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  Hints and Tips for: Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon 
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 Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon Cheats

Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

God Mode And Infinite Ammo:
Go into the game's folder and find the .exe file. Create a shortcut of the file, then 
right click the shortcut and click "Properties" Find the target line and go all the 
way to the end, past the end quote, create one space after the quote and type 
-GameProfile_GodMode 1 and -GameProfile_UnlimitedAmmo 1. Make sure there is a space
between the two cheat inputs. Now if you have not already, launch the game, you do 
not need to play it. Then go to C:/ My Documents/My games/Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon and 
find the "GameProfile.XML" file. Right click it and select properties. Make sure the 
box marked Read Only is checked, then click apply and okay. Now, launch the game with
the shortcut you made, and you should be able to play it with your cheats. 
Note: The game may have trouble launching. For example, it may open Uplay but may 
not launch the game via the short cut. Right click it and click "Run As Administrator"
And it should launch.

Dr. Carlyle's Note locations:
Search the indicated locations to find all 10 Dr. Carlyle's Notes:

1. Coordinates: X: 507.0, Y: 499.5 
2. Coordinates: X: 436.3, Y: 484.8 
3. Coordinates: X: 495.2, Y: 447.9 
4. Coordinates: X: 532.8, Y: 392.0 
5. Coordinates: X: 558.2, Y: 404.7 
6. Coordinates: X: 457.8, Y: 404.3 
7. Coordinates: X: 449.5, Y: 334.3 
8. Coordinates: X: 544.7, Y: 473.9 
9. Coordinates: X: 586.6, Y: 418.0 
10. Coordinates: X: 522.1, Y: 438.0 

TV Set locations:
Search the indicated locations to find all 32 TV Sets:

1. Coordinates: X: 524.4, Y: 391.5 
2. Coordinates: X: 537.1, Y: 403.9 
3. Coordinates: X: 566.7, Y: 397.0 
4. Coordinates: X: 590.7, Y: 381.2 
5. Coordinates: X: 531.9, Y: 341.1 
6. Coordinates: X: 457.5, Y: 493.1 
7. Coordinates: X: 446.1, Y: 469.9 
8. Coordinates: X: 465.8, Y: 447.7 
9. Coordinates: X: 488.7, Y: 466.9 
10. Coordinates: X: 500.9, Y: 495.0 
11. Coordinates: X: 506.8, Y: 460.9 
12. Coordinates: X: 474.4, Y: 417.9 
13. Coordinates: X: 494.0, Y: 477.6 
14. Coordinates: X: 498.4, Y: 435.9 
15. Coordinates: X: 436.8, Y: 482.8 
16. Coordinates: X: 437.6, Y: 510.6 
17. Coordinates: X: 487.3, Y: 401.8 
18. Coordinates: X: 446.9, Y: 363.2 
19. Coordinates: X: 451.8, Y: 358.9 
20. Coordinates: X: 491.7, Y: 359.3 
21. Coordinates: X: 476.5, Y: 359.3 
22. Coordinates: X: 465.1, Y: 384.8 
23. Coordinates: X: 424.4, Y: 394.4 
24. Coordinates: X: 496.6, Y: 337.9 
25. Coordinates: X: 552.3, Y: 467.3 
26. Coordinates: X: 536.7, Y: 428.4 
27. Coordinates: X: 563.9, Y: 418.8 
28. Coordinates: X: 587.5, Y: 416.6 
29. Coordinates: X: 603.6, Y: 448.2 
30. Coordinates: X: 580.2, Y: 492.4 
31. Coordinates: X: 548.9, Y: 505.0 
32. Coordinates: X: 535.2, Y: 453.7 

VHS Tape locations:
Search the indicated locations to find all 12 VHS Tapes:

1. Coordinates: X: 510.1, Y: 432.4 
2. Coordinates: X: 452.6, Y: 466.0 
3. Coordinates: X: 434.5, Y: 505.1 
4. Coordinates: X: 478.6, Y: 524.3 
5. Coordinates: X: 581.1, Y: 402.3 
6. Coordinates: X: 520.5, Y: 362.8 
7. Coordinates: X: 555.0, Y: 509.7 
8. Coordinates: X: 609.1, Y: 437.9 
9. Coordinates: X: 527.3, Y: 437.6 
10. Coordinates: X: 510.1, Y: 361.8 
11. Coordinates: X: 419.9, Y: 407.8 
12. Coordinates: X: 465.8, Y: 334.9 

Alien reference:
Play the "Desperately Saving Susan" Nerd Rescue, and go to coordinates X: 479.1, Y: 488.3 to
find a Xenomorph egg from Alien behind the nerd you are saving. Note: Michael Biehn, who 
voices the main character, was also a cast member in Aliens.

Dungeons & Dragons reference:
When you need to distract an enemy, you can throw a twenty sided dice at them.

Far Cry 3 reference:
Swim underwater at coordinates X: 531.2, Y: 321.5 to find a scientist next to a toilet, 
similar to the seasick soldier found in Far Cry 3.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reference:
During one of the Predator missions, Rex must kill four turtles in the sewers. You can find 
a pizza box in the sewers, and each of the turtles are wearing colored ninja masks.

Easy "Derp" achievement:
A great place to get the "Derp" achievement is the dam at the western end of the map. You will 
go there during one of the main story missions. The coordinates are X: 434.7, Y: 431.2. Once 
you are standing on top of the dam, jump all the way down (the fall will not kill you) to get 
the "Derp" achievement.

Middle finger:
You can give people the middle finger if you hold [Melee]. You can also press it multiple times
to use both hands.

Game References:
As you play through the game, keep an eye out for references to other video games from 
various eras, including:

-=Assassin's Creed=-
There is conversation about collecting flags and feathers, which were collectible items in the
first two Assassin's Creed games.

-=Mass Effect 2=-
Rex complains that "they spent 10 million credits to bring me back to life and this is what 
I am doing?"

-=Saint's Row: The Third=-
One enemy unit is known as The Running Dead, which is the same name as the zombies in 
Saint's Row: The Third.

-=Mortal Kombat=-
There are numerous references, including the mission objective (Round 1: Fight), and the 
words the Mystic Door shouts near the end of the game (Test your might!).

-=The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim=-
At coordinates X:522.4, Y:417.2, check the nearby area to find a soldier bent over with 
an arrow protruding from his knee.

RoboCop Reference:
The pistol that Rex carries bears a striking resemblence to the weapon used by RoboCop in 
the old action movies. Its burst-fire function in particular shows that connection. There 
are other nods to the film, as well. The weapon's description notes that it "was built and 
named in honor of a fallen DPD cop who fell in the line of duty fighting the creeps of the 
Detroit megaslums and industrial wastelands." The weapon is called the A.J.M. 9, in reference
to RoboCop's name: Alex J. Murphy.

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