Flatspace 2 - Rise Of The Scarrid Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Flatspace 2 - Rise Of The Scarrid 
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 Flatspace 2 - Rise Of The Scarrid Cheats

Flatspace 2 - Rise Of The Scarrid

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by. RM

When creating a commander in v1.04 or newer, enter one of 
the following names to activate the cheat function. 

Result                             Code  
You are now invincible           - God Mode  
All items equally for sale       - Sell All Items  
All Sectors anarchic             - Anarchy  
All weapons cause double damage  - Double Damage  
Full galactic map                - Reveal Map  
No guild restrictions            - No Guild System  
+$1 billion                      - Billionaire  
+$1 million                      - Millionaire  
No missiles or counter-measures  - No Missiles  
No shields or armor              - No Shields  
"Welcome back commander"         - Jameson

Tips and Tricks:
- As a Police Officer, start getting money by killing wanted criminals with 
death bounty on them. Get some money and buy a Stun Gun, so you can stun their
ships and capture them (Use the radio, then 2 and 3). Target the life pod and 
hold the middle mouse button, then deliver em at a Police Station. Do that and
start searching for top ranked criminals. Don't forget to buy a Radar and a 
Scanner with hyperspace tracking.

- Buy at least an armour which gives you 30~40 per ton and try to let at least 
2 ton free for a shield (WarHawk Shield, something like that), if you can afford
the space.

- When you change your ship, I advice you to buy a countermeasure (Razor Flare 
Launcher) and the Razor Flare Boxes for it, since the missiles will follow you 
until it hits or you use the Hyperdrive.

- A good tactic against missiles is 'slooping' your target, attacking it from 
behind. When it launches missiles, try to keep behind the enemy ship, and when 
the missile is almost hitting you, turn right or left (depending where the 
missile is located). This will make the missile hit the enemy ship, damaging 
it severely, since it's from behind.

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