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  Hints and Tips for: Foxhole 
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 Foxhole Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

* Foxholes, Turrets, Pillboxes, Bunkers and any other passive defense structures 
  are all manned by A.I. and will shoot automatically as enemy players come within 
* When Aiming, where the cursor actually sits is important, not just pointing your 
  gun in a direction. You will be more accurate when you place your cursor on or 
  slightly behind the target.
* Assessing the map as soon as you enter a war can help you greatly. You can see 
  where the front lines likely are, whatís in the greatest need, and how you can 
* It takes time for the production of weapons, ammo, S. Supplies, and everything 
  else. Take that into account when producing what your faction needs or when 
  making requests.
* When looking at Ammunition for guns, the number displayed is NOT the number of 
  rounds, but rather the number of Clips or Magazines! Itís never wise to carry 
  too much onto a battlefield as you risk dying before actually getting to use it,
  and the supplies can be scavenged by the enemy!
* Accuracy is increased when crouched or prone!

Road Safety Tips:
Follow these simple tips to minimize road accidents and deaths while traveling 
the muddy roads of Foxhole, on foot or in a vehicle.

-=General Tips=-
* Rotate your camera for maximum viewing distance in front and behind you. This 
  gives you more time to avoid a collision. Doesnít help as much at night.
* Drive/run as close to the right edge of the road as possible. If the road is 
  wide enough for two lanes, stick to your lane. Vehicles turn left to avoid 
  pedestrians, pedestrians turn right (off-road) to avoid vehicles.
* Honk (left mouse button) when entering town, a bridge or any other point where 
  youíre likely to encounter pedestrians and limited space to maneuver. Honk when 
  you see a player on the road in front of you. Slow down a bit if you need to.
* Give people a lift when going in the same direction. No one wants to run if they 
  can ride, so it gets pedestrians off the roads.
* Avoiding ambushes: When transporting supplies in a truck, try to keep a radio 
  equipped and check the map for enemy activity before leaving a safe area. Donít 
  risk your supplies by driving on roads with recent reports of enemy activity. 
  Trucks are easily disabled and destroyed with small arms, so your chances of 
  escaping a proper ambush are slim.

* If you see a vehicle coming, move out of the way immediately.
* If youíre in town or in any crowded area, donít stand too close to vehicles, 
  especially not behind them.
* If you get accidentally ran over on a road, itís almost always your fault. 
  Roads are primarily for vehicles and itís your responsibility to keep yourself 
  safe while using them w/o obstructing traffic.

Tips for Players:
Written by [GL] t.sports

This guide contains tips for players. 
These tips can help both novice and experienced players.

-=Foxhole Notes=-
Foxhole - round-the-clock war of two factions. Someone thinks this game is a reason 
to get together with friends in the evening. For someone it is part of real life. 
Anyway, each player defines the role and genre for himself, and this makes Foxhole 
an extremely exciting game. You can consider it a shooter, or you can consider it a 
strategy. For me personally, this game is like a double-bottom box. I want to talk 
here about some things from my gaming experience. If you will discover for yourself 
the new facets of this game after reading this text - it means I tried not in vain.

Disclaimer: all conclusions here are made personally by me as a player stuck in
 Foxhole for a long time. In this text I speak in my own voice. And yes, since we 
all have our own sense of humor, I consider it necessary to clarify: I do not want 
to offend or ridicule anyone. This is just a personal gaming experience and that's 
it. So let's go.

-=About Choice of Weapons=-
If you have chosen the role of an infantryman, then the weapon is the first thing 
you will encounter in this game. There is a lot of it - for every taste and color. 
For each type of weapon its own approach - sometimes you need to sit down and 
sometimes lie down. The situation is also very important. It's normal when you spend 
time thinking about what kind of weapon will be most effective in your circumstances.

I will give an example. Players are often divided into two camps - supporters and 
opponents of sniper rifles. Sometimes I have a persistent feeling that you can either 
love or hate a sniper rifle - there is no third option. Dear friends, sniper rifles
 require a separate research in the technology tree, and they are very expensive. 
Every war I see the same thing: the players invest research parts in sniper rifles 
at an early war, then in game chat they are tearfully asked to deliver them to the 
frontline, but almost no one knows how to use these rifles properly.

Well, you are the same master of shooting a sniper rifle. You have found a great 
place for an ambush and are ready to wait for hours for enemy vehicles to appear. 
This suggests that you have no problems with endurance and willpower. Then I see 
no reason why you couldn't get your own weapons and ammunition. Please do not 
confuse novice logisticians by asking for sniper rifles in game chat. 
In a critical situation, the logistician would rather take a crate with 40 rifle 
ammo, but not with 10 sniper rifle ammo.

-=About Tanks=-
Dying on the bridge and discussion of tanks can be infinite. Strictly speaking, 
after the tanks, the fraction can also study the technology of nuke - in case you 
get tired of riding tanks. But we all know that tanks never bother you, right?

Most of us remember how the technology tree works. For those who do not know - 
the tanks are almost at the end (further only nuke - eee, nuke Jade Cove! Just 
for fun). So, technologies are researched from simple to complex. Some of them 
cannot be jumped over, some can be skipped or studied later. Tanks are at the end 
of this labyrinth without a minotaur. With these words, I hint that you first have 
to explore a bunch of things to get the desired tanks.

Dear friends! The developers took care of us and stuck many interesting things 
before tank technology - for example, half-tracks and artillery. Especially for 
those who come into the game only in order to ride a tank, I remind you: there are 
other games. WoT, for example - there you can take a new tank every 5-10 minutes, 
and without all these problems with technology research for a week. Seriously. 
I get very upset when people ask: "There are no tanks yet? Well then I'll come 
back later".

No, I'm not saying that tanks are bad (I don't want to become an enemy of the 
nation). This is one of the tools to achieve the goal in the game. I just draw 
your attention to the fact that tanks are not perfect, like everything else in 
our world. Yes, their appearance on the battlefield can fundamentally change the 
situation. But they need a special approach. Take for example BT. This is a new 
stage of cooperation - a crew of 5 people! Plus, BT is extremely voracious, and 
you will need an escort to refuel. Thanks to the developers for giving us cranes. 
I saw a master class on how to move a tank without fuel using several cranes. 
But! Ugly infantrymen still can stick on board pretty cheap bombs and throw a 
green ash, for example. 20 times. No one has so many filters in his backpack. 
On this, perhaps, I will stop and move on to our other favorite technology.

-=About Nuke=-
Nuke is power, it's style. All buildings in the radius of destruction break down
without the possibility of recovery. Plus, an incredible design - flash, light, 
red haze on the ground...

The result is amazing. But I'm a bore, you know. The preparation of this operation 
takes several hours (and I am not talking about tons of research parts). 
I will not tell about theory, I will go straight to the whining.

Okay, we want to destroy something. Town Hall, for example. Why not a mortar?
 Why not a howitzer? Why not a siege of the city, after all? It is faster, 
cheaper and does not make the whole faction suffer for several hours. After the 
launch of the nuke, you still have to hold the chosen target and prevent the 
enemy from defending himself, otherwise all efforts are in vain.

Technology of nuke is not in every war. Sometimes blitzkriegs happen. But since 
we have raised the issue of destruction, it's time to talk about partisan work.

-=About Partisans=-
In my opinion, there is something in common between experienced logisticians 
and experienced partisans - there are not as many of them in the game as we would 

As in the real world, in the world of Foxhole, we always have a choice. 
For example, you can come in a LUV with mortars and shells (or something like that) 
and destroy the town hall, or you can prepare for a day to launch a nuke. Sitting 
in the bushes with a rifle is also useful - I do not want to discount this work. 
But let's talk about the essence of guerrilla work.

The partisans cause damage to property and demoralize the enemy. About morale 
everything is clear - it's not pleasant to see a pop-up message stating that your 
town hall has blown up somewhere in the rear. Someone will have to drag equipment 
there, spend upgrade parts to raise the level of the building. And if we are 
talking about the victory pointÖ

And now about the damage. Everyone can offend a logistician, there's not a lot of 
mind here. But what will you achieve with it? Well, burn the truck and shoot the 
unfortunate hard worker. But maybe he was carrying scrap? +/- 1500 scrap - a small 
difference in fact. But to raise the town hall to the next level, we need upgrade 
parts, they need to be mined, and they fall out randomly ... It's a long time, 
and someone will have to spend time on it, right?

When it comes to the siege of the city - it is quite another. It is strategically 
important to cut off this point from the supply, because when SS, ammo and 
materials for building the defense are over, it will not take a long time to keep 
the city. Partisans working in conjunction with the players besieging the city, 
always arouse my sincere admiration. Including because once they are still alive, 
it means that they were faster, smarter and more experienced than their opponents.

Mastery in partisan work is particularly important at the end of the war. To be
 honest, the faction can do little if it has 0 VP left. But by exploding VPs, you 
can delay the end of the war and at least try to gain time to somehow improve your 

This game is more realistic than it seems at first glance. You fall into some 
circumstances, and it is your choice how to benefit from them. And here it is 
logical, in my opinion, to move on to the next item.

-=About Morale=-
To win the war, the faction must control a given number of VPs on the global map and 
increase their level to the maximum. The numbers are cold and impartial, but we are 
not, right? There were wars where a faction, which was in extremely hopeless 
circumstances, won. Many players left without waiting for the final. But those who did 
not give up literally pulled out the victory from the hands of those who relaxed and 
went to raise their glasses for the victory.

Not everyone can be a talented commander. Not everyone is willing to take the trouble 
to organize people. Not always the players even want to negotiate with each other. 
Yes, often it is because of the language barrier, but not only that. Oh, BT in the city! 
Oh, nuke, we all will die! Oh, the enemies are superior to us in number - that's all, 
we lost the war! Dear friends, all this is just the circumstances. In our power to do 
everything that we can. Paraphrasing Stalin, I have no other circumstances for you.

For individuals who have made a great contribution to world history, is always an 
ambiguous attitude. You can love them, you can hate them, you can forget them. But to 
deny the fact of their influence on history is meaningless - unless, of course, you 
want to be impartial and not juggle with facts. Therefore, I would like to impartially 
discuss another related issue.

-=About Clans=-
Foxhole is a team game. To act more effectively, the players are combined in groups. 
These could be friends who came into the game together. These can be players who met 
on the battlefield and now they are more interesting to play together than alone. 
These may be groups with a higher level of organization, in other words, clans. 
Members of the clan can be recognized by a common tag in the player's name.

It's no secret that the more organized side wins the war. Therefore, I have nothing 
against the clans - they contribute to the coordination of initially chaotic players, 
spend time and energy on training, help to get comfortable in the game. Moreover, the 
developers themselves often push us towards cooperation. Of course, no one forbids 
you to play solo (aka random). However, the game itself is designed in such a way 
that the most interesting things happen when you combine the efforts of quite a large 
number of players. In practice, only clans can afford to organize the largest military 
operations (or several, if they are ready to unite their efforts to achieve a common 

Sometimes people call me smart. But there is something that I can't understand in 
this game. Why people are not ready to negotiate with each other? Why are clans so 
rarely working together?

Each of us has a real life. Let's draw an analogy. One country has a conflict with 
another country. Suppose the leaders of these countries find no other way to get rid 
of their differences than to declare war. During the war, it turns out that the 
country does not have enough resources to win. What happens next? That's right, the 
country is looking for allies. Have you ever thought that representatives of one 
country sacrifice the lives of their fellow citizens in order for another country 
to achieve its goal related to a third country?

At Foxhole, everything is much simpler. There are only two factions, nothing to think 
about - whoever is not with you is against you. In addition, in the game world, your 
character can die in an infinitely varied number of ways (sometimes very sophisticated) 
- but God grant us health! In real life, everything is still fine with us.

Inside each of us there is a civil war. From the point of view of psychology, we are 
all neurotic in our own way. And that's fine! The human psyche is too complicated, and 
internal conflicts inevitably arise in it. Sometimes these conflicts spill out - for our 
own safety, in fact. And why do we come into the game? Probably to have fun and enjoy 
the process. But after all, in Foxhole there is a whole layer of surprisingly funny 
things that can be seen only with the interaction of the players of the whole faction!

The war goes on around the clock. No matter how cool, strong and big a clan is, some 
people will always be offline. Maybe because time zones have not been canceled yet? Isn't 
it wise to join hands to get the result easier and faster here and now? No one says that 
it is necessary to destroy our cozy clans and unite into one big clan. No no no! Each 
clan has its own leader, strategist, ideological inspirer - often this is not one person 
at all, and this is amazing! If people enjoy playing in small groups, then we need more 
clans, good and different.

A little tip: if you want to liven up chat in any Foxhole community, start writing 
something about clans. I promise you a hot discussion! Sometimes even too much. Perhaps 
I was born fragile, but I have no problem with willpower indeed. So I will shake the air 
again and again. My friends! Let's not wait for the "great combiners" - we will grow old 
faster than we will see them. Everyone has the power to become more open to interaction, 
despite a sense of self-importance (which, one way or another, we all have). There are 
enough clans on both sides, and I see no reason why they cannot conduct joint military 
operations. Of course, dying on a bridge and tanks are the golden classic of Foxhole, I 
am not going to encroach on the sacred. But after all, most of those who came into the 
game never participated in truly grand, spectacular and brilliantly planned battles. 
This is a completely different game level. I really want to see it someday. And you?

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