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  Hints and Tips for: Flexible Survival 
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 Flexible Survival Cheats

Flexible Survival

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Debugging Commands:
Written by Sarkath

Here is a quick search through the code and came across one 
(beside the "iwannacheat" that the game gives you). 
Not sure how freely known or documented it is:

VoriaCheat: Gives the player Voria, a carnivorous plant pet, 
in her fully grown state.

That was really the only one that stood out to me. However, there are a 
slew of helpful debugging commands. Most of them just deal with reading 
the game’s internal structures—nothing too exciting for players—but there 
are still some pretty powerful ones that you’ll probably find useful. You’ll 
need to type "debug" before any of the following cheats will work. The debug 
command will add some extra text to the game output, but you can always turn 
on debug mode, enter the cheat, and then turn it off to get around that. 
Since these are developer cheats, they will not affect your score. 
Here they are (note: these are all case insensitive):

zGiveLevel: Levels up the player. 
This will prompt the player to select a new feat or perk if applicable.

IWannaTest: Immediately grants the player the fast travel points that they 
would get from Trixie’s "Open World" cheat. This also sets all of the players 
stats (strength, dex, etc) and level to 30 and grants them the following feats
(I think this is almost, if not all, of the available feats):

Automatic Survival
Bestial Power
Black Belt
Breeding True
City Map
Experienced Scout
Expert Hunter
Expert Medic
Fast Learner
Good Teacher
Horny Bastard
Litter Bearer
Martial Artist
Master Baiter
Mighty Mutation
More Time
Natural Armaments
Passing Grade Chest
Roughing It
Selective Mother
Spartan Diet
Spirited Youth
Strong Back
Strong Psyche
Double Team
Unerring Hunter
Wary Watcher
Youthful Tides

zAllPetTest: Gives the player all of the available combat allies.

zChangeSize: Allows the player to change their body size without an infection.

zImpreg [creature]: Impregnates the player with the specified creature 
(e.g. "zimpreg wyvern").

zInfect [creature]: Infects the player with the specified creature 
(e.g. "zinfect sabretooth"). 
Note: If you are playing the researcher scenario, this will not infect the 
player and will generate blank vials that cannot be used.

RemoveFeat [feat]: Removes one of the player’s feats (e.g. "RemoveFeat Curious"). 
Note: this will not allow the player to select a new feat to replace the deleted 
one. Also, there is no way to directly add feats (except for "kinky"—see below). 
If you did wish to add one, you’d need to use the level up cheat until the player 
is eligible for a new feat.

add kinky: Adds the "Kinky" feat to the player.

remove kinky: Removes the "Kinky" feat from the player.

flip sub dom: Changes the player from submissive to dominant, or vice-versa. 
If the player has neither feat, this command does nothing.

zSpawn [creature]: Spawns a creature, regardless of whether or not the creature 
can normally spawn in that area (e.g. "zspawn latex fox").

zUnresolve [event]: Unresolves an event. This will allow the player to play 
through a one-time encounter again (e.g. "zunresolve dropped handbag").

zItem [item]: Gives the player an item (e.g. "zItem water bottle").

zAllItems: Gives the player one of every item in the game (might want to do this 
in the library, since this is guaranteed to overburden the player).

zListAllItems: Lists all of the items in the game, along with their description. 
This is useful when combined with the ItemsCheat debug code. Be aware that the list 
is extremely long. You may want to run this once and then paste the list into a text 
file for future reference.

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