F-A-18 Korea Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: F-A-18 Korea 
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 F-A-18 Korea Cheats

F-A-18 Korea

Cheat Codes:
If you want to use any other plane in the game in a mission,
you can do that by typing in the callsignbox(example): If you
want to use a Mig 21 you type in the callsignbox  use: MG21 
Then ALL the f-18 planes in that mission are replaced by Mig
21 planes! 
This is NOT the same cheat as the fly:MG21-00 cheat, this is 
only possible if the plane you want to fly is already somewhere
in the mission! The use: command replaces ALL f-18 planes by 
the plane you want to use! So if you want ALL f-18 in the 
mission replaced by F-14s then just type in the callsignbox
use: F14D and ALL f-18 in that mission are replaced by F-14s! 

Plane Cheat:
To use the following aircraft, on the Pilot Menu where it 
asks for a Call Sign type: 

MG21  -  Mig21 Fishbed
F16C  -  F-16
F14D  -  F-14
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