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  Hints and Tips for: Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age 
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 Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Cheats

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The game comes packed with two cheats you can enable. Maximized License Points and Gil.

-=Maximum License Points=– 
You’ll max out both jobs without trying just playing the game naturally. 
Like not even halfway through the game if you’re going hunts and side quests.

-=Maximum Gil=-
As long as you’re always stealing (which you should be doing anyway for loot to make 
stuff with the Bazaar), you’ll always have plenty of Gil whenever you need it. 
Especially when you get monographs and Canopic Jar, drops everywhere.

Early Game Items and LP (License Points):
Written by Nine Worlds

Simple guide to get early game items and LP (License Points).
Let the Trials Begin!

-=Trial Mode=-
What is it? For those of you who do not know or have never played Final Fantasy XII 
before, Trial Mode is a Game Mode where you fight your way up to 100 Floors of nearly 
all of the games Bosses + Hunts. Upon completing trial mode you will be granted the 
option to start a New Game on what is known as Low Level Mode or NG- (New Game Minus) 
However now you may start NG- from the get go!

-=Starting Trial Mode=-
Trial Mode can be started from the main menu of the game after aquiring Vaan. After 
every trial floor beaten your game will auto save. 

-=LP Gain=-
In trial mode you do not gain EXP but you do gain License Points (LP).  LP Is far more 
superior to exp gaining in the fact that you can run the entire game at level 1, relying 
on just your JobBoard. As mentioned above after every floor beaten your game auto saves. 
This means you get to keep all of your LP. 

Trial mode can reward the player with various items. There are treasure chests scattered 
across the arena for the player to pick up. The enemies also have stealable items, which 
can net you some early game equipment that you otherwise would not be able to get til End 
Game. (Granted if you can beat the floor!)

After every 10th floor beaten you will be rewarded with the chance to manually save + 
rewarded with various items. (Mainly potions, pheonix downs and a lot of gil) Again after 
every floor beaten your game will save, meaning you will get to keep all of the items 
you've aquired.

-=Leaving with your items and LP=-
To carry over your items to your main game you simply exit out of trial mode after a save,
return to the load menu and load up the save file that was in the trial mode. Usually this
will be your auto save unless you manually saved! You will end up back at where you originally 
left off - at whatever crystal you saved at but with new items and more LP. 

Trial Mode is done best when wearing a Diamond Armlet*, as almost all chests require it to 
get its rare loot.

Stealing from Enemies with Thief Cuffs*, will also allow you to gain a higher % chance of 
stealing said items + double loot. 

-=Key Words=-
Diamond Armlet - Armlet worn to increase the odds of getting rare items out of chests. 
Can be aquired in Trial Mode Stage 1 from a chest.

Thief Cuffs - Cuffs Worn to increase the chances of stealing rare items and getting double 
loot. Can be aquired from a rare steal in trial mode stage 30 Gil Snapper. 
Chest in Mosphoron Waste Camp. Chest in Zertinan Caverns (Near Save Crystal).

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