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  Hints and Tips for: Exile 3 - Ruined World 
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 Exile 3 - Ruined World Cheats

Exile 3 - Ruined World

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following codes to activate the cheat function.

Code                             Result
[Shift] + [Period]            - Towns ignore previous bad actions
[Shift] + W                   - New jobs and inventory in shops
Hold [Shift] and type 7890    - Hidden message; put each letter together
Hold [Shift] + [Alt] + [Ctrl]
and press A + W               - All weapons

Burma Shave: 
To get the Burma Shave message, hold down SHIFT and type 7, 8, 9, 0.  
Each letter is a different part of the message. 

Forgetfullness is Bliss: 
Having trouble with the local authorities? Hold SHIFT and press '.' to 
make towns forget bad things you did (stealing, for example.) This will
not work if you stole from the Anama in Shayder. 

Refresh Jobs and Junk Shops:
While playing, hold SHIFT and press W. This will make the available jobs 
and junk shop inventory change each time you do this. 

Exile 3 - HeXCheat:
Here's a fun cheat for those who has beaten the game and don't want to put
it away yet.  The hex locations in the save file for the 4 soul crystal 
slots are 7920 7922 7924 and 7926.  By editing these locations, you will
have the ability to summon pratically any monster to fight for you; even
 the ones that are impossible to capture with the spell.  Imagine summoning
an Order Mage or Vahnatai Lord!  or perhaps Erika!  Monsters that are larger
than 1 square have screwed up graphics but work otherwise.
Heres a list of monsters and their hex values:
     0A - Mung Demon
     0B - Haakai
     18 - Vampire
     19 - Lich
     27 - Doomguard
     34 - Ur-Basilisk
     37 - Crystal Soul
     39 - Gazer
     3A - Eyebeast
     3C - Vahnatai Keeper
     3D - Vahnatai Bladesmaster
     3E - Vahnatai Lord
     41 - Wizard
     42 - Order Mage
     46 - Empire Archer
     48 - Evil High Priest
     4A - High Priest
     4C - Empire Dervish
     50 - Guard
     62 - Mutant Giant
     72 - Ogre Mage
     D4 - Naga
     D5 - Efreet
     D9 - Giant Slug
     DB - Rakshasa
     E0 - Elhioc
     E4 - Khoth
     E8 - Erica
     EA - Solburg
     ED - Rentar
     EE - Athron
     EF - Solfras
     F4 - Dark Wyrm
     F6 - Drake Lord
     FB - Pack Leader
     FE - Jewel Golem
     FF - Demon Golem

Easy game:
Open a game on the Exile program, then open the Exile III Editor. Load a party
to edit how much gold, food and experience they have. You can also heal, 
revive and cure your party, make towns forget you, warp back to the entrance 
of Upper Exile, and perform other actions. 
Note: You must pay the shareware fee to get past the shareware demon.

Bonus dungeon:
Go to the Keep of Rentar-Ihrno. Enter the hall past the barriers and move south
through the double doors. There is a secret door about halfway down the hall on
the left side, at coordinates X22, Y55. Go through the south door. 
Place a set of pants on the pedestal then step on the rune to teleport to a 
bonus dungeon. 

Game maps:
Enter "Exile3" folder and open the numerous .BMP files. Two of the files contain
the maps that you have to buy. This is very useful if you cannot find mapmakers.

Infinite Skill Points:
If you dont have the full game and editor, but you want the awesome advantage of
being able to make your characters gods, or close to it, here is one way. Well, 
in upper exile(go through south exit in fort emergence) follow the road to the 
fork. go west till you hit another fork, then go north. you should see the town 
of New Cotra. If you cant find it, go to the Vahnatai city Ghirka, i think, and 
head west around the body of water. go into the town and into the inn/tavern. 
speak with a sailor guy and talk with him until he says something about boats. 
you can figure it out im sure. buy the boat, its on the east side of town, get 
in it and head east. go around the first island and keep heading east until you 
run into some rocks. on the east part of the field of rocks is a secret passage.
approach it and a message will appear and you can sail through it. land on the 
island and walk around a bit till a message pops up. enter and youll meet a witch
that sells potions. she sells the Knowledge Brew, which raises the skill points 
of one player by 2. They are rather expensive, costing 2600 each, but its the 
only way to get free-ish skill points without buying the full game. save your 
game on the island, reload it in the free editor, change you money to the max 
(25000) and save in the editor, reload in exile III, buy more potions, and 
continue this process as much as needed. This can take a LONG while even with
a one PC party, but, its a good way to get skill points quickly without buying
the full game.

Getting started:
Quickly find a shirt and pants for all party members. Search dressers for those 
clothing items. Surface people will not accept you without a shirt and pants. A 
mage or priest may wear robes and be accepted. If the game says "not yours" when
getting clothes, steal them, but make sure no one is looking. Also, you may want
to take some dishes as well as a few books that nobody wants (without the "not 
yours" message). The books are useful. Some books shoot arrows, others will teach
you of the surface world, and the rest have exciting stories. Make sure you do not
leave Fort Emergence without having dishes or being dressed first. To visit other 
Exile forts, use the exit to the south. To get to the surface world, exit to the 

Coffee reference:
Go to Dellston and find Rita. Ask her about "coffee", then respond with "perfect".

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