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  Hints and Tips for: Flight Unlimited 3 
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 Flight Unlimited 3 Cheats

Flight Unlimited 3

active runway:
If you can't figure out where to go after receiving taxi 
instructions from the Ground Controller, you can press 
Alt-F12 to toggle on the Taxi Path aid. A bright green 
line will appear on the tarmac to guide you to the active 

Hot key combinations:
Although the original five aircraft from Flight Unlimited II 
don't have any autopilot controls displayed on their instrument 
panels, you can still have full autopilot functionality with 
them by using the appropriate hot key combinations. 
Press A to toggle autopilot on or off; Alt-A for altitude 
hold; Alt-H for heading hold; Alt-N for NAV 1 hold; Alt-S 
for speed hold; Alt-V for vertical speed hold; Alt-W to 
level wings; and Alt-M for instrument approach hold. 

Trouble trimming:
If you are having trouble trimming your chosen aircraft for 
straight and level flight, then turn on the autopilot and let 
it do the work for you. Once you disconnect from it, the 
airplane should be nicely balanced for hands-off flying.

Instant Takeoff:
If you crash and your plane won't fly simply press page up. 
every time you do this you will rise 1000 feet and fix your damage!

Instant Landing:
If you are having trouble landing simply press page down your 
plane will be on the ground with no damage!!

Faster Turn:
When you are taxiing with the Lake Renegade Seaplane you'll notice 
its kind of hard to turn. Well if you press brake and then give the 
plane full power and then make a turn left or right the plane will 
turn a lot easier. This only works with the Lake Renegade Seaplane.

Submitted by: Jens Lohse

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