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  Hints and Tips for: Fatal Racing 
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 Fatal Racing Cheats

Fatal Racing

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following names on the configuration screen to 
activate the cheat function.

Result                    Name 
Secret car              - LOVEBUN
Secret car              - MAYTE
Secret car              - TINKLE
Secret car              - SUICYCO
Secret car              - 2X4B523P
Access second cars      - FORMULA 1
Destruction mode        - SUPERMAN
Invincible human cars   - DR DEATH
Premier Cup             - GOLDBOY
Bonus Cup               - MREPRISE
View end sequence       - CUP WON
View race victory       - I WON
View Credits            - ROLL EM
Killer opponent         - DUEL
Alternate sounds        - TOPTUNES
Widescreen mode         - CINEMA
Faster game             - TACHYONS
Big screen mode         - YOTARACE
Disable cheats          - REMOVE
Psychedelic colors      - FREAKY
Icy roads               - MRFROSTY
Strange car warp        - WARGATE

Switchback invisible ramp:
On the "Switchback" track, just after the first sharp turn, ram another
person onto the wall (or if you are adventurous and far ahead, do this 
yourself) where, from the top, you can fall off. The other car (or yourself)
will fly off and do a mid-air corkscrew of sorts. 

Secret cars:
There are five secret cars in the game. The MAYTE code allows you go to top
speed and stay there, as long as you hold the cheat button. The SUICYCO code
allows you to cause the car nearest and in range to explode when the cheat 
button is pressed . However, if you run into it too soon, it will act like a
normal car: you will bounce back. The TINKLE code allows you to cause the car
nearest and in range to "jump" straight up into the air when the cheat button
is pressed. This is useful if you have to pass a pesky car that will not allow
you through. Use the 2X4B523P code and press the cheat button during a race. 
The car nearest and in range will suddenly flip onto its top and spin for a 
short time. The LOVEBUN code unlocks a Formula 1 car, with nothing apparent 
that happens if you press the cheat button during a race. 

Gateway shortcut:
On "Gateway" track, there is a special hole between two walls, just before 
the loop. Turn sharply to the right, aiming for the hole, and you will fly 
out on the other side of the loop. If you hit the hole at a good angle, this
can drastically change the lap record. However, if you hit the hole at a bad 
angle, you will land upside down.

Submitted by: piyush parulkar

If you type "lovebun" as your name and then type "superman" in the race there 
will be no smoke coming out of the car and if you press the cheat button the 
roads will be icy.

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