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  Hints and Tips for: FantAge 
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 FantAge Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Unlockable - Gem combos:
Thouse of us that play this game for any lanth of time as non-members:

Gold dress -  3 rare gems or 1kinda rare gems and 2 rare gem

* When there is fruit, always grab oranges because they make you run faster.
* When there are starz, grab the ones that are worth more first.

To do this you must have winter. Cry. You will disappear. First jump. While you are 
jumping cry. Then you will drop and walk and after a while you will teleport.

How to get in the balcony in the casle:
Ok so you go to the caslte and the you see a lamp(the front left one at the bench) 
then you click on it.Then you click on the balcony thats close to it.

How to get in a full server:
First u press tab on ur keyboard and you will see a yellow box.Then use the arrow 
keys to get on the server you want then u press enter.

Fantage no shoes:
Submitted by: melodey123

NOTE: you HAVE to have the dance party outfit ( any ) 

1. Go into your inventory and put on any dance outfit
2. x it
3. Open your inventory agian
4. Put on anything exept shoes
5. You have no shoes

P.S. All credits to ME lol, my fantage name is melodey123 i always go on amber 

How to get money lots of money:
This is how you get lots of money you make 1new fantage meber and then put to 
fantage up then keep vs eatch overthen you will get lots of coins.

How to get to the V.I.P room without being a V.I.P:
First you have to got to the top models then click the vip room then click the
house button really fast then its gonna say members only but close it and your 

How to Walk On Walls:
First you have to go to downtown or the clothes shop then get away from the door 
and click your inventory and go to creatures then click on ur creature and keep 
pressing tab without closing the message that pops up then press enter then exit
all of the messages that pops up and voila u cango on the walls but don't click 
the floor or u have to do it again.

Walk on Sun Block wall:
Submitted by: Neysha

How to get on top of the beach house first enter the beach house the one that says 
Sun Block go inside then open the sun block tan machine enter it then close it then 
press the top of the wall on the sun block wall and you will float up!

How to go out side the window in the cafe:
Submitted by: TK2009

Step 1: Go to the cafe
Step 2: Keep pressing the wall behuind the lady in the cashier. 
Step 3: You will eventually float up. Now click the window several times
Step 4: and VOILA! You're outside! Wave at everyone and they will ask you how
        you did it.

Water Squirt:
Submitted by: PACKERSRULE2

Go to the Carnival. Then, you'll see a fire hygrent. Click on the top left knob a
couple of times, and water will squirts out.(This cheat is not active Downtown )

How to get a lot of Stars in Fantage:
* You make A User and a Spair, then You Vs Spair many times then You can get allot 
  of STARS!
* You Host a fashion show and wait till many people comes and then start and choose
  a theme then exit... and when the fashion show ends you'll get the stars and points!
* Play Splash! When you win Splashs! You can Get Up to 50 or 80 stars!

How to get free Cloths On Fantage:
1.Log on to your Fantage Account!
2.Go to Le shop
3.Pick any cloths you want IN THIS ORDER:
-=Note=- DO NOT Purchase the item yet!!! UNTIL FARTHER NOTICE.
4.After your done picking your items, in that order that i gave you in step 3), 
  As fast, and as quickly as you can, exit Le Shop and go to Stellar Salon!
-=Note=- You don`t have to panic when you try to go fast!! Its okay even if you go 
a millimetre faster than a turtle, the glitch will still work!
5.Pick new hair!! Any hair premium member hair, non - premium member hair!
6.Go to YOUR inventory and you will see u have the cloths that u wantded!

How to fly outside your house:
Okay first go to your house after just when you get there quickly click your inventory
after that it will close inventory after if you don't see where you are go down and you
will see that your flying and this glitch works only at houses.

How To Get 10,000 stars instantly:
* Go to any place in fantage.
* Click mini quest in the top left corner.
* Go on the first page or tab.
* Watch all six videos to get 2 gems and 10,000 stars!

How to wear anything you want in the underwater room:
You put on an underwater costume then you go to the wardrobe and choose any clothes 
(make sure not to close the curtain or move or else it won't work ) two simple steps 
blammo it works.

How to Be On the Stage As A Judge:
* Click the stage tons of times
* Zoom out as far as you can go
* Click the stage once
* Zoom back in
* You will be on the stage!

Member eyes for non-members:
Submitted by: Prettyjhoyce

1.Go to fantage.
2.Do you see two languages(English and Espanol)?If yes,click the second language (Espanol).
3.Login then pick a server.
4.Go to the beach then go to sun block.
5.Pick an eye you like click transformar then click buy with e-coins.
And then you have it.Only works on Espanol!Really works.Promise!

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