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  Hints and Tips for: Fairy Fencer F 
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 Fairy Fencer F Cheats

Fairy Fencer F

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Unlockable Character: Apollonius:
After your first battle with Apollonius in present time, speak with a girl named 
Emily in town to acquire a key item you will need to unlock this character later.

Unlockable Character: Lola:
Acquire every facultative info possible for each dungeon in the game from Lola. 
While is no time limit as to when you need to defeat the bosses in dungeons, there
is a limit to how long the info is actually available so it's best to purchase them
as soon as you can. Most of the info can be unlocked by exiting dungeons as soon as
you enter them, before completing the main storyline events there.

Complete all 16 of Lola's quests, then you can recruit after a boss battle in the 
desert after travelling to the past, and before heading to the Stairway to Heaven.

S-Rank Fairy: Gozer:
First obtain all 39 other fairies, then set them up for world shaping. Complete 
Shukesoo Tower 39F, then view the sub-event in Guillermo's Pub. 

S-Rank Fairy: Rita:
Obtain the Broken Fury Hilt, Edge, and Blade, then synthesize a Cracked Fury. Next 
combine it with Forged Steel, then Forged Mithril. Head for the Desert Sanctuary 
and view the subevent.

Recruiting Dohn:
After completing the game, start another playthrough. After completing Yatagan Lava 
Flows (revisited), immediately accept and complete the "B" rank quest, "Emergency! 
First Aid!". Complete Katticus Ice Cave, return to town, and Harley will join. 
Enter Guillermo's Pub to view the sub event and recruit Dohn. 

Recruiting Lola:
Trigger and complete all of the following side quests. Lola will join your party 
after completing Cavare Desert Sanctuary (revisited). 

* Before entering Yatagan Lava Flows (NEO Eligos in Sol Plains). 
* After entering Katticus Ice Cave (Neo Giant in Yatagan Lava Flows). 
* Before entering Kidanar (NEO Bactritoid in Katticus Ice cave drops Broken Fury Hilt). 
* After entering Bui Valley (NEO Ghost in Kidanar).
* After entering Zawaza Plains (NEO Azure Dragon in Bui Valley).
* After entering Cavare Desert Sanctuary (NEO Gukyo in Cavare Desert drops Broken Fury Edge).
* After entering Katticus Ice Cave (revisited) (NEO Flying Dragon in Sol Plains).
* After entering Zawaza Plains (revisited) (NEO Insect in Yatagan Lava Flows).
* After entering Solaru Vilage (revisited) (NEO Caladrius in Katticus Ice Cave).
* After entering Bui Valley (revisited) (NEO Canhell in Solaru Village). 
* After entering Subterranean Tower (revisited) (NEO Gorlois in Bui Valley).
* After clearing Subterranean Tower (revisited), then a battle in town (NEO Pixie in Zawaza Plains).
* After entering Lusamundo Ice Caves (NEO Hannibal in Cavare Desert). 
* After entering Inverted Tower (NEO BI Dragon in Rudohke Blast Furnace). 
* After entering Zeppelia Valley (NEO Imperial Blue Dragon in Lusamundo Ice Caves). 
* After clearing Zeppelia Valley (Imperial Gold Dragon in Subterranean Tower).

"S" rank Fairies:
Complete the indicated tasks to obtain the corresponding "S" rank Fairy. Note: The Polished 
Fury and its ingredients will not transfer to a New Game+, so the following steps must be 
done before completing Stairway to Heaven. Additionally, Tiara is unavailable from this point
until the final battle, so you must carry Rita over into a New Game+ in order to use it for 
Godly Revival. 

-= S-Rank Fairy #1 =-
* Collect the Broken Fury Hilt and Broken Fury Edge in the Lola's sub event fights. 
* Collect the Broken Fury Blade from Bernard on Stairway to Heaven 3F. 
* Leave the Stairway to Heaven and synthesize the Cracked Fury.
* Combine the Cracked Fury with Forged Steel, followed by Forged Mithril to get the Polished Fury.
* View the related sub event in the Sanctuary to get the "S" Rank Fairy Rita.

-= S-Rank Fairy #2 =-
Obtain all thirty nine other fairies. Place them for world shaping, complete 39F of Shukesoo 
Tower, then view the sub-event in Guillermo's Pub. 

Sound Gallery disc:
To unlock the "Sound Gallery" option, you must collect a black disc from a non-hidden treasure 
crystal next to the final event in Cavare Desert North, during your first visit. It must be 
collected before the event in Cavare Desert Sanctuary blocks off that area.

Element Stone locations:
Search the indicated location to obtain the corresponding stones. 

Blaze     : Yatagan Lava Flows (revisited) treasure, Rudohke Blast Furnace treasure.
Earth     : Subterranian Tower treasure, Stairway to Heaven treasure, stolen from Golem 
            in Cavare Desert (revisited).
Fire      : Yatagan Lava Flows treasure, Cavare Desert treasure, Rudohke Blast Furnace treasure,
            rarely stolen from Phoenix from Rudohke Blast Furnace.
Gale      : Bui Valley (revisited) treasure, Zeppelia Valley treasure.
Glacial   : Lusamundo Ice Cave treasure.
Ice       : Katticus Ice Cave treasure, Lusamundo Ice Cave treasure, rarely stolen from Ice Hawks 
            in Lusamundo Ice cave.
Lightning : Zawaza Plains treasure, rarely stolen from Thunder birds in Bui Valley.
Maelstrom : Awarded from Medis after 200 battles.
Water     : Bui Valley (revisited) treasure, rarely stolen from Venti in Katticus Ice Cave 
            (revisited), awarded by Sayle after 200 battles.
Wind      : Bui Valley treasure, Zawaza Plains treasure, Zeppelia Valley treasure, rarely stolen 
            from Slash sharks in Zepplia Valley.

Element Stone synthesis:
The following ingredients are required to synthesize the indicated stone. 

Blaze          : 5 fire
Glacial        : 5 Ice
Gale           : 5 Wind
Rumble         : 5 Earth
Cloudburst     : 5 Lightning
Maelstrom      : 5 Water
WildFire       : 1 Blaze, 1 Lightning
Blizzard       : 1 Gale, 1 Glacial
Mudslide       : 1 Water, 1 Rumble
Inferno        : 3 Blaze
Absolute Zero  : 3 Glacial
Hurricane      : 3 Gale
Quake          : 3 Rumble
Firestorm      : 3 Inferno, 1 Hurricane
Slush          : 3 Absolute Zero, 1 Maelstrom
Voltremor      : 1 Cloudburst, 1 Quake

Recruiting Apollonius:
Successfully complete Subterranian Tower, watch the sub-event in town, and collect
Emily's Amulet. Successfully complete Rudohke Blast Furnace, and Apollonius will 
join your party if Fang is at least Level 40.

Recruiting Dohn:
After completing the game, start another playthrough. After completing Yatagan 
Lava Flows (revisited), immediately accept and complete the "B" rank quest, 
"Emergency! First Aid!". Successfully complete Katticus Ice Cave, return to town,
and Harley will join your party. Then, watch the sub-event in Guillermo's Pub to
recruit Dohn.

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