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  Hints and Tips for: Final Fantasy 13-2 
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 Final Fantasy 13-2 Cheats

Final Fantasy 13-2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy CP and Gil:
Note: This trick requires a turbo controller with auto-fire capability and a team that
is able to win every random encounter in Academia -400 AF- without switching 
Paradigms or using items. Go to Academia -400 AF-, and reach the area southeast of
the safe zone (where Chocolina is located). Find the escalator, which should be 
blue (going up). If it is not, find its switch to make it blue so you do not end 
up at the bottom of the escalator. Face the escalator, and set A to auto-fire. 
You will swing your sword wildly at the air when an encounter is imminent. Within
a few hours, you should have gained a lot of CP and Gil. Note: This location was 
selected solely because of its proximity to the safe zone, but anywhere outside 
the safe zone will work as long as your wild sword swinging does not move you 
into the safe zone. Academia -400 AF- was selected because it is the only zone
where you can have random encounters while standing still.

Stronger weapons:
Collect all 160 fragments before claiming the Chaos Crystal weapon at the front counter
in Academia 4XX AF. With all 160 fragments, the weapon will be in its strongest form. 
Note: The Chaos Crystal can be purchased in Serendipity for 10,000 coins (7,500 with 
the Haggle skill). Give the Chaos Crystal to Hope in Academia 4XX AF, and he will tell
you to claim the weapon at the front counter. It does not matter which one you choose,
as the other weapon can be purchased in Serendipity for 1,000 coins (750 with the Haggle 
skill) after claiming the first weapon.

Always start battles with full ATB:
Starting a battle with full ATB is usually only possible with the Pre-emptive Strike.
However, it is possible to start the battle with full ATB without the Pre-emptive 
Strike. At the start of battle, simply perform a Paradigm Shift to instantly fill the
ATB gauge to full.

Easy "Beast Tamer" achievement or trophy:
Tame a Don Tomberry, which can be found at Bresha Ruins 100AF as rare spawn. Use 
"Battle Mania" to increase your chances of finding him and "Monster Collector" to 
increase your chances of capturing him. 

Easy "Clock Stopper" achievement or trophy:
Perform one hundred consecutive preemptive strikes. If you make a mistake, reload a 
previously saved game. Make sure to save regularly to keep your progress intact. 

Easy "Trigger Finger" achievement or trophy:
Get a "Perfect!" rank after the following quick time-events. 

Episode 2, Bresha Ruins AF005       : Paradox Alpha7
Episode 2, Bresha Ruins AF005       : Atlas (Weakened)
Episode 3, Sunleth Waterscape AF300 : Royal Ripeness
Episode 4, City of Academia AF400   : Zenobia
Episode 4, Augusta Tower AF200      : Proto fal'Cie Adam.

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