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  Hints and Tips for: FusionFall 
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 FusionFall Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Update by: sheil
Update by: Rocketman
Submitted by: RM

Past faster:
You must get all 4 nanos. Then they give the option to go to the time machine. Go 
in it and you'll see people and the giant time machine. Get in there and choose 
your guide. It says to choose wisely because cant cant change your guide.
(You can change it in the cul-de-sac)

Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall - Newsletter Redemption Codes:
To enter your code, log in at, click Redeem Code in the left-
hand menu of your My Account page and follow the on-screen instructions.

Password               Result
ffcforestphantom     - Friskerton Bubblehead Helmet:
ffccryptidhunter     - Zak Saturday Bubblehead helmet.
batpackfeb09         - Cryptid backpack.
ffcfourarmspower     - Four Arms Bubblehead helmet.
ffcben10dinosaur     - Humongousaur Bubblehead helmet.
ffcheroaliengoop     - Goop Bubblehead helmet.
ffcbighouseblues     - Incognito mask.
ffcinsectoidhero     - gives you stinkfly wings.
ffcsandyandsunny     - Beach Visor.

Submitted by: James

The code for the CannonboltArmorSet is: ffcspikedtheball.
On your accout page hit RedeemCode and type.

Run non-stop:
Submitted by: The O Man

Tired of holding your finger on the 'W' key or the up arrow key? Then press 
"HOME" on your keyboard. Then you'll be running forever. To stop, press "HOME"

Leveling up faster:
Submitted by: awesome guy

When you complete a mission make sure you're nano is active and has the scavege
abilty if you have complete the mission and you get more fusion matter.

Bonus Taros:
Submitted by: Anthony

To get bonus taros from missions, access your bonus nano. Then when activated,
click the NPC, then complete mission and you will get 20% more taros then usual.
It works the same with scavenge.

How to get to total drama iland:
Submitted by: berryben10

If you have unlimated acsess go to where grim reaper is and swim all the way out
in the ocean and get passed the invisable waLL and they'r it is!

How to find the 2 gooby traps?:
Submitted by: Darkknight345

The first gooby location:When you are telaported to the pokey oaks infected zone
first go right go down and you land on the trampoline and the while you are jumped
high move foward.Second gooby trap:find the next trampoline and you will be jumped
to the top of the school then go over the fence.transportation: Past.

Nannostations, and ship armor:
Submitted by: Nworld tips

There are nannostations in the suburbs on Col de sac
and one in downtown city pint. If you want a ship armor, go
to Paradox , for the mission then go to downtown city poin go up
the building near a guide changer , then go to the ship, then , go 
inside , after , buy the rest of the armor.

Counter attacking power attacks:
Submitted by: Trent Nucleartitan

the power attacks that the spawns use (red,blue,yellow) have weaknesses.when you see a 
colored attack like the blue one press to call your nano with the same color (its not 
important whats its name or shape just that it has that color) and when it strikes your 
nano will use its shield as a counterattack and deflect it,you or the nano wont be damaged.
happy gaming!

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