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  Hints and Tips for: FlyFF 
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 FlyFF Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Easy Penya, items, and experience: 
Talk to Paul in the first city. He will ask you to get twenty wings. Kill twenty
bat creatures and you will gain experience for the kills, their items, and Penya.
You will also get 100 Penya after you talk to Paul.

Double jump:
The following double jump trick can end up as a higher jump depending on how many
enemies you have. First get an enemy that cannot kill you, like the Aibat. Make 
the monster follow you. You must be running or walking (recommended). When the 
monster screeches, jump. The monster will attack you in the air and you will jump
a second time. This can be used to get up in trees and on tall houses.

Color chat text:
Type /s #c #[RRGGBB] [message], with hexadecimal values for red, green and blue.

Bold chat text:
Type #b[message]. 

Underlined chat text:
Type #u. 

Extra emoticons:
Type the following characters to display the corresponding emoticon in your message.

Angry anime symbol: !0
Light bulb: !1
Three tears above head: !2
Help: !3
Agro monster: !4
!: !5
Dizzy: !6
Strange icon: !7
Pink heart: !8 

Windowed mode:
Use a text editor to edit the "neuz.ini" file in the "\galanet\flyff" directory. Add 
the line "sunkist 1" to the file. Then, press [Alt] + [Enter] during game play to 
switch to windowed mode. 

Change BGM without being patched: 
Go to the game's installation folder (usually, "C:\Program Files\NetGames\Flyff"). Make
a shortcut of the "Neuz.exe" file on the desktop. Go to the desktop and right-click on 
the shortcut for the "Neuz.exe" file. Select "Properties" and you will see: 

   "C:\Program Files\NetGames\Flyff\Neuz.exe". 

Add a space and the word sunkist in the field so it now appears as: 

   "C:\Program Files\NetGames\Flyff\Neuz.exe" sunkist 

You are now ready to edit the BGM of the game. When you play, just use the shortcut for
the "Neuz.exe" file and not the "Flyff.exe" because this will patch it. 

Note: Do not use the patcher; just -the shortcut of neuz.exe. Patch the game at least 
once a week to get updates.

Custom starting popup message:
Use a text editor to edit the "notice_ENG" file in the "\galanet\flyff\client" folder.
Enter any desired message to see it appear when you start the game.

Play multiple accounts on one PC: 
Use the following trick if you have multiple accounts and want to transfer items from
one account to another; or you want to party your other account but do not have another
player or have only one PC. Create two or more accounts under Windows. You must first 
run the game in Windows mode or it will not work as well. Make sure you have the shortcut
to the game on your Desktop. Start FlyFF by double clicking it. Log in and such, then 
jump back out to your Desktop afterwards, and right click the FlyFF shortcut. Click 
"Run As" then choose another account that you wish to run it. You will now have two 
accounts loaded. 
Note: This is only recommended for those who have a high end PC, fast Internet 
connection and at least 512 MB RAM.

Make penya fast:
This cheat is really easy. all you have to do is go to the mars mine. once inside 
go to the very last room (actually second to last i think) you will have to pass 
giant mutant boss bang and things like that. the enemies in the second to last 
room are called vice vediques i think, if not something around the name of that. 
If you kill them you get lvl 27 armor. sell that in flaris for 7k each or more.

Bold and Underlined Typing:
In the chat box simply put #b or #u before they writing you would like to have bold
or underlined

#b Hello!
#u Hi!
or you can make it so half of your writing is bolded or underlined
Hello #u Mr.#b Happy Dude!

Play in Windowed Mode:
Open your GalaNetFlyFF folder. Open neuz.ini in notepad. Add the line: 
"sunkist 1" (without quotes) and you can press [Alt]+enter in game to play in a window.

Typing in Color:
To type in color insert #c #xxxxxx (text), where the xxxxxx represents an HTML Color
Code (ie FF0000). This can be used in normal messages, shouts, and User Shop titles.

Example: /s #c #0000FF BUYING SLAINS!

Result: A shout is made in blue text saying BUYING SLAINS! 
(note there are two blank spaces between the #c and the HTML color code)

Submitted by: Danielle Marie Roller

In flyff if you have a transform (ex lawolf trans) and a no disguise, you can go through
the mas mine and go to the end without being attacked by those pesky angry giants.

No Walking:
* Jump in the air.
* While in the air hold forwards and right or forwards and left.
* When u land ur char will start to move in a circle without feet moving.
* Keep holding forward and wat ever either left or right (which ever your choice was).
* Press the other button while still holding the others down to turn the otherway.

Jumping Very high Without Scroll of Velocity:
You Must Have Many Monsters Attacking you (But not high lvls) do not use any weapons 
just your hand after mobbing try running and jumping on the misses and you will jump 
so high! When not Try doing it again, its very Fun Go try it!

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