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  Hints and Tips for: Fairy Godmother Tycoon 
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 Fairy Godmother Tycoon Cheats

Fairy Godmother Tycoon

Quickly drive competitors out of business:
Submitted by: RM

When starting a new world, go to the "Reports/Competitors" tab and 
find out which competitor has the lowest cash/net worth. Then, go 
to the "Marketing" tab and hire some Goons. After a few days, you 
may have to visit the loan shark but it is well worth it. 
IF you hire four Persuasion Trolls (or Three Persuasion trolls and 
a Giant Lazy Baby, which seems to work the best) and set them 
directly in front of the weakest competitor's store, the competitor 
will quickly run out of money and will be driven out of business. 
Once they are gone, repeat the same tactic with the next lowest 
competitor until they are all gone.

Piggytown Tips:
- the persuasion troll in front of the pigs 
- a town crier in front of the bulls and a big baby 
- a billboard troll by your store 
- you will need to do research and borrow from the loan shark godmother 
  will pay him off once 
- upgrade your warehouse your potion maker 
- the only spells you need will be hush and the flying elephant. 
- keep your prices good so you will have happy customers 
- make sure you buy enough ingrediants I think this town has 100 or 150 
  people so try to keep enough if you get close to running out use the 
  elephant to deliver more.
- you don't have to worry about really paying the loan shark back..just get 
  to 4000 cash..just pay back when you can. 
- the chicken lips are the hardest to keep in stock and I think the most 
  exspesive sp

I usually start out buying 10 of each ingredients, I set my price at about 
$60 for the first potion when the demand is high and at about $55 when it is 
low, that is for swelled head. For flaming, I set it at $70 for high demand 
and $65 for low demand. Singing at about $85 for high demand and $70 for low 

For this scenario I put out about 30 mailers when demand is high (15 when low) 
and have the pop up gremlins to start with in the middle of town no matter what 
the demand is.

Pirates Cove:
If people don't come to your store, you need to spend a little money on marketing.
Flying monkeys usually do the trick.

Tips and Tricks:
* If you are lacking of money, go and borrow the max from the Loanshark. Not to 
  worry when you went broke and couldn't pay off the loan, the Fairy Godmother will
  help you to pay off the loan and give you a bit of cash. Note that she will only 
  help ONCE per village.

* Running low on cash because that love potion wasn't as popular as you thought it
  would be? Don't be afraid to visit the Loan Shark! You can borrow what you need 
  and pay him back when you can. But don't worry too much about your debt. The Fairy
  Godmother will pay him back for you, once per village, so concentrate on building 
  your net worth and you'll go far!

Infinite Money:
When playing fairy godmother tycoon some times you receive a large number of customers in 
that case your balance will start to grow for some on menu on upper left of 
screen the menu will appear and your growing balance will not stop until you close the menu.

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