Excessive Speed Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Excessive Speed 
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 Excessive Speed Cheats

Excessive Speed

Cheat Codes:
Enter this Cheats at the Main Menu, and 
if you do it right you will hear a noise.

Cheat        Function
allcars       - All Cars
alltracks     - All Tracks
addmissile    - full Missile  
addturbo      - full Turbo
addlife       - full Life
addshield     - full Shield
addearthquake - little earthquake 
addenergy     - full Energy
addmine       - full Pack  
addghost      - GhostCar

Enter this Cheat during the Game
winrace    - You Win  
Winflygame - You Fly

Elvis car
Obtain a high score after playing the 
"Catch The Fly" mini-game.

Hidden Game:
At the main menu, move your mouse icon down to the lower right
hand corner and you will highlight a little fly. Click on that
to be transported to a new game, swat the fly. Here you must swat
as many flys that appear on the screen as you can by clicking on 
the fly with your mouse (aka the fly swat). Beat the high score 
set by the developers and you will unlock a new car for use in 
Excessive Speed.
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