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  Hints and Tips for: EverQuest 2 
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 EverQuest 2 Cheats

EverQuest 2

Submitted by: conner54

Easy money:
Do wholesaler's tasks (Tradeskill quests). Tier 1 quests give 3 silver and 
Tier 2 give 12 silver. If you do not want to spend time harvesting for the 
quests, buy off the broker.

Goblin Killer:
To become a Goblin Killer, be a Mage, Priest or Scout and kill alot of 

Goblin Slayer:
To become a Goblin Slayer, be a Warrior. You have a low chance of becoming 

Big hide mode:
Type /cutemode and all heads will be bigger then normal.

Gold in the 1's to the 30's:
If ur lvl one-6 then go mining in the starter area and keep mining until you
get 5 bronze then go to ur town and buy a merchant's board and get a house 
then put a bag in the slot and put the bronze in there and put it for like 
a gold. Just do the same for each rare u get but put them at different prices
like if u get blackend iron then put that for like 12 gold and ecs. Trust me 
i got like a plat in 1 week and that was with my pc shutting down avery few 
hours and without me competely focusing on it.
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