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  Hints and Tips for: Five nights at Floppa 
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 Five nights at Floppa Cheats

Five nights at Floppa

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Strategy Tips in Game:
Written by Freddy Fazbear Gaming

This guide is about strategy. Will help when doing Night 5 and 6.
-=Your enemies=-
The tutorial should cover how to deal with them individually, so if you already 
know how to deal with each one, you can skip this section.
The most versatile cat. He can end your game in two ways. One is going through your 
door. When the lights go out and you hear knocking, turn on the lights. I have noticed 

that Bingus is never active while floppa is at the door, so you can keep the monitor 
up. You can disregard the footstep sounds, as they only signify Floppa moving from room 
to room.
The other way he can end your game is through eating dumplings. You get fired if 
Floppa eats dumplings, so you need to prevent that. The dumplings are at camera 8. 
If Floppa is at camera 8, look at him on the cameras for a while. This can be quite 
unfair if paired with Pop Cat.
Bingus will appear at the TV behind your monitor. To see it, pull down your monitor 
by clicking the keyboard. If Floppa is on the TV, youíre fine, and can go on with your 
life. If Bingus is there, however; you need to turn off your light, and pull down 
your monitor until he gets replaced by Floppa again. On Night 6, the reaction time 
to deal with him is pretty short. Pull down your monitor often, as he has no audio cue.
-=Pop Cat=-
I hate this damn cat, I wish he could eat cement until he dies
Pop Cat appears on any camera. If you see him at a camera, look at him until he 
disappears. You must find his camera quickly, as the reaction time for him in Night 
6 seemed VERY tight. 70% of your Night 6 runs will be death by Pop Cat. 
Check every camera often.

-=Night 6 strategy=-
The first thing you need to know about night 6 is that reaction time for Bingus and 
Pop Cat is very tight, especially for Pop Cat. If you take longer than around 5 
seconds to deal with Pop Cat, youíre dead.
Remember to always have your lights off so you donít need to click it for Bingus.
-=The routine=-
Check every camera, then pull down your monitor.
Thatís the routine you want to do for the entire night if possible, but itís sadly not.

You check the cameras to deal with Pop Cat, then pull down monitor to check if Bingus 
has arrived.
That is simple, but what if people attack?
If floppa is at the door, just turn on the lights, this is the smallest threat in 
the game.
If floppa is at cam 8, quickly check every cam to deal with Pop Cat, then look at cam 8. 
While looking at cam 8, pull down your monitor a few times to check for Bingus.
As a discord user told me, Pop Cat is like a FNaF 1 foxy that can sprint anytime with 
no cooldown. He appears anywhere, he can appear 2 seconds after you deal with him. 
You are never safe. Bingus has a very short reaction time too, so pull down your 
monitor as often as you can.
Despite the guideís advice, this night is very luck based for Pop Cat. If you have 
good RNG, you can win. This game is fairly simple, thereís not a whole lot to talk about.

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