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  Hints and Tips for: Football Manager 2010 
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 Football Manager 2010 Cheats

Football Manager 2010

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Basically, the best players in the game when they get older.

Alphonse Aréola   - GK - PSG - French - Can be signed for £40K.
Eduardo Salvio    - AMR/FC - Lanus - Argentinian - Can be signed for around £5M.
Mario Balotelli   - AMRL/ST - Inter - Italian - Can be signed for £13M.
Martín Galván     - AMC/FC - Cruz Azul - Mexican - Can be signed for £1M.
Nicolás Otamendi  - DC - Vélez Sársfield - Argentinian - Can be signed for £3.3M.
Sofiane Feghouli  - AMRLC - Grenoble Foot 38 - French - Can be signed for £6M.
Toni Kroos        - AMC - Bayern Munich - German - Can be signed for around £15M.
Vincenzo Fiorillo - GK - Sampdoria - Italian - Can be signed for £3M.
Rade Velkovic     - Serbian
Sofiane Feghouli  - AMRLC, Grenoble Foot 38, French, £6 million.
Toni Kroos        - AMC, Bayern Munich, German, £15 million.

Corner tactic - Easy goals:
If you're struggling to score goals from open play, then I suggest you adopt this
approach in order to increase the number of goals scored from corners. Set your 
best corner taker to take you corners (right sided player from the left side, and
left footed players to take from the right). Set your best header and tallest player
(usually your CB) to challenge the goalkeeper. Also set your second and third best 
header to attack the near and far post. I would also place players who have good 
long shot attributes to 'lurk outside the box' ensuring any clearances are straight
to them for them to have a shot on goal. If you do this you'll score plenty, make 
sure corners are always delivered into the six yard box.

Great players:
Submitted by: aushwall

Try some great players... Gael kakuta from chelsea... got it on loan from chelsea and 
then signed for free, Lacina Traore from CFR Cluj young striker every match scores one 
or 2 goals, rade velkovic serbian striker with a great shot... scores alot... ianis 
zicu can be signed for free a great player and Dario flores SW DC great signing

Unlockables - Steam Achievements:
Complete each requirement to receive the achievements.

Unlockable             How to Unlock
All Around The World - You qualified for the World Cup.
Best In Europe       - Your player won the European Player Of The Year award.
Best In The Business - You have won the Manager Of The Month award 10 times.
Best In The World    - Your player won the World Player Of The Year award.
Brazilian Hero       - You achieved promotion from the lowest to the highest league in Brazil.
Cash To Burn         - You sold a player for 30 million or more.
Champions Streak     - You won 5 different league competitions.
Champions!           - You won the top league in a nation.
Clean Sheet          - Play a match without conceding a goal.
Club Legend          - You have stayed at one club for 20 seasons.
Comeback King!       - You won a match after being 2 or more goals down at half-time.
Continental King     - You won a continental cup on 3 different continents.
Cup Glory!           - You won a top domestic cup.
Cup Streak           - You won 5 different cup competitions.
Do The Double        - You won a nations top league and cup competitions in the same season.
Domination           - You have won 3 consecutive top division league titles.
Double Hat-Trick     - One of your players scored 6 or more goals.
English Hero         - You achieved promotion from the lowest to the highest league in England.
First Victory        - You guided your team to victory in a competitive fixture.
French Hero          - You achieved promotion from the lowest to the highest league in France.
Goal Machine         - Your player was the top league goalscorer over an entire season.
Golden Boot          - Your player was the top scorer at a World Cup.
Hat-Trick            - One of your players scored a hat-trick.
He's Signed!         - Sign a player for your team.
Highlight Reel       - Your players have collected 10 goal of the month awards.
Invincible!          - Your team played the entire season without losing a league game.
Iron Curtain         - Your team conceded the least league goals over an entire season.
Italian Hero         - You achieved promotion from the lowest to the highest league in Italy.
Legend               - You have won the Manager Of The Year award 5 times.
Loyalty Card         - You stayed at one club for 5 seasons.
National Service     - You were offered a job in international management.
On Top Of The World  - You have won the World Cup.
Parked The Bus       - Your team didn't concede a goal in 5 consecutive league games.
Parked The Tank      - Your team didn't concede a goal in 10 consecutive competitive matches.
Qualified            - You qualified for an international competition.
Scoring Streak       - Your team scored in 10 consecutive competitive matches.
Scottish Hero        - You achieved promotion from the lowest to the highest league in Scotland.
Spanish Hero         - You achieved promotion from the lowest to the highest league in Spain.
Splashing The Cash   - You bought a player for 30 million or more.
Star Man             - One of your players was selected in the Team Of The Year.
Super Cup Glory      - You won a continental cup competition.
Superb Strike        - Your player collected a goal of the season award
Team Performance     - Five of your players were named in a team of the week.
The Boss             - You won the Manager Of The Year award.
The Greatest         - You have become the greatest manager of all-time!.
The Professor        - You have gained at least 75% scouting knowledge for your club.
Top Of The Class     - You won a manager of the month award.
Trophy Hoarder       - You have won 20 cup competitions.
Unbeatable!          - Your team was unbeaten in 10 consecutive competitive matches.
Unstoppable Force    - Your team scored the most league goals over an entire season.
Value For Money      - Congratulations! You have played Football Manager for 30 seasons.
Well Travelled       - You won 5 different top league competitions.
What A Goal!         - One of your players collected a goal of the month award.
World Renowned       - You have made it into the worldwide hall of fame.
You're On Fire       - You won 10 consecutive competitive matches.
You're Up!           - Guide your team to promotion in a domestic league.

Low Price Transfers:
Using the multiplayer mode assign yourself to another team who the desired player is on e.g.
Chelsea: Didier Drogba. Then put in a bid for the player using a low price, then click onto 
the next manager screen and accept the bid for Drogba.
Note this will not always work as the player may not agree terms.

Lower leage tactic:
* Go as notts conty.
* Go on to player search look for people who are out of work.
* Give dem as much as de want.
* It costs notin.

Cheap wonderkids:
Submitted by: Aditya Jain

I bought many cheap wonderkids like:

Marc Muniesa--------->200k from FC Barcelona
Luc Castaignos------->2 Mn from Feynoord
Daniel Opare--------->900k from (team i forgot)
Jeremy Helan--------->400k from Manchester City
Philip Prosenik------>800k from Chelsea ps:i got him for free 2 seasons later.
Gavin Gunning-------->2.5 Mn from Blackburn Rovers

etc etc(i forgot other players).Enjoy.

Tips: Tactics:
Submitted by: Arpit Parakh

Use the 3-2-3-1-1 tactic. Play 3 CB's at the back with 2 DMC's in front of them. Place 3 
midfielders in front of the 2 DMC's, 1 in the centre and two on the wings. Place on striker 
upfront and one forward/attacking midfileder behind him. Play with a high tempo, mixed 
passing, hard tackling, a deep back line, tight marking, man marking, use tarketman/playmaker 
and play with an attacking mentality.
You will concede very few goals and score a good number too.

10 Potential:
Here is a list of all the players that have -10 Potential Ability, on the 10.3 patch.

Aaron Ramsey     - Arsenal
Alphonse Aréola  - Paris Saint-Germain
Eduardo Salvio   - Atlético Madrid
Mario Balotelli  - Inter Milan
Nicolás Otamendi - Vélez Sársfield
Romelu Lukaku    - Anderlecht
Sergio Canales   - Racing Santander
Toni Kroos       - Bayern Munich

Game Glitch:
Submitted by: Chris Chapman

start a career as manchester united and buy stockport keeper owain fon williams for a fee of 
1,000,000, nothing more nothing less. there is a glitch in the game that automatically sends 
his rating sky high and he is the second best keeper in the world behind cassilas

10.3.0 Corner Exploit:
On the 10.3 patch if you set your best striker of the ball to "Lurk Outisde of the Area" 
on corner kicks while setting two players each to "Challenge Keeper", "Stand Far Post", 
"Near Post Flick On" and "Stay Back" and make your corner taker send corners to the "Penalty
area" you will find that your best player will be allowed to take shots from the edge of the
area completely unmarked by the AI manager and that the defense will never adapt.
Guaranteed to score goals in bunches for any team.

Yannick Djalo:
Submitted by: Dom Wardle

If you are a low championship and are hoping for a likely chance of promotion then buy 
yannick djalo from sporting cp, he is transfer listed and was championship top scorer when 
i bought him for plymouth, very good and at the end of the season teams like birmingham and 
fulham try buy him for 7-10 mil, also buy jimmy briand he is out of contract at the end of 
the first season he scores lots of hat-tricks and is my top goal scorer in the premiership!!

Player glitch:
Submitted by: Martin Burgess

There is a glitch on a few players on the 10.3 update. If you manage to sign them, their 
stats will improve dramatically and will end up better than most players on the game

-=Those players are=-
Taison            - ST (Internacional)
Diego Buonanotte  - AMC (River)
Diego Tardelli    - ST (Atletico Mineiro)
Luc Castaignos    - ST (Feynoord)
Keiren Westwood   - GK (Coventry City)
Tom Heaton        - GK (Manchester United)

Some good left wingers for a team:
Submitted by: Giorgos Plaskasovitis

I am playing in FM2010 with my favourite team, Olympiakos and I am happy that I have found 
some good left wingers for this level

First of all Giorgos Ioannidis(Iraklis) has made a very good season for my team!!!!!I took 
him on one year loan and I could buy him for 800k euros. In midle season, when he started 
playing well, I bought Filip Djordjevic from Nantes and Ronaldo from Corinthians for strikers.

Another one is Richard Soumah from EAG!!!Young age,like Ioannidis, he can play both right 
and left!!!!Finally if you make a good profit you should buy Marek Jankulovski from Milan.

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