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  Hints and Tips for: Football Manager 2018 
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 Football Manager 2018 Cheats

Football Manager 2018

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Simple Tips:
Written by Subington

Consider playing as more than one manager in the game.

All too often, inexperienced players start the game with top flight teams 
and have problems down the road when they struggle to get dominating results, 
and wind up getting fired, frustrated, etc. 

As in real life, there are huge expectations with bigger teams, and the board/
dressing rooms begins to slip if you are not where they think you need to be. 
The tolerance for not meeting those expectations is much less.

If you want to have your hand in managing your favorite top flight club, also 
consider adding another (or more depending on how much you can pay attention 
to) head coaches in lower leagues. This makes the game much more enjoyable, 
as well as gives you an idea of other concepts in the game, and lets you 
make mistakes without such harsh consequences. 

The big thing is trying to make sure you manage a club with reasonable 
expectations, not bogged down with financial problems, and decent facilities. 

There are no cookie cutter tactics plans to beat the game

This is a critical one that I think a lot of players donít grasp. If you are 
completely clueless about tactics as we all once were, pick a few from the
 workshop, tweak them as needed, and train your team on them.

But as time goes on, AI coaches, especially in higher leagues, began to learn 
your tactics, and they become effective.

This is a major change that I noticed from Ď16 to Ď17. In FM 16, I had a 
solid 4-3-3, set on the top of the Premier League for years, no problems at 
all, but due to changes, this doesnít work as well as it has in the past.

If you make it in the game for more than a couple of seasons, you will 
probably hit a point where things just seem to breakdown. As noted above, 
consider mixing it up for awhile (even a few months/season), and then going 
back to your preferred ways if you insist.

Teams tactics familiarity varies by team/age/turnover etc.

While it has gotten a lot better for the past couple of years, a frustrating 
aspect, especially when taking over a team, is that you will spend a lot of 
time waiting and training players on tactics. It could be 3 Ė 9 months. 
They could never fully kick in at over a 70-80% familiarity.

Training on tactics is important. I have had awesome teams who donít achieve 
their potential due to poor tactic familiarity, typically they are filled 
with younger players, and I have had okay teams achieve a lot due to tactic 

But... I have had good teams with 90 Ė 100% tactic familiarity struggle too, 
so thereís that.

Also, as noted, donít be afraid to tweak your tactics, as teams with good 
tactic familiarity can go through some adjusting without suffering too much.

The advice your staff gives you is only as good as your staff is

Many people donít seem to realize this however your staff is not perfect 
and not everything they suggest. Remember that staff attributes, just like 
player attributes, are on scale from 1 Ė 20, and just like players, are 
not perfect.

Staff, especially assistant coaches, are predictable. Much like every 
problem to a hammer looks like a nail, every best formation for a coach 
that prefers 4-4-2 isÖ. 4-4-2, so take that with a grain of salt, and do 
what you feel is best.

Not to say they donít give good advice, but look at what they give you, 
take it into consideration (maybe contain in my cup match against Man
 City in my Leyton Orient save is a good ideaÖ hmmm), and go from there.

If things are falling apart, maybe take the assistant coachís suggestions
 for a few matches and see how it works. I have hit this a few times, and 
while it doesnít turn it around and win the league, admitting that I have 
no clue how to manage this !@#$% team and taking the assistant coaches 
advise has stopped the bleeding from time to time. 

The number 4 point is especially true with scouting staff. If you donít 
have the best scouting staff, you are not going to get the best scouting 
advice. I discovered this years ago when that 5 star 33 year old striker 
I signed didnít pan out the way that I had hoped. 

You can only do the best you can do with the resources you have of course, 
so try to hire the best staff you can find. Make sure to use the comparison 
chart under the staff tab to see how your staff compare to others in your 
league. I have found that Itís not had to get in the top 2 Ė 3 rankings for 
most of your staff in the the competition.

-=Injuries are common, get use to them=-
Unless you are going to get the in-game editor and use the hand of god to 
miraculously heal your players, they will get injured. Typically the better 
the player, the more likely that they will have long term injuries. Anybody 
who follows football knows this is a reality.

I feel for them, but I canít help but laugh when people get p**ed off about 
injuries in the game. Happens all the time. I remember getting my star 
Colombian kid striker for my newly promoted to the Bundesliga Karlsrhue save 
last year, only to have him break his leg 3 minutes into his first match. 
The season was shot and I managed to fight against regulation. 

He did awesome the following year and I couldnít keep him from goingÖ but the 
point is injuries are common, and that is why itís important do the best you 
can to balance your team.

You will struggle to hold on on to your best players, get use to it

Unless you are going to get the in-game editor and use the hand of god to 
miraculously resolve their mental problems, your best players will eventually 
want new challenges. Anybody who follows football knows this is a reality.

Often times, you can ride out the transfer windows and they will get a little 
better, however sometimes itís best to realize it, and let them go as they 
typically will only do a mediocre job on the field (if you are lucky) while 
they are not happy for long amounts of time, and practically become useless 
going forward.

Most players will want to hit their full potential and that means playing in 
better leagues/competitions than where you are, or can reasonably get to. 
This is why itís important that you have some core players at the club who 
may not be stars, but do a reasonable job for the club so your not in constant 

Good players will hit dips in form, and new (especially young players) may 
struggle their first season

Donít be surprised when your key defender makes a mistake every game for 2+ 
games in a row and cost you games. Donít be alarm when your star striker 
suddenly forgets where the goal is. Bad form happens. 

I had had star new players struggle all season (really bad when itís your new 
goalie), but the next season, they are the awesome player I signed years prior. 
It seems to be about a 50/50 probability.

Itís a challenge the need to give struggling players the game time needed 
to improve their form, while not tanking the teamís ambition. Try to have 
friendlies during international breaks (providing a majority of your team 
isnít away from the clubs), and give them a chance with easier teams. 
There is no cookie cutter way to fix these problems.

Try to not go crazy with squad size

Especially when you first take over a club, and if you have some cash, itís 
real easy to pick up a bunch of players on free transferís or cheaply that 
your scouts think will be good for the team (see #4).

However try to make sure you donít have lots of players on a team that you 
donít use. While older players may be happy being back up options who only 
play once a year, most younger players will began to complain about not 
getting a chance in the first team.

They wonít develop properly, as well as it causes issues with overall 
training as more players means more players to learn tactics, etc.

Be careful when cleaning house, getting rid of core players, changing 
captains, etc.

As we see too often, football is a team sport. You will want to come in and 
build your team, but be careful when you are going through a lot of turnover. 

Some squads need a good cleaning, while other squads need a little tweaking. 
Be careful about selling players that fans like, and be extremely careful 
about changing captains, even when you staff (see #3) suggest you do so.

It might be best to wait for contracts to run out rather than selling unwanted 
players. You might have opportunities for a better player in that position, 
but if the player your replacing is an okay performing core member of the 
squad, you might want to wait until a different opportunity. 

Be realistic, try to have realistic expectations

While FM has itís fair share of problems and frustrations, it does try to be 
realistic, and you have to keep that in mind. Itís not a game of active skill 
like about everything else you might play

Donít be upset when you canít win every game. Donít be alarmed when you tie 
a game you should have one, or loose it entirely.

If you want to dominate, play as a dominating team in an unbalanced league 
(Celtic, PSG anyone?).

I have won some leagues, while fighting regulation in others in the same 
save, in the same year, etc. Every competition, team, and season is different.

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