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  Hints and Tips for: Freelancer 
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 Freelancer Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Update by: Nadine Dommecent
Submitted by: conner54

God mode:
Use a text editor to edit the "perfoptions.ini" file in the game folder:
Change the "DIFFICULTY_SCALE = 1.00" line to "DIFFICULTY_SCALE = 0.00".

Finding secret bases and jump holes:
When you are looking for hidden jump holes to other systems, turn on your Nav Map,
then select the "Show Patrols" map. The lines that appear show popular paths that 
the AI ships use. Almost any path that stretches out beyond the normal trade-lane 
traffic of a star system will lead to a hidden starport or even a hidden jump hole.
Fly out to where the line leads to and turn on the "Solars" option on your targeting
computer. You will usually find a place of interest. However, in places with reduced
sensor ranges you will probably have to rely on visually looking for something. 
Also, to find all the paths, make sure to look at the "neutral", "hostile" and 
"friendly" paths in the patrol paths map. Be wary of stumbling upon an enemy's base.

Easier battles:
For slightly easier battles when attacking, select a hostile ship as your target then
ignore that ship. Focus instead on the other hostiles but do not select them as a 
target. Even though they are not selected you will still be given the blindfire marker
(the crosshair you aim with), although it will be smaller. Sometimes an untargeted 
hostile will just sit there, waiting to be shot. Other times, it will remain on a 
straight course and will not maneuver too much. The AI will eventually catch on to
you and will alter its techniques or will send in more ships. Also, you will not 
be able to use missiles like this.

Submitted by: Lars Larsson

Change the "DIFFICULTY_SCALE = 1.00" line to "DIFFICULTY_SCALE = 0.00". in the 
"perfoptions.ini" file for GOD mode, but to make little bit easier you can change 
the "DIFFICULTY_SCALE = 1.00" line to "DIFFICULTY_SCALE = 0.50" and you will take 
only half the damage, or you can change "DIFFICULTY_SCALE = 2.00" if you wish to 
make the game harder.

Submittedd by: slimjim

To make your self imortal locate the string DIFFICULTY_SCALE = 1.00 in 
"PerfOptions.ini" which is located in C:\My Documents\My Games\Freelancer\ Simple
change the 1 to a 0 to make  your ship invincible or change it to 2 for a more 
challenging game.

Submitted by: Nadine Dommecent

If you need to install the codec for freelancer you can play the game and hear 
everything. If you don't install the codec you can't play finish the game but 
you can't explode when you are 2 close to a planet because you can't hear the 
alert message that you hear when you fly 2 close. ps: the game is depending on 
the codec.

Quicker way to get money:
Submitted by: Matt

Buy a Cargo then go in to space and jettison the cargo and get it back when you get
it back you'll notice it say 2x do this till ya cargo get the the max then go back 
and land or dock and sell off the cargo.

Submitted by: Frosty

* Sit around Essen and Dortmound station for the Red Hessians. Kill the Hessians 
  and sometime they drop Niobium. Dortmound pay over 1k for a single piece of 
  Niobium, but you dont even have to move far.

* Must be Enemies with the Hessians:
  ps best way to level up fast too, also junkers attack every now and then but
  they drop Barragers Mk3s and lancer missles.

Submitted by:monish sharma

well i like this game too much so thought 2 let u ppl know too
well if wanna yearn quick points just find the outcast home planet malta 
routes are through omicron system and other much quicker is from the britonian 
sector wont be a spoiler by telling the names, ok so take jobs at malta and 
they are rich enough ot offer upto 1800000 and have the best fighter ship i.e. 
z class saber even better than titan as u can carry 6 guns with it ok a little 
spoiler now u may be impressed by those nomad weaponary in the storyline so why 
dont u do as i say . in the vicinity of malta their is an unnamed jump hole 
surrounded by 20-30 dead zclass sabers jump through it itll take u 2 un unknown 
sector probabbly a nomad base take a look around and suddenly 4 nomad crafts 
will show up hit em hard kill em theyll drop some of thier weaponary which does 
huge damage plus they dont require ur ships energy so ull never have 2 stop 
firing ok now if they dont leave any weapons dont panic hang around 4 more will 
show up their are 2 weapon types the nomads use aquire them both anything else 
contact me have fun freelancer is a gr8 game.

Recommended weapon combination:
Note: This requires v1.0 activated. It does not apply to The Next Generation 
expansion. If you start on a single player or in a multi-player server, make sure 
to get at least 5,000 credits to begin. In single player, that should be no problem. 
In multi-player mode, just run a few missions. When you earn the desired amount of 
money because you have a Starflier, start off like this. Fly over to Baltimore 
Shipyard and go to the Equipment Room. If you do not have a new weapon for the 
one empty weapon slot, buy a Stunpulse or Advanced Stunpulse (recommended). 
The Stunpulse is 770 credits. The Advanced Stunpulse is 1,650 credits. 
These will allow you to wipe out an enemy's shields easily. Then, have two Hull 
Damage Efficient weapons. If you like how this combination works, take note. For 
every two Hull Dmg Efficient weapons have one Shield Damage Efficient, such as the 
Stunpulse. For example, if there are three gun slots(as seen on a Starflier) equip 
two Hull Weapons and one Shield. If there are six gun slots, equip four Hull 
weapons and two Shield weapons. To make this combination much easier to manage 
and energy friendly, go to the options then to "Controls". 
Look in the "User Interface Keys" and go to the bottom. Assign keys to "Assign 
Weapon Groups 1-6" however desired. Then, separate your weapons into two different 
groups; Hull Damage Group and Shield Damage Group. 
Make sure to set your "Activate Weapon Group 1-6" to however desired. By doing 
this, you are not wasting away energy on weapons that will do no good during 
the "Timeline of Battle". Use this combination to the advantage of every battle; 
Shield first, switch to Hull, then finish them.

Easy money:
In order to get easy money, you have a good relationship with the Rogues, Hackers, 
and Outcasts. Go to Mactan Base in the Magellan system. Save the game. Exchange 
your ship for a Dromedary. Buy as much Cardamine as you can. Leave Mactan and go 
through the old jumpgate from Magellan to New York. Staying in the Badlands, fly 
from the jump gate to Buffalo Base. One there, sell all of the Cardamine. 
Leave, go back to Mactan, and repeat. By the time you can buy a entire cargo bay 
full you will be making more than 100,000 credits each time.

Profitable trade routes:
use following is a cheap and easy trade route. It only applies to Freelancer v1.0
(v1.4 Cap ships mod is acceptable). Make a new ship/character on a multi-player 
server (or if you want to test it, try a single player game if you have completed 
Story mode). This may not be the fastest method, but it does work for when you 
start out with only 5,000 credits (if the server does not edit that). 
Fly to the Leeds system and go to Stokes Mining Station. 
Buy Ship Hull Panels for 80 credits each (1,600 credits for 20 units with the 
Starflier, your starting ship). Then, fly back to the New York system and land 
in the Baltimore Shipyard. They will sell for 560 credits per unit (11,200 
credits for 20 units). You can now buy at least a Rhino and sell even more at 
once. Repeat this as many times as desired.

King is Docking:
After completing the early story mission outside of Pittsburgh and you're free to 
do what you like for a bit quickly dock with the Jump Lane to Fortbush and you'll 
see King docking with it!

Modify Difficulty Level:
This cheat will let you change how easy/hard the game is.
the file you need to find is under you My Documents folder, not the Freelancer 
Game folder. "My Documents\My Games\Freelancer" is the path name. Once there, 
open the file named PrefOptions.ini. *Note*: This cheat has to do with modifying 
this file. It is suggested that you make a backup of the file first. 
Once you're in the file, look for a line that reads "DIFFICULTY_SCALE = 1.00". 
It's possible that the number is different.
Change this setting to be higher to make the game harder, or lower to make it 
easier. Make it 0.00 to be invincible.

Earn Millions and Levels in Minutes:
Go to the sigma 19 system (if not fund go to Hnshu system and find the jump gate) 
go to the jump hole in sector E3 (note; u Must be nutuel with outcasts) Then shoot 
at the PATHFINDER and tractor in the goods (sector E5) Then do the same on the 
Hoshu Maru (or sumthing like that in sector E4) sell the stuff u get at the base 
nearby. Also one of the hoshu maru escorts have wepons in it, get the and sell 
them too. Once you have sold them you can do it again. This gets u approx 200,000 
credits each time and advance 2 levels each time aswell, takes on 3 minutes each 
run. Make sure you do the PATHFINDFER first each time.

How to use Turrets:
Everyone knows a Turret mounted on a Turret Point is like having another weapon 
when shooting at enemies. However did you know that if you press H and then swing
around to look at your enemies you can shoot back at them with the Turret! Handy 
for making a quick getaway.

Nomads - Find them after Story Mode:
There are two Jump Holes to two different systems where you can battle Nomads after 
Story Mode and pick up Nomad Energy Blasters and Cannons. One of them is situated 
in the Southern gas clouds of Omicron Alpha, the home system of the Outcasts.
The other is situated in the Norther gas clouds of Omicron Gamma, the home system of 
the Corsairs. Note that the Omicron Alpha one is just a system of blue surroundings 
and a bright star in the middle while the Gamma one leads to a system with two planets
(one containing monkeys and the other robots) and has pieces of rock everywhere so 
watch out.

Docking made quick!
As you know sometimes docking can take a long time however with docking rings you 
can dock a lot quicker.
If you fly close enough to the gap between the two arms which open to let you dock 
and then dock with it you'll go straight through with out the arms even opening! 
This also means that you can dock in funny ways! 

Make the most of your weapons!
To make the most of your weapons you should do two things to make sure you're playing 
as efficiently as possible.
1. Multiply the re-fire rate by the damage to hull and shield to see how much hull and 
   shield damage you can do each second with each weapon
2. Multiply the re-fire rate with the energy usage to see how much energy it takes 
   to do this
Try and utilize weapons which don't drain your energy to quickly but at the same time 
provide you with decent fire power at either a slow/fast rate depending on what you 

Money cheat:
Submitted by: Tony Kelly

I didn't get this from the net - was pure deduction. I thought about making the 
cargo smaller, so you could scoop up more stuff, but that didn't work really.

Go to 

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Freelancer\DATA\RANDOMMISSIONS

Note: back up Diff2Money.ini
Now take the Read Only attributes off the orignal file, and edit.
For example Diff2Money = 0.082100, 93600
I put Diff2Money = 0.082100, 90593600
I put a 905 in front of all attributes and I was making stupid amounts of money - very 
handy if you are playing Discovery Mod and really want to buy that Battlecruiser.
I was doing this after I had installed Discovery Mod, but assume it will be the same for 
the main game.
I had an idea to amend a file to put the Sunslayer torpedo launcher in a system nearer to 
home, but not sussed it out.

Easy money:
Hang around in the debris fields and use turret mode, etc. to shoot the floating
canisters. Haul in the scrap metal, and sell it at Baltimore Shipyards, if you can.
You will get about 20 credits per piece of scrap metal, and you can get easy money 
this way, if you do not mind waiting.

Finding Secrets:
Always switch your contact-screen to "Show all" - so you can find hidden ship-wrecks 
that could contain special weaponry like the gross Level 10-canons.

Use the z:
When attacking stations use z to attack across the entire length of the station. Just 
line ourself up and turn accordingly its amazing how many people dont know about z.

Trading Commodities:
Every commodity that you can jack off of pirate or cargo ships can be traded for credits
at various places. It depends on how much they willing to pay for them. Most of the 
commodities in the game can be traded throughout the fringe systems, on planet Malta or
any Corsair base. Beware, you must have good relations with the Corsairs, or they won't
let you in their base. Luxury foods are popular with planet New York and so is gold and
diamonds as well. 

Finding lost ships:
Most of these ships can be found in gas clouds or asteroid fields. If there are any type
of those in a star system, you should go explore and find those cool weapons.

Dock Backward:
Docking doesn't have to be straight forward, though it's tricky to achieve. You have to
be right in front of the two arms of the docking ring (therefore this only works with 
planets) and centered to the gap between them. If you turn around to put your back to 
the ring before docking, if you do it correctly you will descend backward onto the planet.

Using Patrols to Find Secret Places:
Using your nav map, you can look at the patrols for enemies, neutrals and allies. Looking 
at them, it's well worth checking out areas which are far away from any trade lanes, 
planets, stations etc. You will likely come across a secret base or jump hole you never 
knew about!

Easy Money:
First you will need to travel to Omega 11, a system characterized by a mining belt 
surrounding a big red sun. Here you can shoot the floating by rocks to find diamonds and
then simply tractor them in. You do take hull damage though, so make sure to monitor your
hull health and use nanobots or restock at the mining station nearby to ensure your safety.
Then sell them somewhere where they're highly valued like New Tokyo.

Submitted by: Player

When u play Nightstalker's Univers buy a F 626 Adv Interceptor and buy 8 Phish stree 
"red death " cannon then go to avalon an let u irradiate then go back to lanteea and 
repair your weapons the u will have money.

Trade routes:

The following is a cheap and easy trade route. It only applies to Freelancer v1.0 (v1.4 
Cap ships mod is acceptable). Make a new ship/character on a multi-player server (or if 
you want to test it, try a single player game if you have completed Story mode). This 
may not be the fastest method, but it does work for when you start out with only 5,000 
credits (if the server does not edit that). Fly to the Leeds system and go to Stokes 
Mining Station. Buy Ship Hull Panels for 80 credits each (1,600 credits for 20 units 
with the Starflier, your starting ship). Then, fly back to the New York system and land
in the Baltimore Shipyard. They will sell for 560 credits per unit (11,200 credits for 
20 units). You can now buy at least a Rhino and sell even more at once. 
Repeat this as many times as desired.

Zone 21 jumpgate:
If you want to find the zone21 jumpgate go to the battleship misuri and find what looks 
like a debris field go to stop outside it and go to your nav-map put your courser on the
field and you'll find out it's a minefield now heres the problem you can't get into the 
minefield without exploding if you can find a way in post it at this website.....

Jumpgate in Zone 21 - minefield solution:
Submitted by: Con

Fly around the edge of the minefield - there should be a gap in the mines which you can 
go through. Have fun trying to dock with a locked JumpGate.

Impossible to get to Zone 21:
Submitted by: Tay

I tried with the invincible hack and got through thw field,then i dock with the jumpgate 
it freaking says "access denied",so quit trying to get to the Zone 21 jumpgate.

Get money as much as u can:
Submitted by: A. B. M. Mahmudul Hasan

This cheat will come in handy if u need more money...
Once u do this cheating there will be no money problem for u just the level...

1. Go here,
:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Freelancer\DATA\EQUIPMENT
the DATA\EQUIPMENT folder @ game directory;

2. Find out the file "goods.ini", open it inside notepad or other text editor;

3. Find out any information given below like this-

nickname = commodity_silver
msg_id_prefix = gcs_gen_commodity_silver
equipment = commodity_silver
category = commodity
price = 280
combinable = true
good_sell_price = 2.550000
bad_buy_price = 2.550000
bad_sell_price = 1
good_buy_price = 1
shop_archetype = Equipment\models\commodities\nn_icons\cwire_rawmats_2.3db
item_icon = Equipment\models\commodities\nn_icons\COMMOD_metals.3db
jump_dist = 7

4. Find out your desirable commodities by name(u can use Menu, Edit>Find)
Then just change the price to a desirable number(may be 999999999)...
"price = 280"
then save (be sure to remove Read-only attributes first)...
(****Caution: Please replace the value with not more than million $ money.
& It may cause unwanted level up for some mod (like Discovery 4.85)...)

5. Further while you sell that product you'll have such money (^_^)

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