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  Hints and Tips for: FlatOut 
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 FlatOut Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Unlock all cars and tracks:
Enter GIVEALL as a profile name. 

Get $40.000:
Enter GIVECASH as a profile name. 

Use gear up button to eject driver:
Enter "RAGDOLL" as a profile name.
The word will disappear, allowing you to put in a real name or another cheat.
You will now be able to eject your driver out of the car simply by pressing 
the "a" key.

Extra Money:
Open drive letter:\...\flatoutdir\Savegame\player001.sav with a hex editor or
notepad.exe. Change the value at address 86 (hex) to FF. Save the file and enjoy
the extra pocket money. 

More Money:
Run over obstacles (such as beams on construction sites and wooden fences) to get
extra money. Additionally, try not to finish in last place. You still get bonus 
money if you are in fourth through seventh place. 

Enter car park:
Enter bay cup run in silver (career or quick race) and startas usual. when you 
have done nearly 1 lap and you are coming up to the turn just before the finish
line you should see a sort of slip lane to the left, go down it and you should 
see a small break in the fence not very far along. go through it, around the 
building infront and you are in the car park. 

Unlocking parts:
You can unlock all the parts you want and upgrade your car to the max without
having to cheat by just saving or earning a lot of money. Do previously completed
races and bonus events to earn some cash then buy a performance part. You will 
notice the next part of the same type (the better version of the one you just 
purchased) now becomes unlocked. If you keep buying every part you can find, 
more parts will keep becoming available for you to buy. 

Nitro boost:
To earn an easy nitro boost, do not try to plow through lots of big heavy objects
on the side of the road. This only slows you down and you might get stuck in it. 
Instead, look for cones lining the track and hit those small cardboard boxes. Also
signs are good to run through. These objects do not slow you down, and will earn 
nitro. Also, if you are going to slam into junk on a turn, try and slide sideways
into it. You more or less will slide or bounce of it, losing less speed and you 
will not get stuck. This also works well with roadside fences, where you can just
rub up on them and knock them down sideways instead of ramming through them 

Gain advantage using the "Off Track" state:
You probably know that if you happen to run a bit off course (in other places 
than intended (i.e. obvious shortcuts)) an arrow will pop up, indicating where
you strayed off course as well as a distance indicator to the afforementioned 
spot.What you may not have noticed is that if you don't stray too far off course
(just a tiny brief second or two) - the "Off Course" indicator will show up, but
the game will go on as normal (i.e. you won't be losing your current position as
opponents are driving by your point of off-road straying and the # of laps will 
still count as you drive passed the finish-line).Now, do this - drive off the 
track just SLIGHTLY so that the orange arrow is displayed, head straight back 
on track and watch so you don't lose your position as the other cars are driving
by the origin where you briefely left the track. Now, keep driving > 50% of a 
full lap and then RESET your car. The thing is that the game will then RESET 
you at the point where you LEFT THE TRACK (where the "off track"-state became
active).The game will take you to that spot the shortest way possible, so that
means, if you have driven more than 50% of a lap from where you drove off, you
will advance the remaining distance instead of going BACK to the off-course spot
thus gaining an instant < 50% lap on your opponents.

Win the Demolition Sandpit bonus event:
Start the Demolition Sandpit derby, which is unlocked with Gold Class as a bonus
event, and drive along the edge of the large pit in the middle of the arena. There
are two steep mounds of dirt along the edge. Park next to one of them on the 
opposite side of the pit. Wait there for a while and the cars inside the pit should
try to crash into you, but drive up the mound and fly into the wall of the arena 
and die. If any survive and come after you from the edge of the arena, drive around
the edge of the pit to the other dirt mound and do the same. After a short time, all
the cars should be destroyed, but if there are some left that have turned upside 
down, hit them head on until they are dead.

Short cut to first place:
On the very first race on bronze when you get to the last turn there will be cones
drive through them and turn left you might hit a short fence after that hit the 
nitro button and you will pass the finish line and will be in first place.

Easy money:
Buy any car desired when starting career mode and complete the Bronze class events.
However, do not spend too much on your car and try to save at least $4,000 to 5,000
dollars by doing so. You will earn about $4,000 upon completion of the Bronze class
if you do well. Completing the Bronze class will also unlock new cars. Go to the 
car dealer and buy the Road King or a better car if desired. Once you do, go to 
the Bonus Events and enter the Oval Ring thing (the second one down on the far 
right column). This is just a simple race against other drivers where you drive 
as fast as you can around a big dirt oval. When the race starts, break away from
the pack and just hold down the gas. Drive around the ring as smoothly as you can,
avoiding the occasional stack of tires and junk on the side of the track. You do 
not need to smash through it because earning a nitro boost here is pretty much 
useless, and will only get you into a wreck by using it. Just stay in first as 
the other drivers muck about behind you plowing through rubble and smashing into
each other. When you cross the finish line first after eight laps you will receive
an easy $1,500. Keep doing this to earn money to upgrade your car faster and get 
an edge over the competition in the real races.

Nitro boost:
At the first race from the left list, hit the scaffolds under the bridge to get all
the nitrous you can. Be careful; there is a ladder at the right scaffold. If you hit
it, you will slow down a lot.

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