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  Hints and Tips for: Fable (1996) 
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 Fable (1996) Cheats

Fable (1996)

Unlimited gold:
Submitted by: RM

When you get to the Blind Seeress quest, you can take advantage
of a glitch to get as much gold as desired. World save before you
enter the cave in Oakvale and continue with the quest. Sneak past
the bandits to get through the gates in the first section, then 
use your Slow Time spell to run through the path. Do not worry 
about the bandits because you will have to run through twice more,
unless you want the extra experience. Stop at each chest to get a 
piece of bandit clothing. There are five chests, and if you miss 
one you must run back for it. At the top of the path, go through 
the arch and the bandits will stay behind. Put on your new outfit
and speak to the guard to get through. Once inside, move to the 
right and you will see a Gamemaster next to a bar. He will offer
you a badge if you win his game. Bet a small amount of coins. 
After you win, he will give you the badge. Hero save as soon as 
you get it and reload the quest. Repeat the previous steps (the 
bandit clothes will not remain with you) and return to the 
Gamemaster. Once he stands, talk to him again. 
He will immediately give you the badge. As soon as he sits, press
[Tab] to talk to him. Your screen should freeze and your coins 
will jump to over a billion. You will not be able to leave this
screen. Hero save and reload. When you look at your coins it 
should now read "9,999,999", and if you have been killing the
pirates you will also have a good amount of experience. 
You must do the quest one last time and speak to the Gamemaster
again to get the badge back, then continue on with the quest as

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