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  Hints and Tips for: Freedom Fighters 
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 Freedom Fighters Cheats

Freedom Fighters

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Pratik Darji
Update by: Chovatiya_nikunj
Update by: Val Ufere

Submitted by: snoz0r

Unlimited ammo weapons: 
Enable cheats by finding the file "freedom.ini" in the game's folder and adding the line: 

EnableConsole 1 

Now during gameplay press ~ to get the console and enter a code below 

Code            Result
giveall       - get all weapons 
god 1         - Invincibility 
infammo       - Unlimited ammo 
invisible 1   - Get invisibility 

Various Cheats: 
During gameplay, enter any of these cheats... 

Result                 Code 
Unlimited Ammo       - IOIAMMO 
Shotgun              - IOISHOTGUN
Sniper Rifle         - IOISNIPER
Enemy Cannot See You - IOIBLIND
Ressurect            - IOIGOD
Full Charisma        - IOICHARISMA
Rifle                - IOIRIFLE
Rocket Launcher      - IOIROCKET
Heavy Gun            - IOIHGUN
Fly Mode             - IOIFLYMO 
Fast Mode            - IOIFASTMO
Slow Motion          - IOISLOWMO
ak47                 - IOIAK47
recruit all friends  - IOIFRIEND

Get Liberty Island Stage:
Finish the game one time using any difficulty level.

Submitted by: B.G

The winter revolt location, manhatten. High school mission at the begining of the
mission you will see infront of you a trash box and on it there will be an aid kit
climb on it then climb on the ventilation pipes until you enter the open window, 
go down the stairs and you'll find four fighters waiting for you.

Submitted by: pawandeep kanyal

In Tartarin assination, after killing Tatarin the best and easiest way to reach 
your boat is the river. So dive into water and swim toward starting point and you 
can get rid from fighting with soldier and save ur time but helicopter will follow 
you and fire on you so swim irregular. You can't start your mission from river as 
ladder near watchtower is broken and you can't climb up.

Thin Ice mission: Kill your own soldiers: 
Your first objective is to destroy the ventilation shaft so that your troops can 
roll up inside. After you complete the objective, send one of your troops to the 
middle of the destroyed fans. Then, throw a grenade at them. Some will just duck 
and when the grenade explodes; they will fall down and die.

Defeating General Tatarin:
To easily kill General Tatarin on your first trip to Governors Island, sneak down 
to where you have to go right over all the barriers. Take out those troops and 
look for a wall that is shorter than the buildings beside it. Try to look over 
the barrier to see a basement entrance. Then, look for a window that has a light 
behind it. Enable the "Rocket launcher" code. Fire at the window and the "Killed 
Tatarin" message should appear. Then, run away quickly. Alternately, walk down the 
same way, but get on top of the crates. There will be a guardrail where the first 
fence segment ends. If you are lucky, you can jump to it, climb the rail, and find 
the door. You will fight various opponents and finally the General. If you enable 
the "Blind Enemies" code, it will be a lot easier, and you can kill General Tatarin 
with any weapon. 

Hair length:
While playing the game, notice that Chris' hair gets longer with every mission.

3600 round machine gun:
At any level before the stage where you have to kill General Tatarin, go to the 
rebel base. Go in circles around it to find a machine gun that has 3600 rounds.

Hitman references: 
* Play the level where you liberate the fire station. When you go to the railroad to
  blow the bridge, when you first get down there you will see a derailed boxcar with
  the IO logo and "47 UNITED".

* At the very start of the game when you are looking out the window and the helicopter
  arrives, run into the second room on your right and turn your camera. Look at the 
  wall near the kitchen. You will see a picture of Agent 47 on the poster.

Wanted posters:
As you play through the game, reward posters will appear for your capture. As you
get to farther levels, the reward listed on the poster grows.

Chris' identity:
Later in the game, Tatiana Kampinski (the news lady) states that the Freedom Phantom
has been unmasked. However, if you look at some of the wanted posters near the bottom 
with binoculars or a sniper scope, it will read "AKA: Chris".

Own Soldiers:
To kill your own soldiers on this level, simply order one of them to go to the edge
of the ice. Then either throw a grenade by him, or go over to him and punch him. 
Eventually he will fall in the water and freeze to death. The best way may be to get
a rocket launcher (use the "ioirocket" code if needed) as well as the Flymo Ragdoll 
"ioifkymo" code. Shoot the rocket near the man. He will fly in the air then fall into
the water. It will take him a long time to get up, but when he does he automatically
dies. Go to the edge of the level and tell your people to defend. Step back and enable
the "ioirocket" code. Shoot them and they will fall into the water and die.

Plan ahead:
Some missions may seem ridiculously hard because enemies keep pouring in faster than
you can shoot them. If this is the case, it's worth looking at the mission map again.
The key is to do the submissions in the right order. I.e. it is usually best to first
destroy the helipads and bridges, and possibly electricity supply (night mission 
become a lot easier after this). After these tasks, the main mission is usually quite
easy to finish. Also, it's not always a good idea to save at each possible location as
you can only enter the mission area from that same spot. I almost got stuck on one 
location because I could only recruit one resistance member before taking on a huge
enemy army.

The fastest way to win:
Submitted by: ahmed hamedy
Email : 

When you begin at the main bage press (u,i,y) the alphapets only. After that start
a game then you will find yourself with ifenety (health, ammo and 12 soldiers).

Liberty Island mission: Programmer message:
At the end of the level, enter the head of the Statue of Liberty to see a programmer 
message in lights. 

Soviet Domination mission: Police station weapons:
After talking to the policeman at the end of the tunnel, crouch, then walk directly
forward to the left of the wall. You will see an open door. Walk in it towards the 
underground parking garage. Near most police cars there will be a shotgun. Be careful,
because there are enemies.

Easier missions:
Some missions may seem very difficult because enemies enter faster than you can shoot
them. If this happens, examine the mission map. Do the sub-missions in the correct 
order. For example, it is usually best to first destroy the helipads and bridges, and
possibly the electricity supply (to make night missions easier). After completing those
tasks, the main mission is usually very easy to complete. It is not always a good idea 
to save at each possible location, because you can only enter the mission area from 
that same location.

Sniper wihtout cheats:
Submitted by: daksham and vismay

Go to building opposite to the fuel depot in first level ( the post office )and 1st floor 
there will be sovient soldiers and on the second floor there will be sniper rifle in a 
open room (the door will be open) and on the table there will be the ammo for it.

Governer's Island Boat:
Submitted by: Giri-The Don (GIRIDHARAN)

This level is very difficult to complete because of the men with machine gun on the up.
You should reach the ice berg far from the island.There,there will be a rocket launcher.
Take it and launch it on the place at top.With the another bullet,launch it on the 
ventilation shaft.You will get charisma also if you destroy these places.

Disable Intro Movie:
In the "freedom.ini" file, change the line "DefaultScene=FF-Intro.gms" to read 
"DefaultScene=FF-Startup.gms". This will skip the intro scene and go directly to the 
game menu.

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