Clicking the small picture frames 
on the floating shelves will reveal a set of numbers one over each picture. 
use the tags to find the correct number for each symbol and use the order of 
the pictures on the shelf to get the combination (0-8-9-6). This give you 
the USB drive

-=Opening the secret room=-
Hidden in the fireplace is a burned note that hints toward a secret room 
somewhere in the house. It also hints towards a trap door somewhere near 
the fireplace. Moving the armchair to the left of the fire place will reveal 
the trap door, they key to which is inside the office cabinets. Opening this 
will reveal a new clue as well as open the bottom left door of the shelf 
right of the fire place. To get the combination to this lock, refer to the 
clue in the trap door which shows a miniature of the dining room table. If 
you look inside each tea cup on the table it will have a number of marbles 
in it. Each number relates to a digit of the combination, relative to the 
golden candle stick at the head of the table. Entering the correct combination 
will open the secret room revealing the hidden location of the body.

-=Getting the security footage=-
Once you have the USB drive, the hard drive (in the cabinet with the body) 
and have turned on the computer. Insert the hard drive on the side of the 
tower, click “Load HDD”, then click “Download security files”, the USB drive 
will turn green and you can now pick it up and place it on the evidence pedestal

-=The DNA Scanner=-
There are many pieces of DNA in the form of hair samples scattered around 
the house, the correct two pieces is the one near the body (hinted at by the 
original case notes) and the one in the cigar box in the bottom right office 
cabinet (key found in the living room cabinet, hinted at by the note in the 
left side computer desk drawer). Once you have the two valid samples, place 
them on the DNA scanner and click the button. Once the DNA scanner has 
completed it will print out a report which can be placed on the evidence 

-=Murder weapon=-
Once you open the secret room and have found the body, grab the skull on 
top of the bag of money. The skull has a distinct marking that hints toward 
the murder weapon (Fireplace shovel). The murder weapon itself has faint 
markings of blood as well. Once you have the murder weapon and the skull, 
place the skull on the evidence pedestal and then place the murder weapon 
on the back of the skull on the markings.

-=Completing the room=-
To complete the room all three pieces of evidence () need to be placed on 
their respective pedestals and the room will complete.

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