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  Hints and Tips for: Free Realms 
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 Free Realms Cheats

Free Realms

Unlockable - Free Free Realm Items:
Update by: mkrox999
Submitted by: bt

Once you're logged into the Free Realms website, you can enter the following 
codes in the "Redeem-a-Code" section of the website OR in-game to unlock these
free items for the game to claim these items. NOTE: LIMIT ONE USE PER ACCOUNT!
If you have multiple characters (which is available with membership), you'll 
have to decide which character gets to claim the item. Once claimed, you cannot
reuse these codes for that account. All items obtained through these codes 
cannot be traded to other players & SOME items cannot be sold a all!

Password          Effect	
6TNBTGH         - Charcoal Bermuda Shorts (Lv 1 "Free Job" Clothing).
FACEBOOKFANS06  - Checker Charged Helmet (Lv 1 Kart Driver Item).
N4PF9R3         - Crystal Hammer (Lv 1 Brawler Weapon).
JFRE87J         - Doggy Bowling T-Shirt (Pet Clothing).
FACEBOOKFANS05  - Dynamite (Lv 1 Miner Tool).
FACEBOOKFANS02  - Froggy Fries (turn into a frog, single use).
FACEBOOKFANS03  - Goat Cheese (turn into a goat, single use).
ROSESFORMOM     - Mother's Day Bouquet (Lv 1 "Free Job" Item, Expires May 17, 2009).
ROBGOBLINBOOTY  - Robgoblin T-Shirt (Lv 1 "Free Job" Clothing).
FACEBOOKFANS04  - Shadowblade (Lv 1 Ninja Weapon).
CMNJGGE         - Spider Snack (turn into shaggy spider, single use).
KN78CH2         - Striped Shoes (Lv 1 "Free Job" Clothing).
MPT38B3         - Twilight Layered Skirt (Lv 1 "Free Job" Clothing, FEMALE'S ONLY!).
FACEBOOKFANS01  - Veggie Surprise (turn into fungal man-eating plant, single use).
PXNH6HB         - turns you into a wolf
T86766R         - Chatdy Baseball Cap level 1 "Free Job" clothing.
CP24C5N         - Race Away Jacket; level 1 Kart Racer clothing.
XCZG923         - Baseball Cap; level 1 "Free Job" clothing.
STRAWBERRIES    - Strawberry Surge Helmet.
FBREDSPARKLER   - Red Sparkler (must be redeemed by 11:59 PST July 12th).
3G9MKT2         - Green Stripe T Shirt.
SUMMERSPARKLER  - Purple Sparkler (must be redeemed by 11:59 PST July 12th).
GMBZZ24B        - Free TCG Booster. (Item arrives in trading card collection window).
SKELETAL        - Skeletal Speed Helmet.
F7KPG5A         - Chatdy Shirt.
DXNMJH9         - Kitty Jeweled Collar 
DRINKMILK       - Bull-Horn Ninja Cowl 
MILKROCKS       - Cow Hat 
MILKRULES       - Cow Apron 
6FG8ZT7         - Crash Crunch Helmet 
EMD73DK         - Jagged Scythe 
MMMDONUT        - Heavenly Donut 
BERRYCUPCAKE    - Berry Cupcake 
G3TACPCH        - Wild Winger Shin Guards 
K9KCECXM3EK     - Treeble Mask

Move around while doing emotions:
There is 2 ways to do it, the first, you move in a straight line and can do multiple
emotions, the second, you go forward and you can turn, BUT ONLY 1 EMOTION AT A TIME!

1.with your mouse, click somewhere far away(you should be moving in a straight line), 
  quickly go to emotions list and choose an emotion, you should be doing that emotion 
  while moving. If lucky, you can do another emotion right after that.

2.Do the same thing as #1 but after you press your emotion, press and hold the up 
  arrow, you can now turn left and right(keep holding up arrow). Works best with a
  long emotion like rofl under Theatrics.

Royal Vault Hint:
Submitted by: alexander

When you have special tickets for the royal vault(do certain quests)go to the sanctuary
and jump in the surrounding water swim under the bridge then turn you will see a monster
then go past him and click on the bubble in the left cage.

Ninja training:
If your that miniquest ninja:speed burst or something its really hard harder than getting
the bags.i'm still stuck on it but i know how to beat it but it just won't let me. See 
when u start off the time is 1:30 but when you get the speed bonus it goes down 2 times 
faster i'm not telling you not to get the bonuses youu have to get them anyway but heres
the prob.when your not on the quest you see that your desktop is not lagging.but when you
take the quest it automatically starts lagging.because freerealms has that effect wether 
your desktop is new or not but they have bot that slows you down don't (worry it won't 
effect your desktop only when your on the quest only on timed quest).ok when it says 
medium diff.they LIE the time goes way faster its like 3 sec faster than a stop watch the
sec go down from 6 then take away from the real time so they just LIE.i always get stopped
right in front of the last marker even with the soup that makes you go fast i'm still 
trying though. oh and use short cuts or ask a relative of friend(have to know in reallife) 
to do it for you recently my friend or cousin can't com over!

Submitted by: Tammy Greenray

If you can go into the queen's palace up the hill in Sanctuary, do NOT do any of Geoffrey's 
quests. If you can, talk to her. Then warp to the Sanctuary warpstone, and talk to the first 
peple you see going EXACTLY west, south, and east(from the sanctuary warpstone) that should 
activate the code and you can type it in after you do this.

Underwater glitch:
Submitted by: Danny714

If you go to shrouded glade, go near the water behind the headmasters hut, near the 
rowboat in the middle of the water. go around, climb up onto the ledge in the back, 
right next to the goat, and jump into the water, right when your feet touch the water,
press the down key repeatedly. if you did it right you will end up on the bottom of the 
river, you can walk freely underwater! (might take up to three times before it works)
(WARNING)(your friends above water will just see you swimming on the surface when on 
your screen you are underwater).

Move while doing an emote:
* Click somewhere far away from your current location. Note: Your character must travel
in a straight line. Quickly go to emotions list and select an emotion. If done correctly,
you will emote while moving, and if enough time remains you may be able to select a second
Note: This works best with emotes that last a long time. 

* Click somewhere far away from your current location. Quickly go to emotions list, select
an emotion, then hold [Up]. You will be able to turn left or right while holding that key 
and moving forward. Note: This works best with emotes that last a long time.

Big head mode:
Enter "/absnbd" as a chat command. Repeat the code to disable its effect. 

Small head mode:
Enter "/omglilimh" as a chat command. Repeat the code to disable its effect.

TCG Rocker Vest:
You can enter this cheat in the chat log on the bottom of the screen.

Effect                   Password	
Chatdy Backpack Unlock - /stylish
Rocker Hat Unlock      - /pinkhat
Rocker Pants Unlock    - /omglolblack
Rocker Shoes Unlock    - /lolilshoes
Rocker Vest Unlock     - /lolirocker

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