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  Hints and Tips for: Foxhole 
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 Foxhole Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

* Foxholes, Turrets, Pillboxes, Bunkers and any other passive defense structures 
  are all manned by A.I. and will shoot automatically as enemy players come within 
* When Aiming, where the cursor actually sits is important, not just pointing your 
  gun in a direction. You will be more accurate when you place your cursor on or 
  slightly behind the target.
* Assessing the map as soon as you enter a war can help you greatly. You can see 
  where the front lines likely are, whatís in the greatest need, and how you can 
* It takes time for the production of weapons, ammo, S. Supplies, and everything 
  else. Take that into account when producing what your faction needs or when 
  making requests.
* When looking at Ammunition for guns, the number displayed is NOT the number of 
  rounds, but rather the number of Clips or Magazines! Itís never wise to carry 
  too much onto a battlefield as you risk dying before actually getting to use it,
  and the supplies can be scavenged by the enemy!
* Accuracy is increased when crouched or prone!

Road Safety Tips:
Follow these simple tips to minimize road accidents and deaths while traveling 
the muddy roads of Foxhole, on foot or in a vehicle.

-=General Tips=-
* Rotate your camera for maximum viewing distance in front and behind you. This 
  gives you more time to avoid a collision. Doesnít help as much at night.
* Drive/run as close to the right edge of the road as possible. If the road is 
  wide enough for two lanes, stick to your lane. Vehicles turn left to avoid 
  pedestrians, pedestrians turn right (off-road) to avoid vehicles.
* Honk (left mouse button) when entering town, a bridge or any other point where 
  youíre likely to encounter pedestrians and limited space to maneuver. Honk when 
  you see a player on the road in front of you. Slow down a bit if you need to.
* Give people a lift when going in the same direction. No one wants to run if they 
  can ride, so it gets pedestrians off the roads.
* Avoiding ambushes: When transporting supplies in a truck, try to keep a radio 
  equipped and check the map for enemy activity before leaving a safe area. Donít 
  risk your supplies by driving on roads with recent reports of enemy activity. 
  Trucks are easily disabled and destroyed with small arms, so your chances of 
  escaping a proper ambush are slim.

* If you see a vehicle coming, move out of the way immediately.
* If youíre in town or in any crowded area, donít stand too close to vehicles, 
  especially not behind them.
* If you get accidentally ran over on a road, itís almost always your fault. 
  Roads are primarily for vehicles and itís your responsibility to keep yourself 
  safe while using them w/o obstructing traffic.

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