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  Hints and Tips for: Frogger 
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 Frogger Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Pause game play in single player mode. Turn on [Caps Lock] and turn 
off [Num Lock]. Slowly type one of the following codes. The name of 
the cheat will briefly appear at the bottom of the screen to confirm
correct code entry. Note, once a cheat code has been enabled pressing
[Esc] during game play will end the level.

Effect            Code
Unlimited lives - no more road splats
All zones       - show me more zones please
All levels      - way too hard for the likes of me
Unlimited time  - time flies when your having trouble
Invincibility   - i am the king of the world

Top tips:
Submitted by ::Radon::

• Hide behind stumps to avoid bees.
• Replay a level you're good at to build up your lives.
• Can't find the baby frogs? The louder the croaking sound, the closer you
• Don't forget that momentum will affect you in the air; note the speed of
the object you're on.
• Remember that your superhop gives you extra seconds in the air.
• Watch the demo mode – it gives clues to certain levels.
• Learn where the baby frogs are; it's a lot easier once you know.
• Opponents have patterns, and the best way to beat the game is to learn
• Learn balloon movements on the sky levels, but don't stay on them for too
• Know your friendly birds.

1.Pause Frogger in single player mode
2.Type each of the cheats in slowly and deliberately including spaces.
  (but without quotes)
3.A message will flash on the bottom of the screen after you have typed in the
  code acknowledging which cheat you turned on.
4.Note: To quit a level when the cheat is activated press 'ESC'. 


chauntel, Submitted the following Information:

infinite time - time flies when you\'re having trouble
invincibility - i am the king of the world

Yellow Frog locations: 
Fifth truck level 
Fourth lily pad level 
Second leaf level 
First crank level 
Third bat level 
Fifth cloud level 
Third bony fish level 
Fourth cactus level 
The temple in the banana level 

Avoiding bees:
Hide behind stumps to avoid the bees. 

Easy lives:
Repeatedly play a level previously completed to get more lives. 

Skip machine level:
In the middle of level 1, you will see a platform with a Yellow Frog. 
Catch the frog and let time run out.

True Ending:
To obtain the True Ending in Frogger, simply find the eight golden frogs hidden
throughout the level. Then, complete the final level and after the in-game 
sequence, you will get to watch the true ending.

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